Mass production of KAPLAN MT tank is completed

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President Yusuf Demir of the defense industry attended the “KAPLANMT Medium Tank Platform Mass Production Completion Ceremony”. The ceremony hosted by FNSS was attended by a large number of Indonesian and Turkish officials. The KAPLAN MT Medium Tank Development Project was signed by an interstate agreement between the Ministry of Defense Industry and the Ministry of Defense Indonesia. In 2015, a cooperation agreement was signed between Indonesia’s DG Defense Potential and Prevention of Defense Industries, and it was decided to develop two prototype medium tanks. Within the scope of the KAPLANMT (HARIMAU) Medium Weight Class Tank Mass Production Long-Term Cooperation Agreement signed in 2019 between FNSS Defense Systems and PT Pindad, FNSS has completed the production of the first batch of vehicles in a mass production configuration. .. Vehicles developed within the scope of the project where FNSS succeeded in applying the technology transfer model to PT Pindad were exhibited at the FNSS facility before being shipped to Indonesia.

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“These tanks are expected to significantly increase the export of tanks of this class to the region and its surroundings.”

In response to a post-ceremony press question, Defense Industry President Yusuf Demir said:

“This project is actually a long-standing model of cooperation between FNSS and Indonesian defense company PT Pindad, and could set an example between the two countries. This is when talking about tank issues. , One of the key steps Turkey has taken in tank exports. In this class, needs were defined, designs were created and production was carried out using models produced in Turkey and Indonesia. Start mass production and continue delivery. As I said, some will be produced in Turkey and some in Indonesia. Prototypes were also made this way. One prototype Created here, another prototype was created in Indonesia by PT Pindad. In fact, as we emphasized in export expansion, “Exports in the defense industry are not just commercial events, but cooperation between nations. It is also a problem including technology transfer. ” There are models that we propose to friendly countries and sibling countries, and this is one example. If necessary, we can design from scratch according to the needs of the country, and produce and deliver according to the needs of the country. There is no need for production in Turkey alone. These are measures taken to enhance capacity in sister countries as well. Of course, these numbers started with a small step, but we hope that both the increase in numbers and this will bring about a significant expansion of exports of these tanks as a model to that region and its surroundings in this class. I am. “

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“Turkey is in a very good position with armored vehicles.”

Demir emphasized that Turkey’s recent progress in exports to the defense industry continues to expand, saying: Switched to light armored vehicles, chasing combat vehicles with wheels, etc. Turkey is categorical in this regard. Even after this exemplary step, we took it in Indonesia. Of course, I will talk a lot about cooperation with Indonesia and exports. We hope that they will occur one by one in the near future and that Turkey’s exports will continue. “
The ceremony was also attended by the president of a professor of defense industry. Dr. Ismail Demil, Representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Turkey, Lieutenant Agus Subyant, Deputy Commander of the Indonesian Defense Force, Representative of the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia, PT Pindad.