Mariupol before and after

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused great destruction in many cities. Images of the city of Mariupol before and after the attack revealed the extent of the damage.

The city of Mariupol was the most attacked in Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Aerial footage showed Mariupol before and after the attack.

Huge shipwreck

These images rocked social media.

It turns out that the city has turned into a huge shipwreck.

Russians are attacking strongly

Russia is doing its utmost to occupy the geographically strategically important Mariupol.

There is no electricity in cities where water is cut off.

Door to the Black Sea

Mariupol is considered one of the important gates to the Black Sea in Ukraine.

Mariupol before and after ViDEO

“Not under Russian control”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Ukrainian media, Mariupol’s mayor Vadym Boichenko denied a statement about Russia’s rule over Mariupol.

Boychenko, “The Ukrainian flag is flying over the city. Today Mariupol remains a Ukrainian city. Our army is doing everything to keep it that way in the future. There is a very fierce battle in the city. Mariupol has been besieged since the fifth day of the war.

“Our hero protects the city”

The most important Russian soldiers have been dispatched to the city, but our hero has been defending the city for over a month. The point that the Russians dominate is the ghetto outside the city. On the 30th day of the attack, they went deep into the city, but the city is still under the control of the Ukrainian army. “ Said.

Mariupol around # 2

“They started attacking by plane.”

Boychenko also talked about the attacks on the city by Russian troops. “From the 5th-6th day of the war, the invaders fired continuously with rockets and cannons. As soon as they struggled to break through the defenses of the city of Mariupol, they began to attack by plane. I sent two planes and then bombed the city with five planes, and then they realized that didn’t work either.

“Airplanes leaving Crimea bomb the city every 30 minutes.”

Then they started attacking the city from the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov with four ships. There was no air defense, but the hero shot down two planes. The plane attack began in the third week of the war. Airplanes departing from Crimea bombard the city every 30 minutes. They attacked a maternity hospital. There were dead and injured. More than 300 people were killed in the drama theater attack. “ He said.

“All weapons are forbidden”

When asked if the Russians used a phosphorus bomb in Mariupol, Boychenko said, “I can be confident that all weapons used by Russian troops in Mariupol are banned.” I gave the answer.

Finally, Boychenko shared a painful balance sheet.

Mariupol around # 3

“We buried the dead in the fields of parks and homes.”

Boychenko answered the question of whether this number increased after announcing the deaths of 2,187 civilians in the city. “I don’t want to scare anyone. I can say with certainty that this number is already much higher. Thousands. The bombardment never stopped. We buried the dead in parks and courtyards of homes. I did. ” He said.

The population of the city must be less than 100,000

Boychenko also added that the city’s population, which was 540,000 before the war, fell below 100,000 after the evacuation of civilians.