Marathon Excitement at Gebze-Sports News

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A marathon to be held at Denizli Pond on Saturday, May 28, 2022. It consists of five categories: Lake Run 7 km, Painter Ottoman Hamdi Beylan 17 km, Hannibal Run 27 km, Ribiissa Gebzeran 41 km, and Fatis Sultan Mehmed Hanlan 55 km. Municipal transport vehicles serve Gebze people for free marathons for athletes with disabilities, relatives of martyrs, and veterans.

Prior to the International Gebze Ultra Trail, Gebze Mayor Zinnur Büyükgöz; Director of the Youth and Sports State, 0054brahim Aktürk, met with athletes and press from the Tempo Athletics Sports Club Association.

After the screening of a short film introducing the marathon and Gebze, Gebze Mayor Zinnur Büyükgöz and Youth Sports Governor 0054brahim Aktürk gave speeches. After the speech, athletes from the Tempo Athletics Sports Club Association thanked President Zinnur Büyükgöz for their support and presented him with a signed jersey as a gift.

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“We support the beauty, nature and opportunities of Gebze.”

Büyükgöz began his speech by thanking the Tempo Athletics Sports Association for requesting 1,000 athletes from 25 cities and eight countries in Turkey to be held in Gebze. “Our Gebze is one of the most prominent districts in our region, with a natural fusion of green and blue, beyond its industrial and logistics powers. We also run marathons in our prestigious districts. We are pleased to be able to hold it. As a municipality, we support such an important event with the beauty, nature and opportunity of Gebze. ”

“Gebze Athlete City”

The people of Gebze participate in so many sports activities, emphasizing that they always support the services of sports and athletes, and Büyükgöz shares the city of Gebze’s sports and youth projects with the general public. bottom.

He emphasized that GEBZESEM, which was launched with an investment from the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, is Kocaeli’s largest and most comprehensive athlete training center and can serve 3,000 athletes daily. In addition, Büyükgöz said the newly opened Eren Bülbül sports complex serves 1,200 people a day in multipurpose sports halls, indoor sports halls and swimming pools. “We have summer and winter schools. Here, from an early age, many branches have raised sports awareness. Our compatriots have shown great interest in our equestrian training center. Gebze is a city of athletes. We will continue to support sports and athletes. ”

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Gebze athletes run from success to success

Mayor Zinnur Büyükgöz continued his speech, mentioning the achievements of the Gebze Municipality Youth and Sports Club and young athletes. “Our new team was founded in the fields of volleyball, wrestling, chess and horseback riding. Our volleyball team will compete in the Turkish Volleyball Men’s Second League. Of our 60 people in the wrestling team. Licensed athletes participated in 30 tournaments and represented our city in five different categories. Two of our wrestlers weighed 38 kg at the Interschool Stars Freestyle Wrestling Championship in Kurche Hill. Became an 85kg Turkish Champion. Our chess team is a Cocaeri Champion. They will also be competing in the Turkish Championship in June. Ampty Soccer in Gebze, currently in the second league. We also expect the team to play in the first league. We are proud of all of them. ”

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International Gebze Ultra Trail at Denizli Pond on May 28

At the end of his speech, Büyükgöz invited all the people of Gebze to the marathon. “I hope that the first international marathon this year will develop and grow every year. I hope to be one of the brand organizations in Gebze. To all my compatriots, I We encourage you to breathe this beautiful tissue in the beautiful nature of our Gebze. “