Mara’s words under the truck were on the scene: I never die, am I my father?

Murat Penal, the father of Muffler Melin Penal (10), who was seriously injured as a result of being hit by a truck while escaping from a dog in the Serik district of Antalya and had his right leg amputated on his knee, said: I am saying. When she went to the scene, her daughter said, “I’m not going to die, me, dad?Her mother, Derya Pınar, 38, said she left home because she wanted to build a stray cat’s nest in a drawer she saw in a vacant lot. “When I went to her, she said,’I’m sorry, mom, the dog attacked.’ She felt guilty even if that happened.” Said.

The accident occurred near Belek on March 5th at 10 am. Muffler Melin Punard, who was walking along her sidewalk, was attacked by a stray dog ​​roaming the land on the sidewalk. On her way out, Muffler Melin was attacked by a truck on the license plate 07YBJ06 driven by Ilfan Yaira. Muffler Melin, whose foot was under the front wheel of the truck, was seriously injured.

A health and police team was dispatched to the scene of the accident. After her first intervention, the girl was taken by ambulance to the Antalya Training and Research Hospital. Her treated Mahra Melin Pınar was taken to the intensive care unit after surgery that lasted about 3.5 hours. Muffler’s right leg was severed on her knee on Monday.

“He can’t even breathe alone.”

Derya Pınar provided information about her daughter’s health. “Today is just eight days. I met my daughter yesterday. I had great expectations for the past week. Today she is not brain dead yet, but her condition remains serious and serious. I consulted her doctor again. Her blood pressure is so low that she can’t even breathe on her own. Said.

Derya Pınar said she was Mahra’s eldest son and another child, Murat Derin (9), and 16-month-old Kıvanç were depressed because of the incident.It is very difficult to get stronger and try to float. Even a small baby can understand. He misses his sister very much. He talks about his worries in the sense of his actions. I can’t think of a way to recover them. The priority is Melin’s life. ” He said.

“I don’t know if I can eat it myself”

Pınar said he didn’t initially think his situation could be this serious., “I couldn’t believe I saw his leg shattered. I thought I was hallucinating. He arrived because the doctor provided information about what would happen later. The last point was unexpected at first. I lost one leg first and then both legs. I thought, “He will run away with it.” , He is struggling with his life. I don’t know what kind of life Melin will live.‘ He said.

“I saw Melin not coming.”

Derya Pınar said Mahra Melin has never taken a step forward.He is a child, but now he is starting to grow. He wanted to go back and forth to school on his own. He was close but did not forgive. That day he saw something like a drawer in a vacant lot next to our house. “Mom, I get them. Build a stray cat house. Put a cushion.” Decorate with beads, “he said. I said, “What are you going to do, girl, I’m out of the box and make it for you, we buy it.” “No, it’s safer,” he said. I thought he couldn’t do it and said, “OK, I’ll forgive you.” You can see the plot from where I’m sitting. Melin left home. The baby cried. I was interested in him. I saw Melin not coming. I heard a voice, ran, happened. “ Said.

“I was looking for leg pieces around me”

Derya Pınar said Mahra Melin Pınar is not afraid of animals. “He’s a kid who grew up with dogs and cats. He’s a kid playing with small and large dogs such as Golden, American Cocker, and Labrador. I think he was careless when he crossed the road. But he does so. What he has to do as a human reflex by groaning and running towards the ambushed animal. He escapes in the opposite direction. Two dogs attack at the same time. “dHe spoke.

Penal said, “I went to my daughter right after the incident.“I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry mom.” The dog attacked, “he said. He even felt guilty about what he was. He thought he didn’t make the right decision. “OK girl,” I said. I was looking for the foot part. Just in case you could get something like ice and save his feet. He was conscious. “ I used the phrase.

Respond to social media comments

Father Murat Pınar said he went to the scene in front of the ambulance and looked into his daughter’s eyes. “”“I’m not going to die, am I, dad?” The first time I went to the site was told by a friend who works at a hotel. As his mother said, while giving up his legs, we are now thinking “how can we save his life, what can we do?” Waiting for hope “ Said.

After the event, he said he hadn’t read the news and comments on the internet, and a week later, Murat Pınar responded to bad comments about them. “They commented that we irresponsibly threw a child into the dog. Everyone is feeding stray dogs. There are currently several dogs. To feed the food left at home. It’s not important to feed them. Are they at home? We were sad when looking through the window and lying in the rain. He said.

“I expect you to awaken the moment.”

Murat Pınar said his daughter wanted to be an architect, saying:

“He intended to make a place for cats to live in. He wanted to be a runner. He was a kid who said,” I win gold medals, sell medals because it’s gold, I’m lost in making cats. ” Animals are the place to live with his money. Our money is not enough to build it now. Then I will do it with the awards I have won. I didn’t like it when they attacked me. As much as possible “