Macron’s closest rival promises to “leave NATO”

The presidential election marathon began in France. France has become the main military force in the European block with the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union and has the second largest economy in the EU. As of March 7, the French Constitutional Commission officially announced the presidential candidate.

According to Reuters “Public polls show that Macron is a favorite candidate, but this time we are facing fierce competition from the right. […] Conservative Valerie Pécrès, far-right Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour are one of the prospective candidates to challenge Macron in the second round.

April 10 Twelve candidates will participate in the first round of the election.If no candidate gets 50% plus 1 vote in the first round, the two candidates who get the most votes April 24He will be competing in the second round at. Now, which names are competing in the elections are eager to rule France?

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Favorite candidate: Macron

Current President of France Emmanuel MacronThe day before the deadline, he announced his candidacy. According to polls, Macron, who has been president since 2017, had a turnout of 24 to 25 bands. His attitude towards the Ukrainian crisis was highly appreciated by voters, and Macron’s turnout rose to 27 percent. With the announcement of his candidacy, Macron saw 30 percent of the votes in a poll.

In Macron’s candidacy speech, he talks about what he has done so far. He said unemployment has decreased, quality of life has improved, important measures have been taken in the areas of environment, energy and taxes, and the military has been strengthened in five years.

If Macron is reelected as president, labor and energy taxes will be reduced. Renewable and nuclear energy innovations will take place. We promise to reduce our reliance on energy sources such as natural gas and oil. In addition to these promises, Macron aims to combat inequality. He promises to improve education, health, security and the judicial system.

Anti-NATO, Putin-friendly “Le Pen”

One of France’s famous far-right politicians Jean-Marie Le PenExtreme right-handed daughter Marine Le PenBecame the second person to meet the candidacy requirements. According to polls, Le Pen accounts for 16-18% of the votes and is second in the presidential election after Emmanuel Macron. Le Pen, who has been a member of the European Parliament for 13 years, is now French National AssemblyHe is a member of parliament.

Le Pen criticizes Macron’s attitude towards immigration, security, foreign policy, and the decline in the quality of life of its citizens. He accuses the president of throwing in the background of his French identity. Le Pen promises to improve people’s quality of life, regulate citizenship laws, abolish family support for foreigners, and withdraw from NATO if elected. Le Pen’s rhetoric is further developed on the axis of nationalism, security and immigration.

Le Pen criticized Macron in Ukraine. However, its reliability. His close friendship with Putin and his remarks in favor of Putin before the invasion hit him hard.

Far-right Zemur scandal name

Far right, a new figure in French politics Eric ZemmourLeft wing candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon He became famous for his discussions on television Journalist and TV moderator Zemur is ranked third with 13-15% of the votes cast.

Zemur, like Le Pen, criticizes Macron. He argues that taking power will improve people’s quality of life. But it’s his immigrants, LGBT, and anti-feminist rhetoric who keep Zemur, who was recently fined for hate crimes, on the agenda.

Republic candidate PÈCRESSE

Centre-right Republican candidate who previously served as Ministry of Budget and Education Valerie PécrèsAnother presidential candidate. Pecresse’s voting share is about 13 to 15 percent, like Zemur. In polls, Pecresse is slightly behind Zemur.

Unlike names like Le Pen and Zemur, Pécrès has administrative experience, but creates a similar, but lighter, anti-immigrant rhetoric. He is currently chairing Parliament, Pecres. Il de France Known for extreme practices in the region, such as the ban on burqini and full-body swimwear. If Pécrès is elected, he promises to follow security policy, solve problems related to the judicial system, raise salaries, and bring innovation to the unemployment and pension system.

“MÈLEN CHON” represents a radical left wing

Old name in French politics Jean-Luc MelenchonIs a radical leftist politician and will continue to be the most popular leftist candidate for the foreseeable future. The voting share of Melenchon is about 9-12%. According to polls, he is in fifth place.

Melenchon, more focused on social issues from a promise perspective If elected, increase salary and social benefits. Freezing prices for fuel, electricity and some groceries. He says he will pass a law prohibiting price increases.

Successful candidates for IMAMOĞLU

The names we have provided so far have been the politicians with the most votes in the race, but some candidates have fewer votes than these names.

greenCandidates Yannick Jadot, In 5-6% of the votes I was ranked 6th in the poll. Jadot, which is primarily promised in areas such as social rights and the environment, is inadequate in areas such as immigration and security such as Melenchon. Communist PartyCandidates Fabien Roussel If With 3-4% of the votes It’s behind Jadot.

Mayor of Paris Anne HidalgoOn the center left line Socialist PartyCandidates. He is known to have 2-3 percent of the votes. Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamogur When he announced his candidacy, he hoped for his success and Hidalgo thanked Imamoul. For this reason, he is also known to the Turkish people. Socialist candidates are more focused on social issues.

Candidates with few votes

Member of Parliament since 1997 Nicolas Dupont-AignanVaulx-en-Velin High School Economics Teacher. Natalie ArtaudHe was the mayor of the city of Lourdios-Icher near the Spanish border for 40 years. Jean Lassalle Former factory worker, union member Philip Putu Among other candidates.

Polls estimate that each of these candidates has about 1 percent of the votes cast.