Luza Charumbay’s Eyes on Transfers-TRT Spor


Answering AA correspondent’s question at a camp in the town of Stegersbach in Graz, Austria, Charnbay said he would like to add at least three players to the team.

An experienced coach explained that preparations for the season went well, “We had our first camp in Guerede. It was a great two weeks. We also had two practice games there. They It worked. There was conditioning practice. Then we came here. The purpose we are here for is three good matches. Play. “

Charnbay recalled that nine players on the team left the team last season, saying, “The biggest problem right now is the transfer. I needed three more transfers. I also provided a list. Let’s get them. 9 players have died because I lost a lot. I have bought 3 players so far. Of course. “I need reinforcements. If my friends can come while I’m here. Great. The first test is a match against the TFF Super Cup. Trabzonspor. Our overall goal is to win it. In order for us to win, we need to play well and the players we get are It has to be effective. The team needs to sit well, “he said.

Rıza Çalım bay said he acted according to the transfer budget, saying:

“I don’t want to put a strain on the club. Close the place for the players to play. Take the players instead. No extra players needed. I bought 3 players. Bring 3 more We will conclude the transfer with the players. We may hire another player if necessary, but we will not make any other large transfers. ”Transfers by teams, especially large teams. I think the transfer by is wonderful. They really get high quality players. We have no such opportunity. We get what we can buy, not what we want. We strive for that. “


“I asked for Mortan, negotiations continue.”

Luza Charumbay said Galatasaray is trying to get Romanian soccer player Olimpiu Morutan on the team, saying, “I wanted Mortan. No problem at this point. Negotiations are ongoing. I’ll try to deal with it.” rice field. I used a phrase.

Recalling that they will be in the UEFA Europa League this season, the experienced coach continued his words:

“When we went to Europe, we weren’t an immediately eliminated team. We came to a good place and got good points. We want to compete in Europe and go somewhere. If so, your team should be very strong. Here you have to join both the league and Europe. If not, one of them could be in a bad situation. Yes. It’s possible to drop out of both. The staff are working carefully and working well. I’ve been to Europe for 3 years. I think this season will be difficult for teams going to Europe. Build a team Then, if the work goes perfectly, you can go the way you want. “

“One of the most important things for us is to bring points to Turkey.”

Luza Charumbay explained that Turkish football has an unstable situation, “There is a lot of development when it comes to Turkish football players. Looking at it, many players go from Turkey to Europe. Finally, Emre Demir is from Kayserispor, Barcelona. Probably the boy is in Kayserispor. He didn’t have the chance he wanted, so he went there. Many friends are in attendance now. Turkish players are popular. We are very good at that. But we haven’t been successful as a national team lately. We haven’t been successful in the European Cup, so this season One of the most important things in Europe. Bringing points to Turkey. No national team or team playing in Europe. Cups are the way we want. Even champion teams have no points at all. It will come back with almost no condition. This should be changed as soon as possible.

Coaching is much more difficult than acting, Charunbay said:

“When I was a soccer player, I played every match. If I’m good, the coach was already playing me. If you’re not good, you’re sitting. In that respect, I Soccer life was perfect. It’s all up to you. But in coaching, things depend to you to some extent. Training and preparing players is part of our job, but it’s important. Everything is on the field. Tactical changes on the field, adapting players to the game, friends coming after using … coaches don’t overdo it. It’s all up to the player’s friends, for example. The match is going well, so I miss the goal. It happened a lot to me. The guy was penalized. They kidnap us and cost us. You prepare everything and you Come out with the best team you have, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. In that case they don’t send all the players, everyone loads unfortunately the coach is in the mouth of the ball I’m still there and it disappears even a little. “”

Luza Charumbay said he had a one-year contract with all the teams that participated, saying, “If you go only to the national team, you don’t have a one-year contract. Sign as many as you like.” He said.

“I believe that if there is such an opportunity, it will work very well.”

Luza Charumbay explained that he had fulfilled all his dreams in his football career, “I started and ended in Besiktas. I played for 20 years and became the most uniformed player. I went to the team and was the captain .. I was the captain of Besiktas for 10 years. One of my biggest dreams is the world mix. “” I went to him. I went as a coach. I was 99% successful in the same place. Of course, whether it’s a national team or a big team, I can go there and raise my goals. When such an opportunity comes, I definitely do it very much. I believe it will work. “