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One of the most stable names in the Super League, Luzacharumbay will be billed to coaches with a few mistakes … the season is still eight weeks away, but many clubs, including Besiktas, have a total of 23 coaches dismissed. it was done. Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, who were only three years old, were the leaders of the Demir group Sibaspol last season … Charunbay, the only Besiktas player in his football career that began in 1980, is named. am. It stands out for his stability. His determination to represent football as a coach is valuable and important not only for the black and white players he has played for 16 years, but also for Turkish football. Luza Charumbay made an important statement in an interview with Sabah.

Our World Cup hopes are over dramatically. What couldn’t be done against Portugal? Before the match, everyone told social media that the team was wrong. Are you sure that you want to participate?

Kuntz is fully responsible for the system and staff. They analyzed the Portuguese team very well and found it an advantage to play this way. While working on the national team with Mustafa (Denizli), we repeatedly monitored our opponents and decided on the system. You have a chance on the national team, you can get whatever player you want. He said, “If we do it with three, we can be better.” Perhaps there were criticisms of Berkan playing as a leftback for the first time. When you played 3P, there was a weakness when there was very little left in the middle.

No one didn’t like Kuntz

How would you describe Stefan Kuntz as a former teammate?

Kuntz is a very nice person and an excellent professional. No one on our team hated him. The first day he arrived, I called Hamit (Altuntop) and spoke. “What can we do? If you need help, we’re here. But the national team is in a very different place and has different emotions. When you see it, we’re foreigners We couldn’t show success with the coach. Our success includes Fatih (Terim) teacher, Shenor (Gunesh) teacher, Mustafa (Denizli) teacher … The atmosphere of the national team is completely different. The feeling of seeing the flag is different. There is a goose bump. You will tremble. You can’t stand still so that the match starts as soon as possible. Kuntz and other foreigners like us. Not affected by that flag.

BURAK takes great responsibility

Burak Yılmaz, who missed the penalty, put an end to his career on the national team. How do you feel when you are on the ball at such an important moment? What do you think about Black?

Black was my student. We worked together at Eskisehirspor and Trabzon. He is a friend who knows his duty well and has all sorts of responsibilities. He is an excellent striker. He doesn’t take that responsibility for everyone. Brak contributed to Turkey and all the teams he played and scored an important goal in the final match of the Crescent-Yursurlar team. Penalties can always be overlooked. He said he missed it and maybe I left the “national team”. If someone else was throwing it, he probably missed it too. We should not oppose Brak just because he missed it. As long as he plays soccer, I think it will be beneficial to the national team. His goal was also a top-notch goal.

Let’s complete 8 weeks!

Twenty-three coaches were replaced before the end of the season. Finally, Besiktas broke up with Ondel Caravelli. Did he fail to complete eight games?

In our case, the change of teacher is about success. He resigned, saying, “We won’t get this far.” Besiktas Onder and Fenerbahce Ismail teachers put everything at risk because they had their own clubs and were responsible for difficult times. He played so many games, why do you send him, not to mention eight weeks.

How did this situation arise from the double-cup Besiktas?

I believed that the team, including Trabzonspor, would be the overwhelming champion. Everything you wanted was there. However, they started the season late and the signing process with Sergen (Yalçı) took too long. As it got longer, it got colder and got in the way of the fans. The mistake started there.

Did Nuri Shahin, Emre Belözoglu and Volkan Demirel come to the side while in the field? What do you think about the new generation?

Teaching is not an easy task. At first it works capriciously, but after that you have to learn a lot. Learn leadership and team building.

EMRE must continue with FENERBAHÇE

Emre Belözoglu might have been the champion if he hadn’t lost to you in Fenerbahce. He also has a good job at Basakshehir.

We are people who have played soccer at a high level. The same is true for Emre and Nuri. We know the great community, the pressure of management. Emre and Nuri are names that are also active in Europe. When I suddenly become a coach, I will go if my team is good, but if not, I will go to some extent. The decline has already begun in the last few weeks. Emre is so successful that if he beats us, he will be the champion. Would you like to continue? I don’t understand that either. If you give it a chance, the result is good, and continue.

Yandash played more at Galatasaray

How do you find the star-shining Fenerbahce performance of Yandas in Sivaspor?

When I came to Sivaspor, they were sending Yandash. “Don’t go, stay. Let’s see what you do with me,” I said. No player like him played behind the striker. He had a strange goal. “No one is more ideal than you. I said,” All you have to do is work. He also worked hard. He played for the national team in the last match and he Played for myself, I always gave the necessary warning. If he had gone to Galatasaray, he could have played more. When Emre (Belözoglu) wanted him, he Said, “We make a game on top of him.” However, after going to Fenerbahce, many players such as Sosa, Percus, Ilfancan, and Crespo were hired. He competed with 5-6 people.

AVCI was the most true!

Abdullah Avc is running for a record at Trabzonspor. He is overwhelmingly in a leadership position … what do you think this difference is due to?

It is normal for Abdullah Abju to set a record. Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Galatasaray, and we also went to the European Cup. We competed in both the league and Europe at the same time. Abdullah’s teacher was eliminated by Rome and he got the league. Trabzonspor took advantage of this advantage. Their financial condition is also good. They made a good transfer. They chose the best players on each team. They transferred Alanya’s best name, Gentilel Birrigi. They added Edin Višza, which Fenerbahce couldn’t get, to their team. He scores goals and assists. Abdullah Avcı did the right thing. Everyone has two choices instead of one. Together with the fans, they captured the perfect mood. I don’t want to transfer to Trabzon during my term. I was able to get one Novaku. Who did they say this was? Then he went to Fenerbahce.

I have 8 weeks, can I call it Trabzonspor Champion?

Trabzonspor is over, maybe not mathematically, but it is.

We take what we have our money

Sivaspor is a little behind in this season’s race. What do you think about the factors when making a general evaluation?

I’ve dealt with a lot of injuries this season. I couldn’t play the game with my ideal team. Thirty weeks have passed, but I haven’t been able to get out yet. As Siva Spor, we can’t buy the player we want, we get what we can buy. You cannot buy Visca. For example, search Visca thoroughly and try to find the right one. Nevertheless, you can easily play against Big 4 with the name you find. And we need to feel more support from our fans. While playing with Adana Demirspor, there were 32,000 people on their stands. It also needs to be completely filled.

Mesut Özil has no access to the environment

Fenerbahce removed Mesut Özil from the team. You have also taught important names in world football. Is it difficult to manage the stars?

Mesut couldn’t get used to this place, environment and football. Mesut is not such a struggling player and is not eager to get the ball. He is a technically classy player. He can’t play here without running. If the star player is a good professional, he doesn’t need to manage. If he is already a star, he is equipped and he does his job. We worked with Eto’o. It’s a very good professional and no problem, but Nasri has arrived. Looking at him, he is also at a high level, but his personality made us very tired. For example, he told the interpreter, “I can come to the meeting if I want.” You can’t tell me that.

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