Luza Charumbay: I think the Kayseri-Sivas final is a big event


Rıza Çalımbay, coach of Demir Grup Sivasspor, one of the SporToto super league teams, said in a statement to the club’s website that he thanked the fans who filled the stand in the second semi-final match against Aytemiz Alanyaspor. The Zyrat Turkey Cup, and they have stated that they have great support in the match.

Fans always said they were the first, not the twelfth, and Charumbay said they had a good match with the support of the fans in the minutes they lost to Alanyaspor, and that’s how they scored goals. ..

Charnbay points out that Sivaspor made it to the finals for the first time in the cup, sees how the team reached the finals, what they did and what difficulties they had, and thanked them. I emphasized that I need to.

Charnbay said he had played a lot of games this season and had problems due to injuries: “At this point, I’ve dedicated everything to the cup. I’ve made it to the finals and I need to support this team in the finals. Yes, everyone has to make a sacrifice for this team. “

Charnbay emphasized that his team had done everything they needed this season, saying, “Our team had a very good time for Shivas. In the history of Shivas, he continued to Europe. I’ve never been there. It’s also an opportunity. For us. The points we received are for us. It’s lucky. Going to the European Cup is really good. , We did a good thing over three seasons. Our only goal is to take the cup and crown it to give our Shivas a cup. “

Charnbay explained that all sorts of sacrifices should be made for Sivaspor, saying:


“We need to do everything to prepare our team for the match, to get the situation right and to motivate us. Most people in Shivas live in Istanbul. This is really historic for Shivas. It’s an opportunity. We need to take advantage of it. That’s why everyone has to make a sacrifice. Management, fans We also have to make a sacrifice. “

Charn Bay said they were the first team to open the season and will also play the final match from 2021 to 2022.

“I think it’s a great event for the two Anatolian teams to have a cup match.”

Keeping in mind that in the last week of the Spor Toto Super League, Charnbay will host rival Kayserispor in the Cup final, “against Kayseri and play the final against Kayseri in 3-4 days. There is a tension between Kayseri and Shivas. It’s a long time ago. O It’s over. Kayseri is our sister city. Sometimes we go there as soon as the plane takes off from here. Journey from there Kayseri is a place to share a lot of things. “

Charnbay explained that it was a good situation for them to play with Yucatel Kayserispor, saying:

“I think it’s a big event for the two Anatolian teams to play a cup match. There are teams like Fennell, Galatasaray, Besiktas, Trabzon, etc. that have a bigger budget than us or Kayseri. They don’t exist, but Shivas So both teams in both states know the value of this and fight well and play perfectly. We play that way. Of course, the right person wins the match. This is a fact. But we really want it. Because Sibaspol doesn’t have a Turkish cup. Kayseri has a cup. That’s why we want to succeed. That’s why we want to succeed. Is the only goal of. “

League challenge

Charnbay emphasized that he wanted to finish the remaining two weeks of the league well, “I need to get tired of my head and finish the remaining two weeks perfectly. I rested some of my friends in the Kasimpasha match. I rested almost everyone. I played in a Galatasaray match. I played just because Mustapha Yatabare was hanging in the cup. Some of my friends may comment on their own, I needed to protect my team in that match. I used the phrase.

Chaikrun Bay made a statement about the Rizepo they would face, stating that he had no chance to play a full team in this match and he didn’t want this.

“Our only goal is to get points and points from them, as the league is nearing the end, with fatigue and,” said Charnbay, who should give the other players on the team a chance. Boredom can be anything for a player. It is necessary to adjust and balance them well. “