Luann Perez: I am excited and impatient


Luan Pérez, one of Fenerbahçe’s new transfer players, said:

Fenerbahçe continue their preparations for the first week of the new season against Umrani Jespor in the Sportoto Super League. One of his on the new transfer, Luan Pérez, made a statement to the press before training today at Fenerbahçe.

Perez said he is very happy to be joining the Yellow Dark Blue team. i feel at home. Excited and impatient for the first match against Fenerbahçe. “I want to help my team,” he said.


“Having Gustavo here is a source of happiness for me.”

An experienced defender, the experienced defender said he was very happy to have Gustavo Enrique, another transfer from Fenerbahçe, join the team, adding: “I was very happy when I heard that Gustavo was coming too. “He is not only a very good football player but also a very close friend of mine. We played one season together at Santos and had a good season. We are here to contribute to the team.” I am happy that he is here.This year, not only the Brazilian, but all the players who join the team will give us strength.We hope to have a good season together.”

“You could say I’m a wanted player in ambient”

When asked about his style of play, Luan Peres said:

“I find it difficult to talk about myself. Normally, players don’t like to talk about themselves. You could say I’m a player, I try to run and fight a lot in the 90 minutes, technically I think I’m good at going out with the ball, that’s my character, but it’s not enough I have to be good in all aspects of football, so I am always trying to improve myself.”

“I knew how fans are fans”

Perez praised the atmosphere created by the yellow and dark blue fans against Slovacco, saying: “I was very happy when I saw that atmosphere in the first match. And I knew how big the Brazilian Fenerbahçe fans were, and the fans of my former team, Marseille, were also very enthusiastic.They packed the stadium every game.Our teacher said, “Great. A good player likes to play under pressure, because pressure shows that they are part of a team that wants to win trophies.” I love this print too. Fan support pushes us to do better. “

“Please wait while the transfer occurs”

The Brazilian player said he was very happy when he heard the transfer offer from the yellow-blue team, saying, “I was very happy when I heard of Fenerbahçe’s interest. I was even worried if it would happen.In a transfer the rope is not just in the player’s hand.I can’t wait for the transfer to happen as soon as possible.I’m here in a very short time It was a fast-growing process, but I was very happy.”

“What’s missing for me is access to the teacher’s system.”

The 28-year-old said he was in good physical shape, saying, “Fenerbahçe started the season a little early. I knew this before I came. I started working for my former team on 25 June. I had a month of pre-season work in Marseille, we were training double, we were playing in friendlys, I’m in good shape, what I’m missing is the teachers It’s about getting used to the system.

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