live!Besiktas President Ahmet Null Sebi Speaks-Besiktas (BJK) News

Besiktas President Ahmet Nur Chebi is holding a press conference at Vodafone Park. Live broadcast of Ahmet Null Sebi’s statement.

President Besiktas Ahmet Nuru Chebi said:

I have made my official application to be a candidate for the next election. The situation in Besiktas was in the midst of when we arrived. The salary was not paid for 6 months and all income was allocated. I did my best to float the ship in a short time.

It seems that two candidates will participate in the election.

There will be a financial and administrative meeting in the next few days. The decisions of Besiktas members of these committees indicate whether we have succeeded. I wish there was an election with more candidates. I care a lot. It is our duty to respect and sincerely thank those who aspire to manage Besiktas. There is another candidate with us. There was another candidate, but I would like to thank that friend from the bottom of my heart. It seems that two candidates will participate in the election. It seems that two candidates will participate in the election.

Besiktas’ current debt is 4.3 billion TL

Our debt was $ 2.5 billion when we arrived, but now it’s $ 3.3 billion, which is of course an unpleasant situation, but due to different exchange rates, we’ve been paid $ 1.2 billion since we went. I have to say that. At least debt hasn’t increased. That’s fun. Besiktas’ current debt is 4.3 billion TL.

No one has accounts receivable from Besiktas.

Amateur branches are very important to Besiktas. Amateur losses were around 10 million euros at the beginning of the year we came, but fell to 5 million euros the following year and 2 million euros last year. It is very important to me to know that these will be reflected on the balance sheet over time. The public also needs to know that at this time no one has receivables from Besiktas JK and Futbol AŞ. We are also pleased that our employees are paid daily. Seeing them make us happy makes us happy. Given the examples of € 3-4 million contracts signed with Lhajitch, Douglas, and many soccer players, it is impossible to know where the main debt comes from. When we arrived, NO: 1903 tavern was taken over by the municipality for our debt. We did what we needed to do, repay the debt, and return the tavern to the club. Residents of Besiktas can have breakfast with their children.

Won 3 trophies at once like a pandemic

This stadium was unmanned. It was an honor to be able to develop this stadium. In addition, the facilities at Akatlar and Süleyman Seba have been refurbished. I received three trophies at a time like a pandemic. Thank you to the coaches, players and managers of that era. I also went to the Champions League. Unfortunately, there was an unfortunate process and I couldn’t get any points. The referee’s mistake, the ball hitting the post, unlucky, and the injury had a negative effect on us. There was quality staff, but unlucky, no matter what I said, obstacles hindered success.

Prepare Besiktas patiently

In the future, we would like to start the process with a low cost long-term plan with young players and renewed staff. Continue Ersinler, Rıdvanlar, Serdarlar, Güven, find new ones and remove them. Prepare Besiktas patiently. Next year, we want to avoid all of this and create an equity-based structure that focuses on young people and employs players who can buy at low prices and sell at high prices. If elected, this will be the message I give to the community. Our main goals are to play soccer with young people, reduce costs, and reduce debt burden with testimony fees. There is money like a billion TL lost in two years due to a pandemic. Broadcast revenue suffers a particularly large loss.

I think we can talk about where we brought Besiktas financially, and we have the right to do so. In particular, increase your followers on social media, manage your perceptions, and don’t respect anyone who is trying to become a phenomenon.

No crazy budget for the new season

Our goal is not to win stars. Create a star. I will do it patiently. Our goal is not to get a star, but to make one. I would like to do this gradually. However, there are quality names that set an example for our youth and contribute to the brand value of our 20 staff. Especially in the center. There is no crazy budget for the new season. It’s very easy to get a star, you give money, you pay debt, people who come after you suffer from it. Become a club. If they don’t give the testimony numbers in our heads, we won’t sell young players. Young people, they weren’t shining. Everything was shining. Rıdvan, Ersin, Serdar … There’s a knock on our door about all of them. But how we profit is important. Our kids won’t go anywhere unless we get the numbers in our heads.

We deserve a new sports law

We deserve a new sporting law. I borrowed a big plane tree and a 100 year old club. However, the law needs to increase restrictions on managers’ borrowing and lending. Young Besiktas players cannot claim ten times the value of receiving two calls. But there is a manager. We need to save these children from the manager. There is no obligation to extend the contract 1-2 years before the contract ends. We are waiting for you if necessary.

Follow the Besiktas fan token issue

Why didn’t we get started on coins / tokens? As you mentioned in these issues, I don’t think other clubs are making money. I think you lack knowledge on this subject. I delegated this issue to my team. I also make the final decision, but we are still waiting for it. As for the Besiktas fan token, we don’t want fans to suffer when buying this token. Let’s talk a little about this. However, there is a realization that Besiktas could not do this job, but we track all legal details down to the smallest point.

I have protected the interests of Besiktas where I should have.

If I could solve the problem when yelling about the referee, would it still be a problem today? I’m going to talk so that I can solve something. I have protected the interests of Besiktas where I should have. More than that goes into the show.

All TFF boards are biased

Call on all TFF boards. Resignation. This is your chance. All boards are biased. Arbitration, all PFDK boards must resign. All referees also need to change. Now I need a younger and newer name and face. Start from the top of the TFF. In order to save Turkish football, the refereeing system needs to be rebuilt.

The Trabzonspor-Besiktas match should have been repeated

The Trabzonspor-Besiktas match should have been repeated. They said the decision did not affect the outcome. We hope that the arbitration committee that made that decision will not be set up in the new season. There is no such idea as the TFF president. If I had such an idea, I would not be a presidential candidate again in Besiktas.

Diluted referee work

The problem is the referee. We said these referees should go and young referees should come. He was not involved in the referee’s operation. But it was incomplete and mistaken. This work has not been done completely, so it is diluted. Someone who gives flowers to the referee, someone who supports the comeback, and someone who goes out in front of the camera and complains to the referee at every match. We hope that the new TFF management will send all the boards and old referees. As President Besiktas, I boldly say this. They have created dissatisfaction with all Turkish football teams as we do. I’m not the only one in question.

I trust Ceyhun Kazancı

As President Besiktas, I did not send a coach. Including Abdullah Abju. I am determined to stand behind Valerian Ismael. I also trust Ceyhun Kazancı. Do you know why I’m expecting Valerian Ismael? Valerian Ismael hasn’t missed a U19 match so far. He shows his confidence in the youth. After the match, he tells the young people one by one his mistakes and truths in the locker room. This is what I really like.

We must respect each other

Call on people who write and draw on social media. I am in the club every day from 10:00 to 18:00. I can come here and say it to my face and educate you about what you don’t know. Well, most of the time, false lies are written. We are human first. Being a master and being civilized is a good thing. Welcome anyone who has the courage and hope to say what I wrote on my face. When I found it once in a while and brought it here, the president was drunk, but I didn’t write it. While leaving, he tries to kiss my hand. Do or don’t do this. It cannot be both. Insult from there and try kissing here. These are improper moves. We must respect each other.

I would never say such a sentence to Ali.

I respect the club president and my family. I never use that phrase for the club president. Rafmi Bay is valuable to us. I am wondering what the two unhealthy children did as a moment of anger and provocation. In that video, a friend behind me said, “I hit my fist at the table,” so I said, “I won’t make a joke.” I would never say such a sentence to Ali. I said that the fact that Ali Kochu only gives an example of a Besiktas match is a situation that can put me in a difficult situation. Ali Kochu is already our friend and speaks out for injustice and injustice. I expected him to leave our work to us.

Negotiations with Vida continue

Negotiations are underway with screws. Now that his contract is over, he can say goodbye to his friends. We are meeting him. I don’t think any soccer player will continue unless he follows the conditions of Besiktas. Ativa is invaluable to us. I want to continue Ativa. However, the condition of Vida is very heavy. You cannot continue in such a situation. We continue to be young, but there are names in their brand that add value to Besiktas.