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Uglucan Chakul, an experienced netkeeper at Trabzonspor, who finished the season as a Super League champion, answers ASpor’s questions. You can follow the interview live on our news …

The highlights of Uglucan Chakul’s words are:

I dreamed of becoming a champion. I have been from Trabzonspor since I was a kid. I was lucky to be the champion. Everyone is doing a great job. My dream was to win the youth team, but when I joined Team A, I became a goal and realized it.

“I feel we were champions.”

I tried to learn something from all the coaches I worked with and all the goalkeepers I played in front of me. Thank you everyone. The best moment of my career was the injury of Onur’s brother. I took advantage of the opportunity. The work and actions of Abdullah Avc when he became the chief of Trabzonspor made us believe that we would reach our championship goals. There was an offer to transfer, but I felt like staying here and becoming a champion. The Trabzonspor Championship is of utmost importance to me. I hope to be one of the top three goalkeepers in the world. I am working for this.

“If you have a reasonable offer …”


I made a lot of sacrifices for Trabzonspor, so did the club. One of my goals is to go to Europe. If a reasonable and reasonable offer comes to the club with me, I would love to go. I have 3 trophies, I think they wouldn’t be angry with me anymore.

“Cry when the match is over”

Our most difficult match was the away game Goztepe. The Adana Demirspors match inside was very difficult for us. There is inevitably some pressure when the leader leaves. Our teacher and we managed this process very well. Fortunately, the end of the road was a championship. We are happy and proud. When the spectators participated in the Antalya match, I tried to remove them in case it wasn’t over yet. As soon as the match was over, I ran into the locker room and cried. Because it was my childhood dream. I cried for an hour in the dressing room and was impressed.

“Unwilling to go”

It’s also important which team the bid comes from. Unwilling to go. The choice of my club will be a very good step towards my goal. It’s not a league choice. I want to go to a bigger team than the one I go to, I want to make such a choice. Thank you to all the fans. Wherever we went, they didn’t leave us alone. Yenikapi had a wonderful view.

EURO 2020 was also very difficult for Japan. We hurt the people who supported us. You play 3 games and have an instant performance. After EURO 2020, my conscience became clear and I did my best. I didn’t read what was written or drawn, I devoted everything to the field.

“I will not violence anyone”

In my words at the Kayseri match, I wanted to say, “Trabzonspor fans need to reassess their friendship.” I will not violence anyone. It wasn’t good to throw what I found in the warm-up. They were very ugly images. I was very angry with him. When I was young, I always wanted to be a player playing in Trabzonspor. I want to be a moral and successful goalkeeper. I want to be an example for young friends and siblings. I hope they are all more successful than I am.

“We are in continuous discussion with Muslera.”

Muslera is the one I consider to be an idol. We always talk. Very successful. It is an honor to hear the compliment from him. My favorite goalkeepers in the world are Oblak, De Gea, Mendy …

“I like Batshuay very much”

I really liked Batshuay this year. He played perfectly in the second game. Serdal Dursan is a very good striker. I like it very much. Of my teammates, Abdulaziz Omule challenges me the most. Djaniny is also good.

The Champions League is a very special place. I want to be there and play.

“You can’t do everything alone”

I have been receiving psychological support for 3 years. You cannot go through everything alone. Getting support is very important. Sometimes you can experience very big breaks, you do this to minimize them.