Live: Trabzonspor celebrates its championship! The fleet is on the way, and the explanation from the player …

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The celebration of the Trabzonspor Championship began with great enthusiasm in the city.

They reached the stadium with the “Champions Fleet”

At the Trophy Ceremony, Burgundy Blue fans boarded a boat at Faros Harbor and set sail to meet the team.

The Trabzonspor Team Bus arrives at the Trabzonspor Championship Fleet and boarded the boat. He formed a “champion fleet” at sea and arrived at the port of Trabzon. Many large and small fishing boats accompanied the Burgundy Blue people’s celebrations at sea.

The Black Sea team boarded an open top bus waiting for them at Trabzon Harbor and went to the stadium by road.

Trip ceremony at the stadium

Guaranteeing the championship in the Sport Super League, Trabzonspor will lift the trophy at the Trophy Ceremony at the Medical Park Stadium in the Shenorgunesh Sports Complex.

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STATDOORS has opened

After the trophy ceremony ending at 23.00, Trabzonspor departs for Istanbul on a private plane for the Altai match.

Celebration of Colbasti on a boat

Trabzonspor players continued to celebrate by playing Corbasti on the boat.

* Image provided by beIN Sports

ABDULKAD0054RÖMÜR: “We enjoy till morning”

Abdulaziz Omur made a statement from the boat, “We are having fun like children. We have been waiting for this moment for years. Hearing the sound of this holon is still. I can’t do it. I’ll enjoy it until morning. “” Said.

UĞURCANÇAKIR: “Is there such a thing?”

Uglucan Chakul, meanwhile, expressed his feelings, “Brothers, we are very happy … is that the case?” He shared.

“I was looking forward to the day I was hoisting the trophy with my fans. It started very well. I’m enjoying it until the last hour of the night,” said Belt Ezdemir.

Siopis dyed hair

Trabzonspor’s midfielder Siopis dyed his hair in burgundy blue.

AHMETAĞAOĞLU: “With his faith, a character …”

President Ahmet Aoul of Trabzonspor used the following statement:

One of the happiest days in our history. This community is worth more than anything else. They have been waiting patiently for years. Their sense of belonging did not diminish. Even Turkey was unaware that the team had so many fans. Trabzonspor is a champion with its stubbornness, personality and differences.

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We have learned a lot from the mistakes we made in the past. We have never read the negativity caused by our own mistakes or the mistakes of individuals or clubs.

SERKAN ASAN:’Our children’s dreams have come true’

I can’t say anything. Our childhood dreams have come true. have fun. There is an incredible atmosphere. Thank you everyone.When we were kids, we always dreamed of this moment

Live: Trabzonspor is approaching a fleet celebrating the championship, a statement from players ...

Trabzonspor-Altai Match Tickets are discounted

Trabzonspor Club offers discounted tickets for matches at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. Club President Ahmet Aoul said, “Ticket prices for the match against Altai at the Istanbul Ataturk Olympic Stadium on May 15, 2022 have been readjusted to meet the strong demand from fans in Istanbul and the surrounding cities. .. The fare difference for fans who have already purchased the match tickets will be refunded to the account. “We will inform our esteemed fans,” announced the price reduction.

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Bordeaux Blue fans have consumed most of the tickets sold between 100TL and 750TL after the discount.