Lincoln Enrique: I’m challenging

Continuing to prepare for the new season at the Samandira Kambaltu facility, Fenerbahce’s new transfer Lincoln Enrique has issued a statement. Lincoln Enrique said he was very happy and proud to be in Fenerbahce and said, “I will do my best to achieve great success this season.”

Lincoln has stated that Jorge Jesus is one of the greatest coaches in the world, “Fenerbahce is Turkey’s largest club. This will greatly contribute to my career. I will prepare for it too. As our coach, the Fenerbahce Club, fans and players need to work together. This season, we want to reach our goals. ”

“Our teachers determine where I can do my best.”

Lincoln recalled playing in 10th place, saying, “I’m an aggressive midfielder, but nowadays soccer players need to be able to play in a few different positions. The position I can play best is the teacher. Will decide. I haven’t. ”I decided which jersey to wear. I am learning some words in Turkish. I’m confused. ”

“I was excited to hear that there was an offer from Fenerbahce.”

Lincoln Enrique pointed out that he was very excited to hear the offer from Fenerbahce and told the manager, “I was very happy. I want to play for a team like Fenerbahce and work with Jorge Jesus. Really, of course, there was a conversation with the teacher. “I’ll do my best in any position. There aren’t too many 10th positions. As an example in the past, I’ve always taken Ronaldinho as an example. We’re all in the field. It may have similar characteristics in, but it was the player who had the most influence on me in terms of style: “It was Ronaldinho,” he said.

“Jesus really knows my style”

Lincoln Enrique said he should ask Jesus about his characteristics: “I had a lot of opportunities to play against him in Portugal. He knows my style well. He knows how I play. I know well or in which position to play. Similarly for our new friends. Effective. Our teachers often know which of us is more efficient and how to get. I know.”

“It is unacceptable that Fenerbahce has not won a trop for a long time.”

Lincoln played in Turkey five years ago and stated that there were many changes: “I’m about 18 years old and I’m much more mature and better in football. We soccer players I also tried it because I learned new things. Fenerbahce’s goal is to always win the trophy. Fenerbahce is not allowed not to win the trophy. We will also qualify in the Champions League. “Our first The goal is to pass the qualifying round and compete in the group stage, “he said.

“I generally nominate my family for the joy of goal.”

Lincoln has stated that he usually dedicates his goal celebrations to his family, saying:

“I’m a very attached person to my family, so I make the letter” E “, which is the first letter of a small child. I usually like to commemorate my family. I would like to have such a joy. Lots this year. ”

“I feel ready for a new challenge.”

Lincoln Enrique stated that he was constantly learning lessons from the mistakes of his life, “I had the opportunity to play high-level football in Porto for three years. I felt ready for a new challenge here. I’m on a really big team and I can do that. “I’m ready to do my best. Now the stage is ours,” he said.

“If you want to go to the history of the club, you have to work hard.”

“There have always been great players in Fenerbahce. You have to work hard to be in the history of the club. I also work hard. I work hard to be in the history of the club with my teammates. There’s a lot to do, but we know that if you want to make a name for yourself in the history of your club, you have to win a trophy.

“Soccer is not a pressure for me”

Lincoln emphasized that professional soccer players always need to be prepared for anything, “Thank God. I do my favorite job. So I don’t put pressure on me. I For me, the pressure is to take care of my family. The best way. Soccer is not pressure for me. I always play soccer. “I’m ready for anything. I really like it. I’m working. We have to work hard. That’s our job. “I’ve been here.”

Finally, Lincoln said that his tattoos usually represent his family, “the name of my family is written. All my tattoos have a special meaning to me.” I did.