“Lightning” support for sports and athletes

The city of Jurdurum continues to work to strengthen the identity of the district’s “sports city” one by one. The city of Jurdurum, which is renovating existing facilities while bringing new sports facilities to Jurdurum, also supports amateur sports clubs in the district.
Octai Yurmaz, the mayor of Yuldurm, who prioritized sports and athletes in Yuldurm, met with the presidents of 50 amateur sports clubs operating in the district. Emphasizing the constant support of Yıldırım sports and athletes, Yıldırım Mayor Oktay Yılmaz said: As the city of Jurdurum, we strive to support amateur sports clubs as much as possible. We support clubs in terms of facilities, transportation services, physical and financial support, tournaments and organizational arrangements. Hopefully, support for sports, athletes and clubs will continue to grow. “
President Octai Yılmaz said he is working to provide sports to everyone in Yılmaz, saying: At the same time as bringing Bursa’s largest “Naim Sreymanour Sports Complex” to our district, we also provided the “Urus Women’s Sports Center” to the people of Jurdurum. With an investment of 2 million TL, we have renewed the “Fidyekızık Sports Facility”. ‘Dr. The Sadık Ahmet sports facility has been renovated and transformed into a modern youth sports center. The “Mimar Sinan Sports Facility”, which is under construction, is being transformed into a well-equipped sports facility. The new floor, which will be added to the Sıracevizler Market Area, has a gym for women, children and young people. A women’s sports center, children’s karate, taekwondo and gymnastics will soon open on the lower floors of the Millet Neighborhood Closed Marketplace. “Akçağlayan Sports Field”, “Yiğitler Sports Field” and “Beyazıt Carpet Field” are also one of the sports investments we have brought to the district over the last two years. Hopefully we will soon add a sportsfield to our Samarnı, Bağlaraltı, and 0054sabey districts. We spread the sport to the grassroots of Jurdurum, “he said.
Burak Yılmaz, Mayor of Burak Yılmaz, emphasized that he brought thousands of citizens between the ages of 7 and 70 to sports, and that he brought 92,700 citizens to sports from the day he took office. Did. Yılmaz said: In addition to licensed athletes, we bring citizens with the sport. In the last 2.5 years; 48,000,938 children in 19 different branches of summer and winter sports schools, 11,125 children in sports schools, 25,170 women in women’s sports centers, social Responsible project of 7,169 children, sports and educational services to 298 children Special needs, and a total of 92,000,700 citizens. In 2022, training at 11 facilities and 19 different branches will continue at full speed. ”

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