“Let’s break this year’s jersey sales record”-TRTSpor


The Fenerbahce 2022-2023 uniform was featured at the Urquell Sports and Event Hall. Fenerbahce Sports Club President Arikochu, Board Member, Puma Turkey General Manager Taner Says and guests attended the event.

The uniform was introduced at the event where artist Ece Seçkin went on stage after watching a promotional video. Fenerbahce’s new season jersey was introduced by players from Sarp Akkaya, Afra Saraçoğlu and Sarp Can Köroğlu. A celebrity wearing a jersey said he likes jerseys very much.

Soccer player Yandas, who participated in the jersey promotion because he was not on the match team, congratulated everyone on World Fenerbahceday. “The jersey has a very good design. I like it very much. All my teammates are very happy with the jersey. The jersey I wore last year was also very comfortable. It’s very stylish and very comfortable. My only favorite is the striped jersey. Not the whole community and fans. We are all excited about the dream of becoming a champion in a jersey with the Ataturk signature on the back, especially to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Republic. ” Said.

President Ali Kochu

In his speech, Ali Koç said that reflecting the energy of the field in a new jersey would make their job easier.


Kochi said the work on the roof of the Fenerbahce Urquell Stadium was successful in promoting the jersey at Urquell Hall.

Celebrating Fenerbahcefan’s Day, Arikochu continued:

“Today is always a special day for us, but this year is a particularly important day for us. It’s been 11 years since we’ve removed the plots, shadows, sedition, incitement and mischief of July 3rd. In every sense, there was no doubt anyway. The day we drive away the instigator. That’s why we think it’s so important. Our legitimacy is officially proven and we Innocence has been officially registered.

Do you remember where we came from at that time? We have seen what time is possible. The truth has a habit of coming out sooner or later. I know what he was doing at that time, but Fenerbahce set a great stance here and set an example for the world with his stance and integrity of the day. May God not bring such a thing to anyone, not just us. But it’s time for calculations, and there’s still a long way to go. “

“Fan loyalty to Fenerbahce is at an unprecedented level in the world.”

Kochi said he liked the design and ideas of this year’s jersey, and said fans would love the jersey and think it would sell a lot. RAM, “This year we set a new record for combined consumption. Sold out within a few hours. You can see how much it sold, whether or not other competitors sold out. Thank you. Fans Their strength, love for Fenerbahce, dedication and loyalty are unmatched in the world. They show it in total annual sales. “ He said.

Asking fans to break the jersey sales record, Kochi said. “We’ve been working with Puma for a year. Fenerbahce is much more free in terms of design. We’ve almost approved even the next season’s jersey. We’ve experienced git-gels, but it’s complete. Ongoing to. Producing a unique jersey. This is very important to us. It’s a big innovation because it’s a problem. We live about it. ” I made that evaluation.

He also said that the 72-gram jersey, which weighs a handkerchief, uses very advanced technology, which reduces the number of stores and sells 5,000 units this year. “It’s about the lightest jersey in the world. I didn’t offer it to the store last year because it was expensive. I’ll try 5000 this year. The price is 1907 lira and the regular jersey is 629 lira. I’d like to ask someone. “ Said.

Finally, Ali Koç emphasized that Fenerbahce is aiming for the 100th anniversary championship of the Republic of Turkey and hoped for the success of the football team to face Dynamokib in Poland tomorrow.

The new season jerseys for yellow dark blue are:

Fenerbahce introduced in this video the jerseys to wear for the new season.