Let Karaduman answer: “With SporToto’s money, there is no IHL, but is there a surrogate salary?

Now i ..

“Abdul Kadir Karaduman was a candidate for parliament on the CHP list in the 2018 elections.”What are you saying ..

Let me tell you about blackduman:

“He was transferred to a party that was shown to be the cause of adultery, alcohol, illegal relationships, scarf bans, and hostility to Imam Hatip throughout his life, from which he became a candidate.”

If you want to continue:

“Whatever he objected to in his life, he did the opposite.”

What answer does it give me?

“I did it because I had to do it.”Is there any other answer?


Are you a member of parliament and are you obliged to start with Spor Toto and receive a salary from the Treasury, which has a lot of Haram money for taxes collected from brothels?

Why am I going into this vicious debate?

Without looking at your feet.

To remind the truth to Abdul Kadir Karaduman, who is trying to shake others.

What is the event?

AK Party, Unlock the real estate industry It has brought new regulations for. Opportunity to own a home for those who do not own a home at a lower interest rate than the current interest rate Gave..

Blackduman will be on stage soon:

“Did you disagree with your interests? Do you disagree with unfair profits? Where is the ideal for ordering only?

Gentleman’s CHP on crutches To tell, “We need to raise interest rates significantly. “Interest is forbidden” The one who says is left in the darkness of the Middle Ages. We need to raise interest rates, not lower them. “

Abdul Kadir Karaduman, a nationalist who couldn’t say anything to the CHP with crutches, was of the AK party. “We need to get rid of interest, but … it’s full of jackals. For now, we just want to download and get closer to our target.” I disagree with his remarks.

We will reduce the interest rate on home purchases from about 2% to 0.99%. He shouts to the AK party:

“Did you disagree with your interests?”

So, according to Abdul Kadir Karaduman …

I’m not the one who wants to lower interest rates. Those who want to raise interest rates radically are against interest rates.

So “People who say their interest is Haram stayed in the darkness of the Middle Ages.” CHP supporters are against interest “How about interest rates?” Those who say, interest!

He doesn’t say a word to CHP, Karaduman, while he slams the AK party on the ground.

continue, Originally from the Felicity Party, he switched to CHP, where he became a vice-member, and then returned to SP. Collusion MP:

“Did you aim to open a school, faculty of theology, or mosque in Imam Hatip with the support of SporToto?”


The AK Party’s goal is not to open Imam Hatip with the support of SporToto.

It shouldn’t be.

However, the AK Party’s goal is not to become a member of parliament from the scarf-banned CHP list.

prior to “Look at your trotter” They tell the man.

Then they ask:

“Do you know the Nimet sisters mosque in Istanbul, Karaduman (how accurate is the mosque)?”

yes, Its only income is to sell tickets for the National Lottery A dealer named Nimet Abla used her money to build a mosque in Istanbul, which is under the control of the Bureau of Religious Affairs.

The name of the mosque was used in the National Lottery franchise.

I am submitting an application before the AK party.

Also today..

If SporToto sponsors that IHL building …

Let’s criticize this.

But ..

Don’t say that the perpetrator of this secular state’s impasse is the AK Party.

Don’t even try to say this by forming an alliance with CHP, the perpetrator of the secular state.

Don’t blame the AK party’s secular state.

Prior to the AK Party, all his costs, from the construction of the Imam Hatip School to the salaries of teachers, were covered by Halal funds.

Did the construction of Imam Hatip begin to be paid with Haram’s money when the AK Party came to power?

Are you saying Abdul Kadir Karaduman?

If you are Yigit, come out, tell me and prove. I will support you.

But ..

If a secular state seizes even buildings built in remote areas of Anatolia with national halal funds and occupies them for other purposes, the construction of Imam Hatip before the AK party comes to power. Don’t worry about …

If the AK Party returns those buildings to Imam Hatip …

But by the way, if Spor Toto’s money was approved to build an Imam preacher, he shouldn’t.

I don’t approve it either …

To what extent is it a principled attitude to form an alliance with the AK Party for the secular interests of 3 cents with CHP, which has placed barriers in front of the country’s religious people for years. Can you do it?

If Karaduman claims his claim …

Make him an agent on the CHP list and tell us about the salary halal and halal he received.

Let Deniz Baykal, another adjutant of the party he was appointed, explain to him how halal and haram it is to receive a salary in a paralyzed state before coming to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey three times. please.

Is he giving a fatwa?

“Is it possible to make an Imam Hatip with Spor Toto’s money?” He says.

I will ask him too.

“Excuse me, Karaduman, is there a tax from the brothel on your salary?”


“Will the pavilion pay taxes?”


“From SporToto .. Can I get paid from the money deposited with the Treasury when the National Lottery was privatized?”

All of these concrete examples are dead ends in the secular state structure.

Submitting these dead-end bills to the AK Party is non-principle and hypocritical.

It’s as if Imam’s salary was paid before the AK party. “Don’t confuse the taxes collected from brothels here.” Shows sensitivity.

When the AK party came to powerForget those jobs. ‘Forbidden’ Do not say, “Halal” Don’t say .. mix money .. pay Imam salary from brothel tax .. pay agent salary .. pay teacher salary “. When trying to create perception as you said ..

You will fall into the trap you set, black smoke!

You will be smoke. You darken your world and you darken you from now on.

No one, “When you buy a house, it’s Halal to take out a loan with an interest rate of 0.99.” He didn’t say.

In previous governments, those who wanted to buy a home could borrow an interest-free loan, but now those who want to buy a home under the AK party government are not charged interest.


Don’t make a fool of people.

Do not try to make fun of our intellect.

“You are what you want to change.” You say ..

Joyful, Claims to change those mistakesYou are not

Still at a cafe in the neighborhood “Change this system” If you insist ..

prior to, CHP you have alliedlook..

they How they defended their interest in deathlook..

A view of you and your interests, “Head from the darkness of the Middle Ages” See how you blamed it.


What the AK Party claims and hasn’t achieved yet Please give your review about it.