Learn Islamic morals in sports: sports are encounters and friendships


  • Islam is a religion that cares about both the mental and physical health of people, and therefore emphasizes mental and physical education and determines many provisions on this subject. Islam also determines the rules of sports, which play an important role in physical education and health. Professor of Islamic Science, Ağrı וbrahim Çeçen University. Dr. Mehmet Salih Geçit talked about the importance of Islam to sports and the borders it envisions.

―――― What is Islam’s approach to sports? Do the Qur’an and Sunnah have examples of encouraging Muslims to play sports?

Islamic religions are religions that care about both the mental and physical health of people, and therefore emphasize mental and physical education and determine many provisions on this subject. Therefore, not only mental and physical health and physical education, but also mental and human health are important. There are some provisions and programs offered to humanity by Islam in physical education, as there is a special field called Soul Purification for Sufism and Mental Education. A survey of information from Islamic sources of physical education reveals that sports are very important to Islamic religion.

Ethical principles have been decided

  • It is also understood that Islam predicts good sports ethics by adding moral principles to sports. From this perspective, the two main sources of Islam, the Koran and Sunnah, have encouraged Islam for a variety of reasons. Among these reasons are making Muslims stick to their worship and other obligations with a strong will, showing them how to become stronger, ensuring physical health, while Muslims are Islam. You can count the reasons such as land, which is to encourage you to be fully prepared for your defense. Therefore, Muslims, from the era of bliss to Hz. Among the sports recommended by the Prophet (pbuh), shooting, horseback riding, wrestling, etc. They were engaged in sports.

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Attention to shooting

―――― Can you give an example of his interest in sports from the life of our Prophet?

Hz. From a sports and physical education perspective, the situation of an exemplary Islamic society in which the Prophet (pbuh) lived and the Prophet’s companions lived generally encountered the following situations: To do. What’s beautiful and interesting is that almost all kinds of sports that existed at the time have changed or are just as alive today.

  • Hz. During the time of the Prophet, some of his companions played sports that proved their physical ability to prove their ability to participate in jihad worship. The Apostle of Allah described shooting as a skill that he had to learn as a child and should not be left until he died. As long as people are free, bored and need rest, it is appropriate to engage in sporting activities to take advantage of their time.

Competition itself

We know that two types of horses were bred during the time of the Apostles of Allah. One of them was supplied for execution and the other was supplied for other purposes. In the meantime, you’ll encounter camels, donkeys, and even humanity. One day, the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) Abu Bakr and Hz. They competed with Omar on horseback and our Prophet surpassed them in this race. Hz. Abu Bakr’s second Hz. Ömer is also reported to be third. In times of bliss, men competed in running races and Hz companions. They organized a race between the Prophet and Hertz in front of them. Ants are also reported to be very fast runners. Hz. The Prophet learned to swim in Medina, where he went as a child with his mother. In addition to writing and shooting, swimming was also mentioned in what the father should teach his child by recommending this sport to Muslims. Meccans was playing a kind of ball called “kürre”. It is reported that the Apostle of Allah (saas) did not ban this game.


Sport does not mean fight

-According to Islam, what should an athlete’s morality be?

From an Islamic point of view, athletes are expected to act according to general moral rules and to follow a set of special moral rules related to sports. For example, from harming friends, causing heart disease such as resentment and hatred, instilling harmful competitive feelings in society, and leading people to harmful behavior such as fighting, commotion, and resentment. You need to keep it away. Discourses such as taunts, humiliation, and insults. Similarly, being a cheerful, understanding, self-sacrificing, loyal, honest and moral athlete is a requirement of Islamic principles and Islamic moral values. Don’t forget the following: Sport does not mean fighting or war, but brotherhood, love, respect, acquaintance, friendship.

We organized the first islamic game


We organized the first islamic game