Latest Weather | Significant Snowfall Warning in Istanbul from Meteorology! The severity will increase … When will the snowfall in Istanbul end? March 11-12-13 Istanbul weather

Habertürk meteorological engineer Hüsey in Öztel said snowfall in Istanbul could continue until Monday. Mr Oztel said it is possible to consider a school vacation on Monday.

Iver, who hijacked Turkey through Siberia, brought snowfall. Meteorological forecasts suggest that it will continue to snow until Sunday in Istanbul.

Habertürk meteorological engineer Hüsey in Öztel commented on the weather conditions in Istanbul today and tomorrow: “We expect strong winds today. Snow will be thicker on the beaches today. It can be considered a bit far from the city or high. At the place, 20 cm of snow was formed. The snowfall in Istanbul will continue on Saturday. We expect him to do so. “

“The expected snowfall on Saturday starts around 3am to 4am and can last until noon. We have received half of the snowfall so far. On Sundays and Mondays,” said Oztel, who also warned on Monday. It will snow. Schools are expected to be closed on Mondays. Tonight, he said, “Half later, it will snow until tomorrow noon.”

Truck and TIR migration from BOLU to ISTANBUL has stopped

Due to heavy snow, the Bol section of the Anatolian and D-100 highways was closed to trucks and trucks towards Istanbul.

A statement from Governor Bol reported that snow and snow did not allow trucks and trucks to pass in the direction of Istanbul at the entrance to the Dortdivan facility on the Anatolian Highway and at the El Marc Junction. D-100 highway.

The statement noted that weather and road conditions were closely tracked in order for transport to return to normal.

Saturday warning from IMAMOĞLU

Ekrem ו mamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan, provided the latest information on snowfall in Istanbul. Imamogur said:

“Saturday is the day when the heaviest snowfall is expected in 4-5 days of snowfall. That day can reach a snow thickness of 15-20 cm. It is worth showing that citizens are sensitive in this regard. There is an urgent need to leave using snow tires. There is a risk of frost and freezing. Let’s say you continue to be heavily salted. More than 30,000 tons of salt are used. Public transportation The engine’s rail system continued until 02:00 pm, the IETT line continued, and the city line was shut down due to weather conditions. It provided shelter for 629 homeless people. Distribution of dry food for stray animals it is continuing.”

Saturday warning from meteorology

Meteorology warned of heavy thunderstorms in Istanbul tonight and tomorrow, saying citizens need to be aware of negatives such as transportation disruptions, icing and frost.

According to a statement from the Directorate General of Meteorology, “According to the latest assessment, there will be intermittent and locally heavy snowfall in Istanbul tonight and tomorrow (Saturday). Heavy thunderstorms are expected in the region on Sunday. It is expected that the effects of snowfall will disappear after noon, so we need to be aware of the adverse effects of transportation interruptions, icing, frost, etc. “

Roads are empty in Istanbul

The road remained empty when many drivers couldn’t get their car on the road because of the snow in Istanbul. Road occupancy in Istanbul dropped to 11 percent at 17:30 after working hours. The latest road conditions are from the air on the Maltepe D-100 highway.

In Istanbul, snowfall sometimes continues to have an effect. Due to the snowfall, many drivers followed the precautions and did not allow cars to pass, leaving the road empty. According to the traffic data of the Istanbul metropolitan area, the traffic volume decreased to 11% around 17:30. The latest status of empty roads is seen from the air with a drone on the Maltepe D-100 highway.

3-day forecast from meteorology

According to the five-day weather forecast by the Directorate General of Meteorology, it is expected to snow on Saturdays and Sundays and sleet on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Saturday; Snowfall is expected in Marmara, the Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia, but sleet is expected in Southeastern Anatolia. Temperatures are expected to be 1/2-2 in Istanbul, 0 / -6 in Ankara and 7 / -1 in Izmir.

Sunday; Rain continues in the Marmara, Black Sea, Central Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Highlands, Central Anatolia, and Eastern Anatolia, but heavy rainfall is expected in the eastern Mediterranean and sleet in the Southeastern Anatolia. Temperatures; expected to be 4 / -1 in Istanbul, 1 / -3 in Ankara and 8/0 in Izmir.

Monday; At the beginning of the week, snowfall loses its effect. Sleet is expected in the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Southeastern Anatolia region, but snowfall continues in the Central Anatolia region and the Black Sea east of the Eastern Anatolia region. Temperatures; expected to be 6 / -1 in Istanbul, 3 / -6 in Ankara and 10/1 in Izmir.