Latest statement from meteorology: snow will come with a storm

Yuxel Yagan, director of analysis and forecasting at the Directorate General of Meteorology, said the country is expected to be affected by cold rain until mid-next week, according to the latest analysis.

Yaan said he expects precipitation across the country to start in the form of rain and sleet and continue in the form of snow as of Friday, sharing some of the predictions and warnings about these analyses with the general public. He said he did.

It’s raining “Istanbul predicts that it will snow on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We issued a valid weather warning until 23:59 on Friday. Therefore, the Governor’s Office also closed the school. It is snowing heavily in the district. . In Istanbul, especially in the area facing the Black Sea coast. I think it is strong and intense in the southern area. “ I used a phrase.

Yalova points out that heavy snowfall is expected tomorrow and Friday north of Balıkesir and Bursa around Yalova, Sakariya, Kokaeri and Bol, and Yaan points out that this rain system will make Bol north of the West Black Sea and Ankara on Friday. Said to cover.They said they expected it to be effective in covering

“The temperature was below 6-10 degrees Celsius.”

Yağan said the local meteorological bureau had issued local warnings about traffic disruptions to the governor and highway bureaus, assessing that snowfall would cause problems in road transport, especially in Bol.

With reference to Ankara’s analysis, Yağan said, “Thursday and Friday are expected to snow in Ankara. March temperatures are expected to be less than 6-10 degrees Celsius. During this period, temperatures are projected to rise up to 3 degrees Celsius in Ankara and 4-5 degrees Celsius in Istanbul. Until the middle of next week. He said.

Yagan warns citizens to be careful of snowfall, not to leave by car unless necessary, and to keep materials such as snow tires, wedges and tow ropes in the car when they need to go out. I warned you.

Especially in Eastern Anatolia, it is recommended to stay out for long periods of time and be aware of the danger of avalanches, and Yağan encourages citizens to follow the predictions and warnings made on the Directorate General’s website and mobile applications. I asked.

Yagan said precipitation is not expected in the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean coastal areas, where temperatures are lower than normal in the seasons, and cloudy weather conditions are effective.

“Snow in Istanbul is effective in POYRAZ storms”

Noting that a three-day strong northerly wind was expected in Istanbul, Yağan said: “Istanbul snowfall is predicted to be effective in northerly storms.” Said.

Yağan evaluated the snowfall in Istanbul today: “There are no warning situations in Istanbul today. There are sleet and occasional snowfalls, especially in the highlands, where there are lightly covered areas. Real Istanbul snow. It will start raining from tonight to tomorrow at 06.00-07.00. “I used the phrase.

“It’s not like the 1987 snow system.”

Talking about the claim that a snowfall similar to the two-week snowfall that lasted for two weeks in Istanbul in March 1987 will be experienced in this process, Yağan said:

“Comparing a meteorological event with another event, whether similar or not, is an inaccurate scientific and technical comparison. Therefore, as the Directorate General of Meteorology, it is necessary to examine the characteristics of each system. Investigate forecasts and warnings, which is different from long-term snowfall systems. “

Yagan said that snowfall in Istanbul will continue regularly until Monday and will be effective on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, especially on the Anatolian side.