last minute!The latest situation in the war between Ukraine and Russia … Message from US President Joe Biden to support Ukraine: We are with you

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The headings of Biden’s statement are:

This message was about the power of faith, the power of people. This message, given in the face of a very terrible form of government, was a message to what happened 30 years ago. It was the message, “We will overcome all atrocities, all tyranny.” When the Pope issued this message, the Soviet Union dominated these lands with iron fists.

“We must be very clear in this war.”

This reminds me of a saying. Faith looks best in the dark. And they experienced an era of darkness. Ten years later, the Soviet Union collapsed and Eastern Europe was liberated. This war lasted for years. We were born again in a free struggle. It was a war between freedom and oppression. We must be very clear in this war. This war will not win in days or months. We have to prepare ourselves. We will meet at the royal palace today. This is an important place for both European history and humanity. Warsaw stood tall in the Age of Liberty.

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“We are with the Ukrainian people”

Ukraine and its people are currently fighting at the forefront to save their country. Unify all free rights for religious freedom and press freedom. They were besieged, we fought. All generations have fought against democratic enemies. My message to the Ukrainian people. We are with you. Dot. Hungary, Poland, 1958, Czechoslovakia shattered the development of democracy. Until the pressure in Berlin and the Soviet Union collapses. The battle for democracy did not end here. In the last three decades, the dictatorship has rebelled. We are aware of those characteristics. Democratic freedom and hostility to the truth. Russia is choking democracy today.

Putin says he is Denatis. This is a lie. Zelensky was democratically elected. He is Jewish. His family was killed in a genocide. Putin says he can go out and force himself to win. And let him put the power of democracy into action. So let’s defeat him dictatorship. The Kremlin calls NATO expansion an imperial empowerment. NATO is a defense alliance. He did not intend to destroy Russia. We talked on the phone many times. We have provided a real diplomatic solution. To enhance the security of all parties. Putin rejected all offers. He lied and came to us. Russia tended to be violent. We said, “They will attack.” We have mentioned this many times. They have repeatedly said that we will not invade Ukraine.

“We hit the Russian economy in our hearts”

This is one of the most basic human instincts. They are trying to heal their hunger using force and disinformation. This is to oppose the order established after World War II. The severity of the threat is enormous. So the reaction from the West was very good. I gave an answer that would pay a huge price. The Central Bank of Russia currently does not have access to world funds. We took the Russian economy seriously. Blocked energy imports. We have imposed sanctions on the oligarchs. Now they need to suffer together. More than 400 private multinationals have left Russia. The ruble was almost garbage. 200 rubles is currently $ 1. The economy is currently facing a half collapse. The Russian economy can no longer be in the top 20.

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We have gained new economic power through economic sanctions. These international sanctions are absorbing the power of Russia. Putin is guilty. Dot. At the same time, with these sanctions, the Western world side by side supported Ukraine. Russia provided $ 600 million in aid before crossing the border with Ukraine. With the weapons we provided, the Ukrainians protected their land. The US military is standing here to protect the NATO allies. Do not consider entering NATO territory as this will move towards Ukraine. With regard to Article 5, we will protect every corner of NATO’s territory.

“War has already died strategically.”

Today I met thousands of Ukrainian refugees. They say, “My family, what will happen to me?” I saw my mother weeping. The little girl said: the president, my brother, my father are there. The military is blocking humanitarian aid. They continue to work here to provide humanitarian aid. Of course, there are atrocities committed by Putin, but this war is already a strategic defeat for Russia. Russia wanted NATO to exist. Decreased at the border, but now more NATO soldiers are here. They did it within a few months.

Last minute: Biddendan's clear message to the Ukrainian people: we are with you, period

Call to the Russians: You are not our enemy

Listen carefully to the Russian people, if possible. You are not our enemy. I don’t think we welcome the genocide here. I don’t think he wants the city to be siege or the citizens to flee. Putin can and should end this war. My message to the rest of Europe is: The war for freedom has begun. Europe must end Russia’s dependence on fossil fuels, and we will help you. To ensure long-term economic security and the survival of the planet, we all need to switch to clean and reliable energy. We can provide it. We have to fight corruption from the Kremlin, we have to help the Russian people. Finally, we must not break unity. We all have to do our best. So I came to Europe this week as well. To convey a clear and definitive message. To all countries that love freedom. We now have to make a long-term commitment. We have to be together for 10 years. We have to pay the price. This is the job of our generation.

Together, people have become such a force. The Soviet Union couldn’t stand it. Once again, it is seen by the Ukrainian people today. They show that the power of the majority is greater than that of a single dictator. The dictator may try to revive the empire, but it cannot diminish the joy of people’s freedom. Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. For God, this man can’t hold any more power.