last minute!Expected News on Sunflower Oil … Announces Dates of Price Drops-Correct Address for Financial News

The war between Russia and Ukraine indirectly affected many things, but it also caused the price of sunflower oil in our country to rise. Also, with the addition of stockers, prices have risen significantly. There was almost a “crisis” in oil, but it was announced one after another that oil inventories were sufficient. A statement on the matter was issued by President Omer Demir of the Istanbul Agricultural Chamber, who responded to Stocker and dated the decline in oil prices. The details of the news are here …

It is said that the “no” perception that is being made on sunflower oil these days does not reflect the truth. Noting that 70% of annual vegetable oil production is produced locally, representatives of the agricultural sector are responding to instructing citizens to stock speculative discourse. According to Yenisafak news, President Omer Demir of the Istanbul Agricultural Council evaluated Turkey’s oil inventories and harvest expectations for the new season, emphasizing that there are enough products in stock now.

“Turkey imports 30 percent oil”

Turkey is a self-sufficient country, with vegetable oil production of 65-70%, said Ömer Demir. He says he will not import oil until the end of the year, but that’s okay. The shelves will not be out of stock every 2-3 days. This product has already been on the shelves for a month. It’s called stockings. An incredible number of oil sales took place over the weekend, and the public benefited enormously. After 15 to 20 days, oil prices will fall. Turkey has no problems with olive oil or sunflower oil. There is an inventory problem in Turkey, “he said.

“The winner is the one supplied from the chaos.”

The chairman of the Istanbul Agricultural Chamber says that producers of goods cannot make money, and dealers make many times. “The purpose of the panic and chaotic atmosphere is to scare people. So make money and get political rants. These images are especially offered in the opposite media and presented as if there was a crisis. It is fully planned. In 2022, they are trying to do what they couldn’t do before, through food, through the economy. They are familiar with the reaction of the moment of horror. They are so. I’m playing. The winners are those who are eating chaos again. This crisis is an artificial crisis and is completely controlled by perception. The government will find a solution to this as soon as possible. ” rice field.

“Turkey has stocking problems.”

Turkey says more radical reforms are needed in agriculture, and Ömer Demir needs to work with experts who know the work in this area, and it is very important to make fundamental decisions. Said. Demir said: Of course, they are needed, but we need to make sure that new regulations are created. Turkey has no problems with olive oil or sunflower oil. Turkey has inventory problems. ” Demir said that the producer of a product earns 2 lira, while the seller earns 20-30 lira from that product.

“The ministry should fulfill its obligations.”

Demir said the Ministry of Agriculture should also play that role, and continued: “President, when I was Prime Minister, we were always in a meeting. In this way, we were solving the problem quickly. Today, there is a war next to us. A new system with sanctions should be established in agriculture and trade. Ministries have a lot to do in this regard. I am always with farmers and producers. I have their problems. I listen five days a week. The future of Turkey’s agriculture is very clear. “

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