Last minute: Zelensky’s request for “Abramovich” to Biden

“Abramovich” request from Zelensky to Biden

Russia’s attempts to invade Ukraine continue, but many Western nations, especially the United States, impose a series of economic sanctions on Russia. The Western World, which has announced sanctions against Russian oligarchs, including many Russian politicians and Russian President Vladimir Putin, has also announced sanctions against Roman Abramovich.

After Russia attacked Ukraine, the US Treasury drafted a series of sanctions to punish Russia’s prominent oligarch Roman Abramovich.

Meanwhile, the White House National Security Council has sent a request to the Treasury to wait for the announcement of these sanctions designed to run in parallel with the sanctions of the United Kingdom and the European Union. The reason for this was cited as Zelensky’s statement to President Biden that Abramovich could play an important role as an intermediary in possible peace talks with Putin.

President Biden reportedly consulted with the President of Ukraine on a series of sanctions, including penalties targeting Abramovich.

Emily Hone, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said: The Treasury also did not respond to requests for comment.

The Office of the President of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington also did not respond to requests for comment.

Abramovich’s spokesperson said, “It is useless to comment on Abramovich’s participation in the negotiations. As mentioned earlier, based on many requests, including Ukrainian Jewish organizations, Abramovich will restore peace as soon as possible. I support the effort I aimed for. It’s great for her. “

People who talked to Abramovich say he spent a lot of time in the process. According to flight tracking data, the private jet has been sailing between Russia, Turkey and Israel for the past few weeks. Abramovich was also discovered in a series of interviews in the Belarusian capital in late February.

Unexpected development

The US decision to postpone sanctions on Abramovich is an unexpected development of the Western strategy of punishing the rich oligarchs of the Kremlin to put pressure on Putin. While some prominent Russian businessmen are opposed to the war, Abramovich is the only oligarch who has openly said he is trying to force Moscow to find a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

But US officials told The Wall Street Journal that there was no reason to believe that Abramovich was particularly helpful in the negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian governments.

Sanctions on Abramovich and “Goztepe” allegations

Abramovich, who became the owner of Chelsea after paying £ 140 million to British businessman Ken Bates, had to leave the club after a British sanctions decision.

The EU also announced that it has imposed sanctions on Abramovich. After a sanction decision from Europe, Abramovic anchored his luxury yacht “Mysolaris” at the mooring pier of the Bodrum ship and carried his second luxury yacht “Eclipse” to Marmaris.

While negotiations to sell the football club Chelsea continued, there were also claims that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich would buy Bodrumspor and Goztepe.

Nothing is said about these claims, but after Goztepe President Mehmet Sepil resigned, Goztepe Token experienced unusual price fluctuations. Gyoztepe tokens have increased from 13.4 lira to 90 lira in the last 24 hours. Then it fell to 36.4 lira. With Gyoz Tepe Token, we have reached a trading volume of 612.9 million TL per day.