Last minute: What will MHK do after the TFF Arbitration Commission’s decision for arbitrators? Possibility of resignation …

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The Central Arbitration Commission unexpectedly announced on March 8 that a total of 21 referees and observers were in the Super League, including experienced referees such as Junet Chakul, Frat Aidunus and Ali Parabic. did.

After this decision, which caused resentment in the football world, the referee took action and raised the issue with the TFF Arbitration Commission.

MHK Chair FERHATGÜNDOĞDU and the judge participated in the healing

At a hearing yesterday, the TFF Arbitration Commission discussed an observer’s objection with an arbitrator at the TFF building in Levent. Arbitrators of the Arbitration Commission Abdulkadir Bitigen, Ali Palabıyık, Alper Ulusoy, BahattinŞimşek, BurakŞeker, Caner Ak, Cüneyt Çakır, Fırat Aydınus, Hüseyin Göçek, Hakan Ceylan, Koray Gençerler, Hakan Ceylan, Koray Gençerler, S I listened.

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5-2 votes against

The decision was announced shortly after the hearing, with an oral statement by the lawyers of the parties and President Ferhat Gündoğdu of MHK. The arbitration committee overturned the decision with a majority of 5 to 2 votes.

What is it now? Hürriyet’s former referee, Murat Fevzi Tanırlı, cited three things that could happen after this decision. This changed the Turkish referee’s policy.

1-Gundogdu and his team may resign

MHK President Ferhat Gündoğdu and his team can resign from their duties by creating a list and submitting it to the TFF Board of Directors. In this case, a temporary MHK will be formed until the end of the season and a new board will enter the 2022-23 season.

2-MHK continues and does not match

Despite the arbitration committee’s decision, MHK may continue to work as if nothing had happened and will not play against the referee and observer in question until the end of the season. In June, these names may remove the classification.

3-Referee returns to duty

Ferhat Gündoğdu MHK will continue to be active and, as determined by the Arbitration Commission, may reassign the above referees and observers to the match.

What did the president of MHKGÜNDOĞDU say?

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Central Referee Chairman Ferhat Gündoğdu participated in the live broadcast of beIN SPORTS, explaining the reasons for the decision:

The decision was not made on March 8. That was when I got a 1.5 month job. I couldn’t wait for 10 more games. He couldn’t stand waiting for a day. With the public opinion that we are acting intentionally or selfishly, we can do so in half the time. We gave our friends a chance for the last 1.5 months. From time to time we gave them the opportunity to improve with a small warning, but that didn’t happen.

During the last four months, we have investigated referees and observers and, as a result, made this decision.

In the last two months of the four-month survey, I worked on training, seminars, field observations, VAR records … everything. These friends and other friends in the category have never participated in terrorist organizations or illegal situations. The allegations made are groundless. I emphasize this very strongly. We are very uncomfortable talking about this.

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TFF President Nihat Kahvecier: We unanimously made a decision

Nihat Ozdemir, President of the Turkish Football Federation, said of MHK’s historic referee’s decision:

“The referee’s decision came from the Central Arbitration Commission. As president of the federation, I brought this issue to the board. We unanimously decided. We will not comment on the reaction. Our decision is It’s the final one. “

Servet Jardimuchi: Intervention in Corporate Infrastructure

UEFA Board members and TFF Vice-President Servet Jardinci made the first evaluation of Hürriyet on MHK’s historic referee’s decision.

“I’m from Rize. Rize blames me. I’m a member of the Fenerbahce Conference. They blame me. Look. We’ll be with the Club Association after the match between Rize and Galatasaray. I wanted to create a structure compatible with UEFA. FIFA on the reorganization of MHK I proposed the name David Ellary to establish it. He is the X-ray of our future refereeing agency. Take a picture. I am the chairman of a committee of 55 federations that are members of the UEFA. Another purpose is to share my experience there. I am not a name, but what to do institutionally. I’m interested. My only intervention in the referee is institutional. That’s basically what happened, “he said.

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