Last minute: Umt Nile’s surprise from Eyupspor! I borrowed it right away …


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EyĆ¼pspor, one of the Spor Toto 1st League teams, has reached a three-year agreement with Umut Nayir, who has been excluded from Giresunspor.

Shaking hands with a 29-year-old soccer player, the Istanbul national team hired a talented forward for Umraniye Spor next season.

Mehmet Umut Naile performed 7 goals and 1 assist in 32 games of Giresunspor last season.

What happened between Giresunspor and Umut Nayir?

Umut Nayir talked about what happened between him and Giresunspor’s management, and the unfounded news of the media. The green-white club responded to social media sharing by a 29-year-old soccer player.


What did Umut Nayir say?

As a central figure in the subject, I recently had to explain the process after news and claims about me. As you know, as Giresunspor, we had a hard time staying in the tough league during the 2021-22 season. Despite the financial and moral negatives I experienced during the season, I stood by the team until the very end of the season and contributed with all my might. I was always in the field. At the end of this struggle, I experienced the pride of maintaining the city of Giresun in the Super League with all my teammates. I have the rights to arise from the accounts receivable accumulated in the process, but I have become one of the last names to choose the way to the federation.

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Prepared and planned for the new season in Giresunspor. Contrary to the unfounded claim that her wife wanted to leave Giresun, we bought a suitable home for the fetus and paid the rent in advance. Not surprisingly, by attending the pre-season camp from day one, I continued to work for the new season. As you can see from the process so far, I didn’t feel uncomfortable playing with Giresun or Giresunspor. On the contrary, I was very proud to be able to participate in the struggle in this city. However, there were some false claims and statements that I did not want to stay in Giresun. I can’t accept them.

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“It was sad to witness an effort to damage credibility.”

Regarding my process of being excluded from the camp by the club’s decision, when our club offered to make part of the check payment during negotiations on my past accounts receivable, I was another player I said I didn’t want to be exposed to another payment method while I was being paid. The president said that he would pay without any problems, but he called in the evening of the same day and offered to cancel the accounts receivable and cancel the contract with each other. So I told him that if I didn’t pay, I could have a legitimate cancellation. After the negotiations, my past accounts receivable were paid. After this development, I was sadly disseminated with false information, negatively speaking to new players on the team, and the fact that credibility-damaging activities within the team were made against me with inaccurate claims. I witnessed it.

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We cannot accept that the decision to be expelled from the club is presented as if we asked for permission or did not want to stay in Giresun. From the concrete example above, it is clear that Giresunspor has planned to continue the new season. The statements on some news sites I asked for permission from the camp certainly do not reflect the truth. I would like to reiterate that I did not make such a request. The decision to dismiss was communicated to me by the club.

“Unethical process”

After all these processes, I realized that Giresunspor was undesired and accepted to leave by abandoning all fetal accounts receivable of the contract, after which the club of additional money for the termination of the contract The requirement was to make the process insoluble. The reason I make this statement is not because I want to call it right or wrong, but because I want people to know the process of the media in a distorted way. As a result; not participating in a new season plan is an acceptable process due to the nature of the sport. But, as I mentioned above, unethical processes with imaginary reasons are not part of sports or humanity.

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Reply to Giresunspor’s Umut Nayir Share

The club’s statement is as follows:

Due to the unfortunate and egoistic remarks made by our professional footballer Mehmet Umut Naile on his social media accounts, it became necessary to speak in order to properly inform the general public and our community.

Inconsistent attitudes and behaviors of soccer player Mehmet Umut Naile in pre-season training camps, and a search for the team through the manager, have told players that they cannot join the team in this situation. , And he was allowed to find a club for him. All of these facts are clear, but I would like to say that I am surprised by the unfortunate remarks of the actor. Keep in mind that no one is better than Giresunspor. All players must act in accordance with the terms of the signed professional contract. His remarks also initiated the legal process necessary to protect the rights and interests of the club.

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As a board of directors, we should not doubt that Giresunspor’s interests and all measures required by their interests will be taken decisively. As a club, we would like to reiterate the fact that we have fulfilled our obligations to Umt Nile. We continue to follow the path with the right group of players to lead Giresunspor to success and win our appreciation. fan.