Last Minute | Ukraine’s Latest Trends-Russian War … Mariupol’s Ultimatum from Russia!Ukraine announced its decision

The Russian-Ukraine War is Day 26 … While significant news from the region continues, the Russian Defense Ministry calls Ukrainian authorities requesting that the city of Mariupol be handed over by 05.00 on March 21. Did. .. Ukraine responded to this last minute of Russia. Very scary news came from Smy. Ammonia leaks were reported at a chemical plant in the city. This is the latest trend in the Russian-Ukraine War.

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The war, which began on the morning of February 24, at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, continues at full speed.

While news of conflicts and artillery continued from all over the country, a call like an ultimatum came from Russia.

Russia gave time for Mariupol

The Russian Ministry of Defense has called on Ukrainian authorities to hand over the city of Mariupol by 05.00 on March 21.

“If the Kyiv authorities again order you to die in your own destiny, we will give ourselves to all who value their lives,” said provincial official Mikhail Mijintsev. Call on them to leave the city with their arms crossed. “

Mizintsev added that it would open a humanitarian corridor for civilians and unarmed soldiers.

Ukraine returned the offer

Ukraine responded to this last minute of Russia. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereschuk rejected the offer, stating that surrender was not an issue.

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Talking to Ukrayinska Prauda, ​​Bereshchuk used the following statement on this subject:

“There can be no talk of surrendering or laying down weapons. We have already informed the Russian side of this. Instead of wasting time with an eight-page letter, it is enough to open a humanitarian corridor. am.

The United Nations has announced that the number of people leaving their homes due to the occupation that began in Ukraine on February 24 has reached 10 million.

The United Nations has announced that the number of people leaving their homes due to the occupation that began in Ukraine on February 24 has reached 10 million.

This is the development of this area, every minute …

08.31 AFP announced that at least six people were killed as a result of the bombardment of Kyiv last night. It is said that the shopping district in the center of the city was targeted.

Immediately before | Ukraine's latest developments-Russian war ... Russia's Mariupol's ultimatum announces Ukraine's decision

The magnitude of the attack in Kyiv was clearly seen in the first light of the morning.

06.57 According to Ukrainska Pravda, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators will continue to talk online today.

Chemical leak warning

06.16 An ammonia leak was reported at Sumy’s chemical plant. Dmytro Zhyvytskyy, Governor of Sumy, said a leak was reported at the Sumykhimprom plant at 04:30 local time, and areas within a 5km radius around the plant were dangerous.

The statement emphasized that ammonia leaks at chemical plants “do not pose a threat” to the city of Smy.

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The Sumykhimprom factory is located in the eastern suburbs of the city with a population of about 270,000.

The villages of Novoselytsya and Verkhnya Syrovatka were said to be in areas contaminated by the infiltration of ammonia. People in the affected areas were urged to “go to the underground bunker immediately.”

“Breathe with a gauge soaked in citric acid”

In a statement, residents of these areas were advised to breathe through a gauze pad soaked in citric acid if ammonia was detected.

Critical visit from Biden

05.23 US President Joe Biden will also visit Poland as part of a European tour for emergency consultations with NATO, G7 leaders and European allies.

04.28 Ukrainian media reported that at least two people were killed when a car was hit by a shell in Chernihiv on Sunday.

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03.00 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reminded Israel of an offer to mediate and said it could negotiate with Russia in Jerusalem. “Probably we will start negotiations with Russia in Jerusalem,” Zelensky said.

02.20 Manoris Andrew Rakis of the Greek Consulate General in Mariupol, Ukraine, was evacuated from the city of Mariupol, which was bombarded by Russia, in a rescue operation called “Operation Odyssey” and was taken to Athens, the capital of Greece. “They wiped Mariupol and its people off the map,” Andrew Rakis said of the moment he met in Mariupol.

01.15 Russia’s attacks on Ukraine continue uninterrupted, but civilian evacuation from the humanitarian corridor agreed by Russia and Ukraine continues. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereshuk provided information on the evacuation of civilians that took place today: “Today, four of the seven humanitarian corridors were active. A total of 7,295 people were evacuated, especially. 3,985 people, 11 buses and 11 buses from Mariupol and Verdiansk, which were delivered to The Polysia by a special vehicle, “he said.

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00.40 Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klichko shared an image of the city’s explosion on his Telegram account. Klichko has announced that a series of explosions have occurred in the Podil district of Kyiv.

“According to the information we currently have, one of several homes and shopping centers has been attacked. Rescue teams, rescue workers and police are on the scene,” Klitschko said.

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