Last minute: Ukraine-Russian statement from Minister Akar

Ukraine-Russian statement from Minister Akar

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar conducted inspections and inspections at the Qatar-Turkey Joint Army Command in the capital of Qatar, which he visited to attend the Doha Forum.

In a speech to Mehmetçik after a briefing on HQ activities, Minister Akar said they were closely following the unit’s successful work. “We are happy and proud of your achievements, and we believe that your work will continue with the same seriousness, integrity, and success for the foreseeable future,” said Akar. .. He said.

Specially selected troops have been successful in carrying out military activities and representing Turkey, saying, “We share the same values ​​and history as Qatar. We are each other. We know two brother countries. Our army has also brought cooperation to a very high level. Land, air, sea. Our army and special forces carry out research, training, at every stage. In the exercise, we used the formula to make the most of our common knowledge, experience, and abilities.

“TAF has the best days in the history of our republic.”

They said they were closely following the development of the world and the region, and that the Turkish army would continue to do whatever it took to protect Turkey’s sovereignty, independence, rights and law.

“Turkish troops are experiencing the busiest days in the history of the Republic,” said Minister Akar, who is doing his best to support the struggle of friendly and sibling nations as well as Turkey. The struggle continues fiercely on land. In the sea and air of a friendly and sibling area. “He said.

They emphasized that they were very determined to fight the war on terrorism, saying, “Our heroic friend, Mehmetçik, day and night to end this terrorism that has plagued our noble nation for 40 years. Regardless of their obligations, they protect our country and our country by maintaining an increasingly violent and aggressive spirit at a pace. “We have fallen upon us. Save our country and our country from this problem. We are determined to do this. ”We used the formula.

Focus on respecting the rights of neighbors in the fight against terrorists

Minister Akar said a total of 33,926 terrorists had been incapacitated in intensive anti-terrorism operations since July 24, 2015.

Emphasizing that the war on terrorism will continue, Akar said:

“Mehmetçik enters all the caves, bunkers, shelters, and burrows identified by terrorists, day and night, destroying them on the terrorist’s head and continuing to destroy them. Mehmetçik is now. “I hope this struggle will continue with patience and determination and our country will get rid of this problem. One of the most important problems in doing this is , Borders, laws, dealing with rights. All neighbors with the utmost respect. All we do is fight terrorism. “

Development in Ukraine

Recalling continued activity in the Aegean Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, Akar favors Turkey solving problems within the framework of international law through dialogue, peaceful methods and methods. I emphasized that.

Mr. Akar said he has made a great deal of effort in this regard. “Please do not strain your neighbors, strain your relationships or lead to bankruptcy. Focus on negotiations by relieving tensions. I’m hoping to win. As soon as possible. “

Akar also evaluated the latest situation in Ukraine.

“Turkish troops are doing their best for peace and stability in the region. Turkey, especially the president, has stopped the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, secured a ceasefire and made innocent people. We have made every effort to evacuate, and we will continue to do so, “he said.

“There is no negative in the Straits of Istanbul”

Minister Akar has issued a statement to CNN Turkey regarding mines off the Gulf of Istanbul. “We have received conflicting information on this matter. We have been informed that there may be drifting mines in the area. Our friends are wary of our mining hunting vessels. Everyone is working, including a report from a commercial vessel that such an object was seen. A SAS team was dispatched to the area. He confirmed that the object was there. They confirmed that it was. We have determined that the object is an old mine. Investigations are ongoing, but it has not been determined exactly. Who does it belong to, what it belongs to, or which one it belongs to .. Investigations are ongoing. The mine was destroyed by retreating to a safe zone. It is now in the Bosphorus Strait. There are no drawbacks. “