Last minute: Trezeguet bomb from Besiktas! Speaking of Fenerbahce …

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There is hot progress on the Besiktas transfer agenda. As the transfer continued, black and white players reached a happy ending with Moroccan defender Romain Saïs. A 32-year-old soccer player whose contract with the Premier League team’s wolf has expired will come to Turkey to sign an official contract.

Valerian Ismael, director of Besiktas, wanted Sais to be taken. Experienced defenders with high technique and ideal for triple defense can also play an active part in the front libero area. Formerly the agenda of the black and white team, Scythe was sought after as a front libero at the time.

ATIBA waiting for ISMAEL decision

Ativa, 39, whose contract has expired, plans to play for another year to end his career. According to Fanatic news, experienced players scheduled to compete in Canada at the World Cup in Qatar in November have been approved by management, but the final decision will be made by Valérien Ismael. .. If approved by a French coach, Ativa will wear a black and white jersey next season to complete his active football career.

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Guven Yarin’s new route

Negotiations with Guven Yalcin, whose contract expired in Besiktas, did not produce the expected results, so the parties left the table without finding a compromise. Güven, unable to agree to the new contract after a long contact with Besiktas, appreciated the other offers that came to him.

It turns out that Guven Jartin, who could not agree on financial issues with Besiktas, began to appreciate the offer from Germany. There is a club that wants Guven to grow up in Germany and move from Leverkusen Infrastructure to Bundesliga to Besiktas in 2018, and the 23-year-old striker is said to be ready to continue his career in Germany.

Guven Yalcin is not in a hurry to make the final decision, he says he will continue to work individually during this period, waiting for the best suggestions.

On the other hand, some clubs, especially Trabzonspor, are interested in Güven Yalcin of the Super League. The 23-year-old may continue his career in the Super League, depending on the offer from Germany. Guven Yalcin scored six goals in 33 games in all lanes of Besiktas last season, scoring three assists.

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Besiktas is preparing to hit the left-wing jackpot. Due to Larin’s high wage demands and N’Koudou’s frequent injuries, black and white players trying to score points in the area weren’t looking for the name they were looking for.

According to Türkiye Newspaper news, Trezeguet, whose testimony is in Aston Villa and was rented out in Basakshehir last season, is probably the Black Eagle. Sporting director Ceyhun Kazancı first reached an agreement with Trezeguet.

The 27-year-old player, who does not want to play at Basakshehir again and is also interested in Fenerbahce, was said to be very excited about Besiktas.

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The black and white managers are working hard to complete the transfer. It was also agreed to pay half of the € 3.1 million Trezeguet from Aston Villa.

Blacks and whites also claim that the lease also includes an option to buy. It turns out that Aston Villa wants to set the option to 8 million euros.

Positive negotiations are expected to move Trezeguet to Besiktas while negotiations between the two clubs continue.