Last minute: The first day of negotiations in Dolmabahce has been completed! First statements from Russia and Ukraine …

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There was a lot of traffic in front of the Dolmabahce Palace early in the morning. The first president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and delegations from two countries have arrived in the area where many media outlets have been waiting.

After President Erdogan’s speech, a meeting between tete-a-tete and the delegation was held. After the long-awaited negotiations by the world, statements were issued by both countries.

The interview is over, the first explanation by Ukraine has arrived!

The Ukrainian delegation who made the first statement said “We will do our best to get national security. The issue of Crimea is very important. International security does not work in these areas, but we are giving official speeches. Some countries are already We have expressed our desire to participate in the list of guaranteed countries. On this issue. We need to think ahead of time about the future of Ukraine. We have added some provisions to the agreement between us. did.”” He continued, saying:

“We are working towards an agreement to ensure Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity. An important article was just said. It includes NATO Article 5. We were attacked. If we have the right to call an emergency summit within 3 days, if something is not resolved within the framework of this summit, the country will provide us with weapons and assistance and we will ensure the security of Ukraine. If we can add this clause, Ukraine has the opportunity to amend its current status.

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You can organize RFERENDUM

“With these guarantees, as in Article 5 of NATO, as in the Constitution of Ukraine, there are no foreign soldiers in our country and we do not participate in NATO. If agreement is reached between countries. , You can do military exercises.

Ukraine works differently than Russia. Today, I also touched on the good points. Ukraine has a slightly different relationship with the Guarantee Country. Security assurance is of paramount importance to us. Maybe the referendum can be held in Ukraine. Ukrainian people will have their own opinion. “

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Settled between the presidents of DONESTSK and LUGANSK

“On the Crimea issue, bilateral talks on the position of Ukraine and Russia will continue. We will provide this to Russia today. As long as the negotiations continue, Ukraine and Russia should not use force. The Crimea issue is with Donetsk. Lugansk is a slightly different issue. The president solves it among them.

The referendum is actively debated. The referendum may be held in our parliament in some frameworks. Second, international rules are also important. The international community must accept it, and the referendum should not be the result of pressure. It should be done in areas without weapons and peace. No country should interfere with this process.

We offer our offer and we are waiting for an answer

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The referendum can only be held in peaceful areas. This contract has not yet been signed, we have just made an offer, and we are waiting for their reply. We have informed the other party of our important position and principles. From today, we have started negotiations with the guarantee country. We invite these countries to the summit environment. Because, in principle, we should not solve the problem that separates us.

We have made a sufficient offer to Russia. If we can reach an agreement, we will hold a multilateral meeting, call the guarantor and work with them. “

Trading without Crimea?

“For occupied territories, Russia should first consider them as’occupied territories’. Pre-occupation law can only solve a few problems in Crimea. Crimea is an occupied territory.

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Russia may take a different view, but when we say Ukraine we mean all of our land and never discuss it. “

Last minute: The first day of negotiations in Dolmabahce has been completed. First statements from Russia and Ukraine ...

First word from Russia

The Russian negotiating team also spoke in front of the camera after the Ukrainian delegation.

The headings of the statement of the Russian delegation are:

“I want to talk about the executive committee. Both the foreign minister and the president can talk. We need to reach an agreement first. We will consider it before the meeting. In today’s negotiations, the foreign minister will work on these.

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Last minute: The first day of negotiations in Dolmabahce has been completed. First statements from Russia and Ukraine ...

Another explanation from the Ukrainian delegation

The Ukrainian delegation made another statement in the garden, answering the journalist’s questions. The following statement was made in a statement made by the delegation.

“Ukraine security is our most important request. As of today, the result of this meeting has reached an item that both Russia and the Guarantee can accept. The result of the meeting is sufficient for the presidential meeting. level.

The form of humanitarian ceasefire was discussed. There is a place where the humanitarian corridor opens. First of all, the relocation and maneuvering of troops is prohibited.

Negotiations will continue, but will continue online. Legal clarity is needed. Ukraine has shown that their format is not working by fighting heroically in the war that Russia opened. Based on our suggestions, you can install a new security system. Many countries say they accept it.

The Russian delegation is constructive. We do not call the conference an event, but the Russian side is carefully considering Ukraine’s offer. The heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people shows the need for a new security format. This is necessary to prevent such a war from recurring. Zelensky took his first step in this regard and constantly said this to foreign presidents. The call to our world is that today’s security systems must change. ”

Last minute: The first day of negotiations in Dolmabahce has been completed. First statements from Russia and Ukraine ...

President Erdogan: We are ready to make all sorts of contributions

President Erdogan in a speech before the delegation met “We believe in peace and no losers. It is in the hands of the parties to stop the tragedy. It will be in the interests of all to achieve peace as soon as possible. We need to get concrete results from the negotiations. The world is waiting for good news from you. We are ready to make any contribution to make your work easier. increase.” I used a phrase.

Last minute: The first day of negotiations in Dolmabahce has been completed. First statements from Russia and Ukraine ...

Russian and Ukrainian delegations at the same table

Negotiations last for two days

Turkey did not close its airspace to Russia, so the plane carrying the Russian delegation landed in Istanbul yesterday at 16:15 without any problems. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian delegation first went to neighboring countries by road and then by plane to Turkey. The plane carrying the Ukrainian delegation landed at Ataturk International Airport last night.

Last minute: The first day of negotiations in Dolmabahce has been completed. First statements from Russia and Ukraine ...

4th interview

So far, three face-to-face meetings have been held between Russian and Ukrainian delegations. The first event took place on February 28, near the Chernobyl zone on the border between Ukraine and Belarus. The second and third face-to-face contacts took place on March 4th and 7th, this time near the Belovezh settlement near the Polish-Belarus border. After that, negotiations continued via video conference. An unspecified number of video conferences were held from March 14th to 21st. Meetings in Istanbul count as the fourth face-to-face contact.

Last minute: The first day of negotiations in Dolmabahce has been completed. First statements from Russia and Ukraine ...

Minister meets in Antalya

Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshuol, Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov of Russia, and Foreign Minister Kleva of Ukraine met at the Antalya Foreign Affairs Forum on March 10. The eyes of the world were on this conference. There, the ministers of the two war-torn countries sat at the same table.