Last minute: The decision was postponed due to the “geji incident”

Gezi Park A businessman after the acquittal of his actions was overturned Osman KavalaIn the case of 17 defendants, including.

The hearing was postponed to April 22nd.

What happened in today’s case

Prosecutors at the trial heard opinions during the trial at Gezi Park, where 16 defendants, including one detained, six pending, and nine fugitives, were tried at the 13th High Court Criminal Court in Istanbul. Said. In the opinion stated, Osman Kavala and Aishe Musera Japti were required to be sentenced to life imprisonment for “attempting to overthrow the Government of the Republic of Turkey using force and violence,” and the six defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment. He was charged with 15 “help” charges. An attempt to overthrow the Government of the Republic of Turkey using force and violence. ” He was asked to be sentenced to “up to 20 years in prison each year.”

In opinion, the case files of Ayşe Pınar Alabora, Henry Jack Barkey, Can Dündar, Gökçe Yılmaz, Handan Meltem Arıkan, Hanza de Hikmet Germiyanoğlu, Memet Ali Alabora, Yiğit Aksakoğlu, and 0054nanç Ekmekçi are also alleged. The organizer of the event and the person for whom the arrest warrant was issued were separated and requested to wait for the execution of the arrest warrant.

Some pending defendants, including Ayşe Mücella Yapıcı, Can Atalay and Tayfun Kahraman, attended a hearing at the 13th Higher Criminal Court in Istanbul.

Osman Kavala, who had not attended the hearing for a while, said he “does not believe in a fair trial” and attended the hearing through the Audio and Video Information System (SEGB0054S).

Kavala’s wife Ayşe Buğra, CHP Deputy Mahmut Tanal, CHP Istanbul State Chair Canan Kaftancıoğlu, T0054P Deputy AhmetŞık, and representatives of some consulates also attended the hearing as spectators. The trial prosecutor said he reiterated his views on the benefits presented at the hearing. In response, defendant Can Atalay, who had the right to speak, expressed opposition to the procedure.

A press release was made in front of the Palace of Justice in Istanbul prior to the hearing at the 13th Higher Criminal Court.

“I can’t judge my hope”

The following statement was included in a press release read by Akif Braquartler on behalf of TAXiM Solidarity.

“Despite the fact that Gezi’s resistance was constitutional and was registered twice by a judicial decision, a third trial is desired with a completely unfounded claim that goes against the law and truth. The most basic rights and demands of the are portrayed as criminal elements, and the historical and legitimate reality of peaceful resistance is permanently distorted and overrun. That is not all they want. From the park to the country and the world. Here, Gezi is the name of resistance to unjust, unjust, arbitrariness, imposition, and oppression. They are songs that they sing together to protect the city, nature, and life. I want them to forget that. We know your intentions and fears, we reject your wasted effort.

We say it again to years of claims of lawlessness and real-life distortion. Gezi’s resistance cannot be transformed into actions related to crime, terrorism, coups, or attempted coups. For parks, squares, streets, freedom, democracy, and humane life, your order scenario is unacceptable to contaminate the resistance of millions of people to democratic rights and demands. .. Gezi is the country’s hope for equality, freedom, justice and democracy. I can’t judge my hope. “

“The button was pressed, the GEZ0054 case fails”

Did Atalay want to make a procedural statement:

“In order to defend the proposal, the prosecution must read the opinion in the hall. I would like to convey to the Commission the procedural requirements for conducting the trial. We do not intend to extend this trial. Defended. We did not leave the country during the investigation or prosecution stage. We are not interested in it at all. We would like to answer the accusation. But let’s try it first. ..

The button was pressed and the Gezi case was flipped over. At the push of a button, the Court of Cassation’s 16th Criminal Chamber overturned the Çarşı case, along with the Gezi case, which was not included in the file. Istanbul 30th ACM hastily rejected the file and sent it to you. The file has been merged with the dissenting opinion of one of the members. The button was pressed again and the file was separated. By tentative decision, the opinion was taken in a pre-prepared text.

How do you make a decision before the requirements of the appeal decision are met? What happened to the decision of the 16th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals? Criminal proceedings in Turkey experienced a time to obtain evidence by torture. The criminal procedure was entrusted to the Feslahisto gang on a turnkey basis by the AKP Elite and had a period of forged evidence. Does this trial begin a period of “evidenceless” judgments? There is no evidence and there is a phenomenal conspiracy theory. If your committee is looking for a provocation, it should not look at anyone calling us over the phone, but at the provocation of persecution by the police chief of a Feslalist gang member.

Evidence cannot be substituted in accordance with the provisions of Article 206 of CMK and decisions cannot be made without discussion. Who saw the 5 DVDs listed on page 6 of Merit? Who saw it? Who recorded these images? What legal basis do these images come from and what do we call them evidence? Have you ever seen if these digital evidences have been post-intervention? The public prosecutor’s office takes ownership of the work of the Feslahisto police and judges. It’s really a matter of courage. Congratulations. Everything about this trial is on the agenda of political power. You will be judged regularly in front of you. It’s not about us, it’s about you.

Various news were partially disapproved, but it turned out that a meeting was held in Bestepe regarding this trial. As a result of this meeting, Justice Minister Abdulaziz Gul resigned. This is the file that resigned the Minister of Justice. That bond will change tomorrow. The balance of power in politics changes that way, and if it protects us, the law will. Don’t fall into this burden, make a decision. We are here. We advocate and will continue to advocate for equality, freedom, justice and democracy. “

“You didn’t enter the essentials”

After Can Atalay, Osman Kavala lawyer Köksal Bayraktar said.

“After the decision to merge, we decided to separate the files. In this case, you should have sent the files to the main court, Istanbul 30th Higher Criminal Court, after leaving. Also for all our hardships. Nevertheless, you did not reach the heart of the matter, did not listen to one witness, and refused to request further investigation. There is no legal right to hear the accused here. What the Court of Appeals says. Did you? “After the files are merged, check if there are compatible aspects of the two files,” he said. You only repeated the defendant’s statement at the 30th ACM. You did not reach the root of the problem. “

“You need to send the case to this court,” Atty said. Köksal Bayraktar proceeded to request an extended investigation.

Bilactal: “Looking at the base station and HTS records, we rejected our expulsion request. The Supreme Court states that the HTS records are not conclusive evidence. Nevertheless, Henry Barkey. Did not ask which hotel he stayed at. It is said to be Ottoman. Kabbalah and Henri Barkey met at a restaurant. You didn’t ask for either restaurant. You called the waiter at that restaurant. We have been tried for a worse life decision because it is not a joke. The Supreme Court submits the decision because the witnesses and the petitioner were not heard. It is not correct to make. If this request is denied, please send to the main court which hotel stayed in Hen River Key. At the restaurant where he met Kabbalah, we have these I request that the problem be determined. “

“These decisions are not legal.”

C.Atalay, M.Yapıcı, and T.Kahraman’s attorney Evren וşler said.

“There is a problem with the tapes on which both the prosecution and the opinion of the proposal are based. There are no interrupted tape decisions and recordings. No action can be taken without them. These decisions no matter what you are doing. Is not legal. We want to bring it. “

“My client is not a fugitive”

“My client is not a fugitive. He exercised his rights under the Constitution and settled abroad. The court issued an arrest warrant,” said Ainur Tansel Yazgan, a lawyer for Inanchi Ekmekshi who holds an arrest warrant. Issued. Instead of ordering him to take his statement for him. “

Hürrem Sönmez, a lawyer for Chidem Meter, said. “Opinions have sentences that end with” understood. ” For my client, “Documentary is a gej uprising.” We believe that an independent and independent court will decide. The client, who was brought to the Yerevan Film Festival in Armenia and allegedly shot to overthrow the government, decides on a video shot and demands that the prosecution’s allegations be embodied. “”

Yiğit Aksakolu’s lawyer, Serdar Laçin, requested time to make a statement against his views on the proposal. Attorney Laçin also requested an extended investigation. Aslı Kazan, a lawyer for Yiğit Aksakoğlu, reminded us that the three judges who signed the investigation file belonged to the Fethullahist structure.

Audio recordings are also missing, and lawyer Aslı Kazan said the distortion was done this way. Kazan wanted to hear the recording, but the court chief refused.

One of the judges, Mine Ozel, said, “I have a request for an extended investigation. I have previously reported it in writing, but I have refused. Please overturn this decision. Ask a member of the 61st Government. Will be heard as a witness, identified as a victim. “

Osman Kavala: Completely illegal

After President Mest Osdemir of the 13th High Court Criminal Court in Istanbul asked about the prosecutor’s statement, Ottoman Kabara was “arrested on two separate charges after being acquitted and released. This is the closest. It was based on a signal from the base station of. ” ..

“It turned out that it was illegal for me to be arrested for a spy,” Kavala said. “There is no information about the alleged” spy “and no prosecution’s efforts to investigate what this information is. It is completely illegal to create. Without it, such an accusation, “he said.

Cem Rested

A lawyer from Osman Kavala said.

Attorney Tolga Aytöre: “I hope to continue detention for two years on suspicion of espionage. This accusation cannot be a factor in any crime. I am under political pressure because this trial is under political pressure. We do not trust this trial. This is a written opinion. With political enthusiasm. Do not follow in the footsteps of this prosecution and opinion, we are fooled. This is very. It didn’t take long, so it turned out that people who deviated from the law couldn’t go that far. It’s your decision. “

Attorney Ilkan Koyunk: “They are afraid to write down their release and acquittal alongside Osman Kavala. You have never heard him when our case first happened. Was. The Supreme Court or resisted. You cross-examined the witness who was cross-examined again, why did you do this? You declared him a traitor by accusing him of spying. In opinion, This accusation turned into another element of crime. “

Attorney Köksal Bayraktar: “You have declared a person a traitor by blaming him for espionage. In his opinion, this blame has become another element of crime.”

The ECtHR states that proportionality is determined according to committed conduct. What did the client do? What is the nature and nature of crime? They are being tried here for three separate charges, “he said, demanding release from prison.

They have been acquired twice

Defendants tried in the Gezi trial were acquitted in 2015 and another trial began in 2019.

The same defendant was acquitted in this case, but the public prosecutor’s office opposed the decision and decided to rehearse the case.

The case was renegotiated and merged with the case in which members of the Charsh Group were tried.

The lawyer opposed the merger decision, but four hearings were held, and as a result, the final hearing on February 21 decided to separate these two proceedings.