Last minute: Sunflower oil and doctor’s message from President Erdogan

Sunflower oil and doctor’s message from President Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the female Muktar at the Presidential Complex Exhibition Hall. The highlights of Prime Minister Erdogan’s speech are:

“We wanted to hold a meeting with Muktar for more than 7 years, but this time only female Muktar. Today we are here with nearly 900 female Muktar from almost every city in the country. We are in our country’s largest and most comprehensive democratic feast.

Today, March 8th is International Women’s Day. Congratulations to all women in Japan on March 8th, International Women’s Day. For us, women are half humans. Nechette Eltash uses the wisdom of Anatolia to express: “Women are humans, men are humans. Without women, men are meaningless, without men, women are meaningless. Our Lord says that everything is made in pairs. Her gender alone cannot accept exposure to the alienation, discrimination, or violence of one of the two complementary entities. It is our command to give women the value they deserve.

Women’s right to education

This is true, but unfortunately we have witnessed inconsistent practices in recent history. One of our greatest struggles was to guide women to their rights. We have given women the right to education, who have been prevented from exercising their right to education unfairly for years. You don’t have to wear a scarf, but you guarantee that women will exercise their right to win. The enrollment rate for higher education rose from 14.6% to 43.4% in 2002, reaching a record high of 48.5% among female students.

We have removed obstacles to enriching our human capital in all areas. Finished distinguishing between headscarves and uncovered. We have transformed Turkey from a banned country to a country dominated by justice. We are on the women’s side with respect to women’s rights. We are on the women’s side about violence against women. Domestic violence was included in the crimes that continued ex officio.

23 Tokat and darkened woman

There was an FMC meeting yesterday. I learned that Tokat’s brother Ozrem was stabbed in 23 places by his immoral and vulgar wife. I asked the Ministry of Justice what they did and what they did, and they released me three months later. They put this bastard back in. Our Tokat Deputy Ms. Özlem follows this work, and I’m following her. Why is this country entrusted to us? The relics of this country cannot be left in the middle. Stab 23 places. Judge, are you releasing such a person? Judges insult the judiciary and make such savings. If I’m the president and release the man who stabbed me in 23 places, I’ll tell you what I need. I also told my minister, you obey this carefully, you inform me, we also take my name. It could be a judge or a prosecutor. We are members of a civilization that sees justice as the foundation of property. Justice doesn’t stay in the middle, it doesn’t crawl on the ground.

Steps to combat violence against women

We have shown that we support women in applications such as ŞÖN0054M, KADES, and electronic handcuffs. Now we are taking a new step. We are narrowing down the good deed discount. The perpetrator’s attitude and behavior towards receiving the discount is not taken into account. We are strengthening our penalties by including intentional killings, intentional injuries, torture and crimes of torture as eligible. Persistent pursuit crimes, communication and communication using communication tools are considered crimes. Penalties for stalking crimes increase if a divorced spouse is stalked, or if the victim changes home or school or leaves him. Intentional injury to a spouse or divorced spouse is included in catalog crimes. A free lawyer will be assigned to women who do not have an agent.

While we are facing a crisis, we have succeeded in separating our country from this big picture in every way, from the security of life and property to the completion of flaws in infrastructure. The political instability and social turmoil that has been practiced in many countries has been tested by us in a variety of tactics. These attacks were carried out by terrorist organizations, sometimes by traitors among us, and sometimes by those who were financially hit. These attacks have failed.

While carrying out our democratic and development movements, we did not give in to the construction of a great and powerful Turkey. We have established an infrastructure that competes with developed countries in all areas and outperforms developed countries in most areas. By rebuilding the TAF, we have increased the experience of the military in cross-border missions. We have 20% defense industry, but today we produce 80% defense industry products.

Today, if Turkey can move forward in line with its goals despite the instability and tensions of its north, south, east and west, it is behind this strong infrastructure and political will. Undoubtedly, our main strengths are our unity, solidarity and brotherhood.

“You notice us”

They have an oil problem lately. There is no problem with sunflowers or olive oil. Opposition is running such a campaign to show that our country is in trouble and is in trouble. Do you really have sunflower oil in your neighborhood or village market or grocery store? If necessary, we will follow the warehouse on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs, report on it, and do what is needed. You are the hands and feet of the governor, the minister of the interior, and the president. It is our duty to give the necessary lessons to those who are trying to cause this condition. They are stockers and are increasing in number.

We talked to the Minister of Interior yesterday. We mobilize our governor wherever there are immoral people. It is no coincidence that those who think Turkey cannot be succumbed to attack this force. We do not give opportunities to those who want to drag our country into pessimism.

“If they go, they go”

There may be mistakes. Who built these huge city hospitals? Are there any states or districts in our country that do not have hospitals? I am these followers. “Doctors leave because they have little money.” We built these hospitals. Isn’t this the state that educates and trains these doctors? This condition has educated and educated you, and the high cost is health. But now we are paying less. The minimum area is 8,000 to 9,000 and the maximum area is 25,000. The private sector was fleeing as they gave more money. I speak frankly. We are hiring a doctor who has just graduated from college. If necessary, we invite people who want to return from overseas and hire them. These places will not be empty. We continue to be assistant doctors. They will not be empty.

Arrangement of MAHTARS

Finally, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the salary of the owner does not fall below the minimum wage. The minimum wage will be announced shortly due to the revision of the law. Headman’s Guest House is scheduled to open in Ankara on October 19th. We are preparing a system in which AFAD’s in-kind assistance is also included in our chief. We will continue to do a lot of good deeds to serve our country and our country. “