Last minute: Statement about the Turks evacuated to the Mariupol mosque: The mosque was undamaged!

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Ça vuşoğlu spoke at a press conference at the closing ceremony of the Antalya Diplomacy Forum.

Highlights of Minister Çavuşoğlu’s remarks.

For the first time we have gathered the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Russia. The eyes and ears of the whole world were in Antalya. We have always prioritized diplomacy. Over the last three days, we have exchanged frank views on many issues.

“I need more diplomacy”

ADF is now an internationally recognized forum. Presidents of 17 countries and 80 ministers have joined the ADF. Participants from 75 countries gathered. I need more diplomacy. This growing interest in AFD is also due to the efforts of President Erdogan. Thanks to the forum, President Erdogan met 11 leaders and I met 67 ministers.

“How do we use diplomacy to get rid of the world’s injustice?” We focused on the question. We listened to the opinions of valuable participants from all regions. This year, 600 media members from 27 countries watched ADF.

ADF has established itself as a platform that emphasizes international issues regarding its format, invitations, and content. We have come a long way in two years. We are pleased to find that the ADF, expressed views, and communications made have contributed to diplomacy and dialogue.

Question-and-answer session

There are allegations that some Turkish citizens were trapped in a Ukrainian mosque and bombed in or around the mosque. What is your knowledge of this?

Mariupol’s Mosque: No damage to the mosque

Since the beginning of the war, we have sent warning messages to the public. Since the beginning of the war, we have evacuated 14,480 civilians. Especially in Mariupol, some citizens are staying in conflict zones. At the meeting with Viklov, he also discussed the issue of the humanitarian corridor and asked for evacuation assistance. A humanitarian ceasefire and the opening of the corridor are needed, and we are discussing this issue with both sides. The city’s infrastructure is gone and it is not possible to contact citizens by phone. There are citizens in the mosque there and they are in contact with each other. There were reports that the mosque was bombed, but the mosque’s Imam claim was denied. There is no damage to the mosque. Our bus has been waiting since yesterday, but we are waiting because the clashes have continued and the phone is not in use. We evacuate more than 90 percent of our citizens.

In response to a question about the peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Chabshuol said, “Azerbaijan has provided Armenia with a comprehensive peace agreement. Armenia needs to respond. President Erdogan when Aliev provided a 3 + 3 meeting. Made the first support. Why Armenia? “” Do not include Turkey in this. But for that, Armenia needs to seek a peace agreement. Azerbaijan and Armenia need to sit down and negotiate. Yes, we support all kinds of negotiations, and Azerbaijan also supports negotiations with Armenia. “

Get to know the Taliban

The Taliban administration called for an international definition. Turkey-Qatar has agreed to operate Kabul Airport. Why is the process running so slowly?

We want ADF to be comprehensive and have invited everyone. There was also a panel in Afghanistan, but it is natural to invite the current interim government. I had a contact or a meeting before. We have stated what steps should be taken to be internationally recognized. Many problems in Afghanistan cannot be solved without awareness. The country has steps to take, especially for security, stability and the economy. Afghanistan needs to take some positive steps. We are not in a hurry to be recognized. We are waiting for action like the whole world.

There was no problem with the operation of Kabul Airport between Qatar and Turkey, and negotiations are currently underway with the Taliban. There is an offer we made at the trilateral meeting and the conditions and requirements of the field must be met. I can’t say I saw it now. A complete agreement has not yet been reached between Turkey and Afghanistan.

In response to a question about sanctions against Russia, Chabshuol said, “Turkey’s attitude towards sanctions is, in principle, clear and clear. Some of the measures we have taken confuse Russia and some of the West. When we see the closure of the airspace, according to Montreux, we cannot close our airspace. We believe that sanctions will not solve the problem. “


Turkey is currently at the diplomatic table of Russia and Ukraine. “There is positive progress,” Putin said, and Mr. Zelensky said, “I have no intention of joining NATO.” Do you think this is a positive development?

As both Viklov and Kleber have stated, we strive to bring together leaders. Putin also told President Erdogan that he, in principle, did not oppose the meeting. Negotiation issues continue to be serious in Belarus. As a country that shows a sincere and principled attitude, we are a country that both countries trust. You can see that the views and approaches on some issues have converged. However, the ceasefire must be established as soon as possible. I don’t want to have a war again. Putin said there was “positive progress” because we hope this will bring peace and a ceasefire.