LAST MINUTE | School is closed in Istanbul! Which state will the school be closed tomorrow on March 18, 2022?List of states and counties with snow holidays

News of snow holidays came one after another!

Within the framework of warnings from meteorology, expected snowfall in Istanbul and some parts of the country has mobilized authorities.

Break in Istanbul until March 21st

The Istanbul Governor’s Office has announced that education has been suspended until Monday, March 21, due to expected snowfall in the city tomorrow.

According to a statement from the Governor’s Office, due to the bad weather predicted by the City Meteorological Bureau from March 18th to 20th, a snow battle preparation evaluation meeting was held with related organizations today. Governor’s coordination.

The statement states:

“All public and private basic and secondary education and secondary education centers and public education centers, according to the latest weather data received from the Regional Meteorological Bureau at 20:30 tonight from Friday, March 18 to Monday, March 21. All including mature institutions, private education courses, motorbike driving courses, various courses, special education / rehabilitation centers, support / training courses at public schools, supplementary courses at private schools, Koran courses and main classes from 4 years old Educational activities at educational institutions. 6. Family and society It has been decided to suspend the activities of private kindergartens, day care centers, and children’s clubs attached to the Ministry of Services.

The statement stated on Friday, March 18, that persons with disabilities, persons with disabilities and pregnant employees working in public institutions and organizations would be subject to leave.


Education in the Posof district of Ardahan was suspended today due to heavy snow and heavy snow.

State Education Director Erhan Bulut told Anadolu Agency (AA) that ongoing heavy snow and blizzards in the area are hampering transportation.

“This is why we stopped teaching at all elementary and junior high schools in the district today,” he said, adding that the severity of snowfall has increased in the Posof district.He said

Snow holidays in the eastern Black Sea

In the eastern Black Sea, snowfall in five states closed 305 villages and neighboring roads. Schools were closed in 18 districts of Trabzon, Ordu, Samsung, Rize and Gumushhane.

Snowfall in the eastern Black Sea has a negative impact on people’s lives. Due to the snow, 36 villages and neighboring roads in Trabzon, 73 in Rize, 108 in Giresun, 49 in Artvin and 39 in Gümüşhane were closed. In areas of continuous snowfall, municipalities, special ministries and highway teams are working to open closed roads with construction machinery. The team focused on salting the potential for icing as the temperature dropped significantly.

The states and settlements that are given snow holidays are:


Education at all schools in Giresun is reported to be suspended tomorrow due to snow. A statement from the Governor’s Office stated that the Giresun Public Health Council had been convened in the Governor’s Office under the chairmanship of Governor Ember Unryu.

The meeting stated that it was decided to suspend one-day education at all levels of Giresun, noting that:

“According to the decisions made due to heavy snowfall, bad weather, and freezing in our state, all public and private officials take into account the warnings made by the Meteorology Regional Authority on Friday, March 18th. And private education courses and private education at informal institutions, rehabilitation centers, were suspended for one day.

In a statement, it was stated that persons with disabilities and pregnant staff throughout the state would be considered on leave tomorrow.


Governor Kocaeli has announced that one-day education has been suspended in four districts due to expected snowfall.
According to a statement from the Governor’s Office of Kocaeli, “Weather data suggests that local snowfall is effective, especially in the highlands of the Basiskele, Gölcük, Gölcük, Kalamrusel and Cartepe districts. Therefore, for students within range. Summary of transport education in the Başiskele, Gölcük, Karamürsel and Kartepe districts on Friday, March 18, 2022. Education was suspended for one day. “


Education was interrupted tomorrow due to heavy snowfall in Mush. A statement from the governor’s office stated that bad weather was effective in the city.

Citizens were reported to have suspended education throughout the state on Friday, March 18, in accordance with relevant provisions of state administrative law, in a statement warned against fog, avalanches and frost.

In the statement, it was pointed out that persons with disabilities and pregnant employees of public institutions are also subject to leave.


Training was interrupted tomorrow due to continued snowfall in Rize. According to the governor’s letter, education was suspended on Friday, March 18, at all public and private educational institutions throughout the state due to bad weather in the city in line with the weather forecast.

The statement stated that disabled and pregnant civil servants would be considered to take leave tomorrow.

In his post on a social media account, Governor Kemal Siever said, “My beloved hawk, my hawk’s prayer to take a week-long vacation was accepted. My hawk is so pure that they Homeland, Country, State, Martyr, Rize and I are waiting for a lot of prayers from your pure heart tomorrow. He says vacation, I and my manager love you too. ” I used it.

Due to snowfall in the city, there will be no training from Monday, March 14th.


In Trabzon, education was suspended tomorrow due to snowfall and bad weather throughout the state.

In a written statement from the Governor’s Office of Trabzon, “Due to bad weather, Friday, March 18, 2022, all public and private schools, public education centers, special education and rehabilitation centers, special education courses, support, training, and Strengthening courses in public and private schools, and state-wide automobiles. It was decided to suspend education on vehicle courses for one day and consider including disabled and pregnant civil servants in administrative leave. it was done.

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