Last-minute: Salif Ezkan chooses Turkey for national team

Salish Ozkan, who played for the German Bundesliga team in Cologne, used the preferences of the Turkish national team. TFF has announced that the 24-year-old midfielder will be included in the team for a special match against Italy.

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Salif Ezkan, who was playing for Cologne, one of the German Bundesliga teams, came to Turkey today and moved to Konya to join the national team’s camp. Ozkan was playing for the German junior national team, but he was a student of U21 Stefan Kuntz. The 24-year-old aggressive midfielder will join the Crescent and Star team in a new period.

First announcement to DHA

Mr. Ozkan said he was very pleased with his choice and would strive to be suitable for the crescent and star jersey, “The biggest factor in making this decision was my family. Before making the decision, my family. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, so I chose the Turkish national team with the support of my family. “

“Stefan Kuntz had a big influence on my decision.”

Salif Ezkan noted that national team coach Stefan Kuntz played an influential role in his decision, “has had many successes on the international stage of the German junior national team. This was very important for my personal growth.

We had intense and emotional conversations with both Stefan Kuntz and Hans Flick. Officials from both national teams really welcomed me. Won the U-21 European Under-21 Championship with Stefan Kuntz. His approach to me, his project and his thoughts on the Turkish national team have had a positive impact on my decision. We had a positive meeting with Hansi Flick, but in the end we were greeted in honor of the joint decision with our family. “In the end, I had to make a decision, and I believe my decision will be respected by everyone.”

“I want to contribute to Turkey at the national team level and participate in great tournaments.”

The 24-year-old personally said he would like to continue playing football at the top level in Cologne, saying, “For many years I want to contribute to Turkey at the national team level and participate in big tournaments. The Turkish national team is very emotional and competitive. I want to be a part of it. I look forward to contributing. “

“From now on I will focus my football completely.”

Salif Ezkan finally said: “First of all, I would like to thank my family, Stefan Kuntz, Hans Flick and FC Koln for supporting me in this process. The highest level.”

TFF has announced that this development has also been approved by FIFA.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) said on its official website:

“Midfielder Salif Ezkan, who plays for the German FC Cologne team, was included in the candidate team for a special match against Italy on March 29. He preferred Turkey’s A national team and this choice was approved by FIFA. .. The 24-year-old soccer player, who played 25 games in the first league of Germany this season, participated in Germany at the youth national team level from U15 to U21. As the Turkish Football Federation, Salif Ezkan Say “Welcome”. .. And he wants a career for the national team with many successes in the crescent-shaped star jersey. “