Last minute … Russia was destroyed by a Caribbean cruise missile

The military operation, initiated by the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has entered its 31st day. There are conflicts and artillery in many parts of the country, especially in Kyiv. Russian troops were unable to reach the scene at the speed they wanted, so they also began to hit civilian settlements, but sanctions targeting Moscow from the western world are getting stricter every day. ..

This is what’s happening in this area, every minute …

11:35 The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that it has destroyed a warehouse containing weapons in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine with a Caribbean cruise missile.

11:30 am Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law recognizing those who participated in military operations in Ukraine as “war veterans.”

10:17 am Sirens rang in many cities in Ukraine this morning.

11:10 am The “Accountability” platform was reported to have been created under Danish leadership for human rights abuses committed by Russia in the war with Ukraine.

10:56 A statement from the Ukrainian Public Prosecutor’s Office states that since February 24, 136 children have been killed in the Russian attack.

10:33 Russia: Another 117 Ukrainian military elements, including the S-300 air defense system, have been destroyed.

09:45 The Russian Ministry of Defense has released footage of the destruction of one of the Ukrainian military command centers by a Ka-52 helicopter.

05:18 Anonymous, a world-renowned hacker group, has hacked the Central Bank of Russia and sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Anonymous says, “Vladimir Putin, the secret is not safe. We are everywhere. We are in your palace. We are in the place where you eat. We are at your table, I. We are in the room where you sleep. “

04:22 Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, claimed that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had a heart attack and is still being treated in a hospital.

04:20 Ukraine’s Azov Battalion has released aerial footage of the bodies of many Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, denying the Russian Defense Ministry’s statement that 1,351 Russian soldiers were killed in the war in Ukraine.

03:54 Ukrainian Prime Minister Dennis Schmihar has called on the public to work to recover the economy despite the domestic war, and has announced that Ukrainian pensions, including the conflict zone targeted by Russia’s attacks, will be paid for two days. ..

03:10 Russia reportedly began military exercises in the region, including the Kuril Islands, which Japan calls the Northern Territory and claims its rights. This exercise, which took place after Russia suspended peace treaty negotiations with Japan after World War II, was interpreted as a “threat to Tokyo.”

01:37 Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Vereshchuk, reported that two humanitarian corridors were in operation on the final day, and 7,331 Ukrainians were evacuated to safe zones through these corridors.

01:27 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that he has discussed with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and NATO leaders what can be done to stop the war in Ukraine. “We launched a powerful attack within a week. Russia’s Defense Minister Shoig disappeared somewhere. 16,000 dead Russian soldiers,” said Zelensky, who detailed the disappearance of the Russian Defense Minister and the war in his own country. There is a commander inside. Why did they die? To whom? What benefits did it bring? ”

01:17 134 refugees arriving in Moldova after Russia escaped from the war-torn Ukraine were first airlifted to Germany.

01:07 The Ukrainian General Staff reported that 170 Russian soldiers and 42 Russian military vehicles had been destroyed in the last 24 hours.

00:42 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in negotiations with Russia that he needed to ensure his sovereignty and territorial integrity: “The conditions must be fair, otherwise the Ukrainian people will absolutely accept it. There will be no. ” He said.

00:41 Czech Defense Minister Jana Cernochova said Hungary will not attend the Visegrad Group countries (V4) defense ministers’ meeting due to its attitude in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

00:10 Pentagon officials reported that Russia had partially lost control of the Ukrainian city of Kherson and clashes with Ukrainian troops had escalated in some areas.

00:05 Three aid trucks departing Turkey arrived in Ukraine after being attacked by Russia.

23:39 French President Emmanuel Macron said he would organize a humanitarian operation between Turkey and Greece for those who want to leave the city of Mariupol in Ukraine.