Last-minute progress in Ukraine-Russian war: Kyiv is under attack from four weapons

The clashes in Mariupol, Ukraine, gradually intensified. It was announced that the number of civilians who died in the city reached 1582. Citizens are stuck in cities where electricity, water, natural gas and the internet are cut off. Russia keeps bombs and rockets raining constantly, but can’t do anything to evacuate civilians. Eighty-six Turks (34 of whom are children) evacuated to a mosque built in the name of Suleiman the Magnificent are always waiting to be rescued for fear of being targeted. 0054smail Hacıoğlu, head of the Mosque Society, said: Our mosque is a four-story reinforced concrete and sturdy structure. But I’m afraid it could hurt the mosque as well. ” The mosque Imam Mehmet Üce has announced that it stocks food and drink in the basement of the mosque. It turns out that the two buses sent to pick up the Turks in the area had been waiting for a week in the city because the humanitarian corridor was not open. Among the mosques is the Turkish Islamic Cultural Center, built by Sallychhan in 2005 to commemorate Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Hurem Sultan.

Kyiv under fire from 4 arms

The Russians surrounded Kyiv and narrowed the circle. While continuing to prepare for the attack, Ukrainian troops are destroying Russian tanks deployed in impact attacks. Trench pits have been dug in almost every street in Kyiv. A frozen food warehouse in Brovary near Kyiv was bombed yesterday, and Vasilkov was attacked by six missiles. In Mykolaiv, Russians destroyed a cancer hospital. Mayor Melitopol’s was kidnapped with a bag on his head. The number of people who have left Ukraine has exceeded 2.5 million.

Minute-by-minute progress from the Russian-Ukraine War …

Increased death toll at military bases

13.50 It was announced that 35 people were killed in the attack on the military base in Lviv. Bombardment on a military training base in the Yavoriu region of Ukraine near the Polish border increased the loss of life to 35 and the number of injured to 134.

This morning, Russian troops struck a military training base in the Yavoriu region, about 25 kilometers west of the city of Lviv and the Polish border. Ua’s Strategic Communications and Information Security Center (Stratcom UA) reported on the latest developments in the attack, “the number of people killed in the bombing of the Yavoriu military training base near the EU / NATO border has increased to 35. 134 injured were hospitalized. Rescue teams removed most of the debris, but it is believed that there may still be people under the rubble. “

13.30 More than 60 people were detained in a demonstration in Russia on Sunday to protest the Ukrainian war. According to information provided by the independent observer group Owd-Info, peace-seeking demonstrators gathered in 14 cities in the country and police detained more than 60 civilians. The organization said this number could increase further during the day.

13.10 It was announced that nine people were killed in a bomb attack in the city of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine.

12.47 Ukrainian emergency service, “A fire broke out in a nine-story building as a result of a building attack at 05:46. Ten technical vehicles and 48 personnel intervened at the scene. Debris rescued. One citizen was seriously injured and one died. Lost. Work continues, “he said.

12.09 Ukrainian soldiers shot down Russian Air Force fighters as clashes continued in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The wreckage of a fighter jet that was shot down near the Izumi region of Kharkiv and turned into a fireball in the air was projected on an amateur camera.

11.46 Nine people were killed and 57 were injured in an attack on a military base in Lviv, according to a statement from a local government. “Unfortunately, nine people were killed. 57 were injured. First aid is currently underway. Some of the injured are in Lviv,” said Andriy Sadovy, mayor of Lviv, in a social media account post. Was transferred to the hospital. “

11.33 Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov told reporters that Russian Aerospace Forces air defense forces had shot down the Ukrainian Su-24 and two unmanned aerial vehicles, according to Sputnik news.

“Russian Aerospace Forces air defense forces shot down a Ukrainian Air Force Su-24 aircraft and two unmanned aerial vehicles in the Lyubymivka region,” Konashenkov said.

Attack on NATO base

10.50 Witnesses say there were numerous ambulances at the site of Yavoriu, where NATO’s training base was attacked. According to witnesses, 19 ambulances sounded sirens and left the military base after the missile attack.

The Associated Press (AP) news agency in the United States provided many photographs from its Yavoriv base to the world a few days before the Russian invasion. In the frame, partly by photojournalist Pavlo Palamarchuk, we could see US soldiers training Ukrainian troops with anti-tank missiles fired from their shoulders.

10.31 Ukrainian emergency services have announced that 10,000 people have been evacuated from the city of Smy and surrounding cities in Ukraine. A paramedic statement stated that more than 1,400 cars and 113 buses were involved in evacuation activities from the cities of Smy, Lebedin, Konotop and Velika Pisarifka.

09.45 It was announced that the airport in Ivano-Frankowsk, a city in western Ukraine, was once again attacked by Russians. Ruslan Marzinkiff, mayor of Ivano-Frankovsk, said the explosion heard early on Sunday came from the airport. Martsinkiv added that the attacks are aimed at creating panic and fear among people. Ivano-Frankivsk is located 114 km south of the city of Lviv.

Missiles to areas with NATO bases

09.15 AFP reported that Russia had attacked a military base outside Lviv. The city, one of the strongest supporters of the separation from the Soviet Union, was attacked by missiles at 6 am local time. In addition to Lviv, which has a population of 700,000, the International Peace and Security Center has also been the target of Russian missiles. Ukraine announced that eight missiles had been sent to the facility, stating that a detailed statement about the victims would be made that day. In the area of ​​Lviv was the International Peace and Security Center, where NATO provided military training to Ukrainians.

Ukrainian Buzzfeed reporter Christopher Miller reported that the attack was confirmed by the mayor of Lviv. Recalling his visit to NATO base in Yavoriu in February, Miller shared an image of a Ukrainian soldier training Ukrainians on his Twitter account.

05.22 The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has announced that seven civilians have died as a result of a Russian attack during the evacuation of civilians in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

04.00 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian policy would leave all Russian investors and people away from the country: “Who has fled Russia, who is doing business? These are the world markets. I’m an expert. “

03.21 The Russian government has appointed pro-Russian Galina Danilchenko as the new mayor of Melitopol’s, replacing former Mayor of Melitopol’s Ivan Federer, who was detained by Russian soldiers yesterday.

00.00 Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk announced on Saturday that about 13,000 people had fled some cities in Ukraine.

The country is burning

Russia continued to drop missiles and bombs on the 17th day of the invasion. A missile attack took place yesterday morning in Vasilkov, south of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The arsenal and fuel tanks of the military airport were hit. The target of Russian soldiers who bombed schools, hospitals, markets and houses was also a food warehouse in the city of Bloverley, 20 kilometers from the capital.

Antonov Airport, northwest of Kyiv, was attacked. Fuel tanks and many buildings have turned into ashes.

Kyiv resistance

Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops continued to target Russian tank troops that surrounded the city outside Kyiv. Thirty-one Russian tactical battalions were reportedly made non-combatants nationwide. Not only Kyiv, but also cities such as Nikolaev, Mariupol and Kharkov are constantly being bombarded. The village of Yatsukovka in Kharkov was attacked by multiple rocket launchers, destroying several private buildings in the coastal city of Mykolaiv.

They hit the hospital again

Russia struck Mariupol’s pediatric and maternity hospitals on Wednesday. Three people were killed, including one child, and many were injured, including pregnant women. This time, Russian troops have targeted a tumor hospital in Mykolaiv where cancer patients have been treated. As a result of the attack, the hospital window broke and ambulances and medical equipment were damaged.