Last minute: President Erdogan’s intensive shuttle diplomacy for a ceasefire: diplomatic efforts should be accelerated to end the war

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President Erdogan, who issued a statement after the meeting, used the following statement:

* I am particularly pleased to welcome President Duda of Poland, a strategic partner and ally.

* Last year’s visit to Turkey in Duda discussed at both bilateral meetings and long-term dinners, considering the relationship between Turkey and Poland, and the willingness to develop these relationships in all areas. At our conference we discussed progress mainly in the context of Russia and Ukraine and bilateral relations.

* The NATO Summit will be held again on the 24th. At this summit, you will find the opportunity to continue discussions from where you left off. This is because the development between Russia and Ukraine continues.

* You will have the opportunity to evaluate what steps you can take. We have agreed to step up diplomatic efforts to end the war. My Foreign Minister is having a meeting in Moscow. Tomorrow he will go to Ukraine. We maintain intense diplomacy. We will also continue discussions with Poland.

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* Poland has set an exemplary stance by opening its doors to nearly 2 million refugees fleeing the war. Above all, I would like to express my gratitude and congratulate Duda for hosting this. Turkey has best understood the challenges facing Poland for eight years as the country that has accepted the largest number of refugees in the world. Their efforts to reach humanitarian aid to Ukraine are commendable.

* Accelerating the first board meeting in Warsaw in the second half of this year, trading volume reached $ 8.3 billion. We are very close to our $ 10 billion goal. We are also pleased with the progress of cooperation in the defense industry. I believe that the attitude of Polish friends will continue in the development of relations between Turkey and the EU.

President of Poland: We will continue to develop our partnership

* Thank you for inviting me during this difficult time. There was a war on Ukrainian territory. Russia is at war with an independent country. President, thank you for accepting the invitation for the second half of the year.
I would like to continue military and economic cooperation. We started important cooperation in the field of defense in May last year. We expect mutual benefits with the president to exceed $ 10 billion.

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* As everyone knows well. The potential for cooperation between Poland and Turkey has a very wide range of capabilities. As both Poland and Turkey, we know each other very well, and we also know our two homelands.

* You can also talk about Polish tourists who have visited Turkey in the last 30 years. Friendship and commerce have been established between the two countries, and many Turkish companies trade in Poland. They appear in very useful works. We thank the Polish road network for the contributions of Turkish companies.

* Thank you to the president. I know how hard they worked for peace. As a very geographically and politically important country, Turkey plays a major role in ensuring peace in the region. We must stop the Russians from attacking as soon as possible. We must prevent them from killing or being bombed by civilians. These painful images should be stopped as soon as possible. I would like to once again thank Turkey for trying to stop these sufferings.

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* Approximately 100,000 people cross the border every day. Today we can talk about the refugee crisis. If we cannot benefit from international aid, we may be in a difficult situation. In recent years Turkey has been the country most closely associated with the same issue, the refugee crisis. Syrian citizens are evacuating to Turkey and trying to deal with the Turkish refugee crisis. So it was very important for me to listen to your thoughts. Thank you, President.

* Call international organizations; join us for this support. When Ukraine becomes peaceful, all kinds of support will be needed. We talked about the withdrawal of the army. We also talked about the Karabakh region. Turkey is in a strategic stage, so your opinion was invaluable to us. You are talking with the President of Ukraine, like me. You are also trying to help.