last minute! President Erdogan said, “I’ll do what I need,” and there’s no problem with sunflower oil! Announced.

The headings of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks are:

Today we have about 900 female muktars here from almost every city in our country. Our conference today has even more important implications. Today, March 8th is International Women’s Day. In front of you, I congratulate all women in our country on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

“We are on the side of women”

For us, women are half humans, and the late Nechette Eltash states that “women are humans and men are humans.” We can never accept that one of the two is discriminated against by gender alone, especially in the event of violence. It is the order of our faith, culture, constitution and law that gives women the right value. Unfortunately, in our recent history, we have witnessed many incidents that contradict this. We have given women who have been deprived of education for years the right to education. We have allowed women to exercise their illegally imprisoned voting rights. The Constitution clearly states that everyone has the right to work, but we have given this right to women who have been unfairly deprived of their right to work in the public sector. We have removed obstacles to our human capital in all areas. We stopped distinguishing between women with shaved heads and uncovered women. We have made active discrimination in favor of women a constitutional rule. We have given the government an obligation to eliminate inequality. We are on the women’s side with respect to women’s rights.

“They are left, we will contact you soon”

We are again on the women’s side in the fight against violence against women. We have excluded domestic violence from complaints and included it in ex officio-tracked crimes. There was an FMC meeting yesterday. I learned that Tokat’s brother Ozrem was stabbed in 23 places by his immoral and vulgar wife. Please note that there are 23 locations. The Ministry of Justice gave a presentation on what they did, I asked. In the end, they released him three months later. We investigated immediately and thank them for their goodness in regaining this bastard. We quickly established a contact. Tokat’s Deputy Ms. Özlem will follow and I will follow. He also has a 2.5 year old child. He stabs 23 places. Hey, judge, why release such a person? This is how judges save and insult the judiciary. What an insult. If you release this guy, I’ll tell you whatever I have to say about it. We follow it to the end, we are not done yet. I told my minister this, you will follow this carefully, you let me know, we will take the necessary steps. It can be a judge or a prosecutor. Justice is not in the middle and we do what it needs to do.

Wearing a tie is not a reason for a discount

The perpetrator’s unrepentant behavior is not accepted as a reason for discretionary reduction. The criminal’s attitude or behavior in a hearing that only receives a discount is not considered a reason for the discount, even if you look at this funny dress, wear a tie and bend your neck. To the extent we qualify, we are increasing penalties by committing intentional killings, intentional injuries, torture, and torture of women. The act of continuously tracking the body and attempting to reach out using communication tools or third parties is also considered a crime. Crimes committed against a spouse or divorced spouse are included in catalog crimes. Women without a lawyer will be assigned a free lawyer upon request.

The political instability and social turmoil that has been practiced in many countries has been tested on us many times in different appearances. These attacks were carried out, sometimes through terrorist organizations, and sometimes through coup attempts using traitors among us. All these attacks have failed. If he can come to help his brother in Libya today, and if he can come to help his brother in Azerbaijan, then there is this strong will.

“They store oil and raise numbers without confusion.”

In particular, I would like to ask one of the Muktar brothers. They have an oil problem lately. Sunflowers and olive oil do not have such problems. Opposition is running such a campaign to show that our country is in trouble and is in trouble. Do you really have sunflower oil in your neighborhood or village market or grocery store? If necessary, track and report the warehouse on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Do what these suppliers need to do. You are the hands and feet of the governors of those areas. It is our duty to give the necessary lessons to those who are trying to cause this condition. These are stockers. They store fat and shamelessly increase their numbers. They are running a campaign saying there is no sunflower oil on the shelves. I told the Interior Minister yesterday about this. Wherever there is such a supplier, we do what we need to do. Because there is no such problem. No problem, but the stockpile pays for it.

“We continue to be our assistant doctor”

(Public hospital doctor’s problem) Doctors go because the private sector gives more money, I frankly, if they go, they should go. We also hire doctors who have just graduated from college. If necessary, we invite people who want to return from overseas. These places will not be empty, don’t worry. We continue to be Asian doctors. Do whatever you need, not empty.

Energy and food prices

Some of the energy and food price trends are due to global imbalances, while others are the result of domestic greed and manipulation. On this occasion, I call on the public not to listen to the rumors, not to provoke them, and to always be vigilant against the provocation.

We ask our people to trust our state, continue to support their government, and be patient. We need to be familiar with the value of the assets in our hands at a time when the strong national governments of most of the world are suffering from growing problems of economic functioning.

Russia-Ukraine War

I have talked about more than 20 heads of state, prime ministers, and the war between Russia and Ukraine, and we are still going on. The President of Israel will come tomorrow, and the President of Azerbaijan will come the next day. I would like to express how important it is in terms of reminding me of where Turkey stands. Regardless of the title, anyone who wants to collect dark clouds all over the country is malicious.

Increased MAHTAR salary to 4000250TL

At your suggestion, we have declared October 19th as Muktal Day. We have resolved these issues by making many improvements, especially state-based SSI premium payments, salary increases, and a unified chief identity. We have taken steps to ensure that Muktal’s salary does not fall below the minimum wage, and changes to the law are at the discretion of Parliament. When we came to the government, we had a salary of 97 lira muktar. Increased Muktal’s salary to 4000250TL. The Muhtar Guest House, which is being prepared in Ankara, is scheduled to open on October 19.