Last minute: President Erdogan called on the world: Use all peace applications, including Montreux


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President Erdogan and his wife Emine Erdogan, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stortemberg, Chairman Mustafa Schentop, Vice President Huat Octai, Foreign Minister Chabshol, President Spokesperson Ibrahim Karn, Presidential Communications President Farretin Altun, AK Party Vice-Chair Representatives of 39 international organizations, including state and government leaders, 80 ministers, and participants from 75 countries. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres attended the opening through a video conference. The opening speech was translated into six languages: Turkish, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. President Erdogan, who won the podium after Foreign Minister Chabshoul’s “Welcome” speech, devoted most of his speech to the Russian-Ukraine War.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the first high-level contact at the foreign minister level had taken place in Antalya after the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, indicating that the forum had begun to achieve its objectives. Erdogan said he believed that ADF would continue its path as an adult event.

“Children die every 10 seconds”

President Erdogan said that humanity has not yet solved the underlying problem, saying: agenda. The economy is growing, skyscrapers are rising, some people’s wallets are swelling, certain countries are getting richer every day, statistics are waiting for a more prosperous world, but unfortunately children are ours. I’m starving right next door.


The hunger virus kills more people around the world each year than the coronavirus. Today, children die every 10 seconds in the world just because they can’t find a sip of bread or a sip of water. Instability and conflict have forced millions of people to leave their homes, “he said. class = “medianet-inline-adv”>

“The number of refugees in the world has reached 85 million.”

Erdogan states that the lives lost at the top of the Mediterranean, Saharan desert and snowy mountains reveal people’s despair. Only the blue waters of the Mediterranean have become the tombs of nearly 25,000 desired travelers.

Last minute: President Erdogan called on the world: Use all peace applications, including Montreux

Over the last decade, the number of refugees around the world has more than doubled to 85 million. Over 2 million Ukrainian refugees have been added to this number in 15 days. The number of refugees is expected to increase further in the future. Currently, one billion people are struggling to survive for less than $ 2 a day. In fact, each of these numbers alone is enough to show the injustice we are facing, “he said. class = “medianet-inline-adv”>

Erdogan states that children are declining from despair as young saplings, 800 million people do not have access to basic food, and hundreds of millions live in a world where they sleep hungry every day. It is stated in.

“Let’s admit that the lasting peace, tranquility and stability we dream of cannot be established in such a world. Not to mention preventing new wars, the equations that have been going on for decades. No one can feel safe in it. In today’s world, when the world turns into a huge village, no matter where we live, no one says “what about someone else?” you can not.

Last minute: President Erdogan called on the world: Use all peace applications, including Montreux

All the fires we can’t put out, all the conflicts we can’t stop, all the oppression we can’t prevent, all the problems we don’t object to will ultimately affect us. Give and burn. We have witnessed this bitter truth many times in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Arakan and many other critical areas. “class =” medianet-inline-adv “>

“Ukraine is the last example of this problem”

Erdogan has stated that millions of civilians in conflict areas, most of whom have lost the lives of women and children, “marriage values ​​and human aspirations are seriously injured. To international institutions. Confidence has bottomed out. Terrorist organizations and radicalism have taken root around the world. The ancient city, a common cultural heritage of mankind, has turned into rubble. It is ignored for geographical and cultural reasons. In all of these critical areas, we are paying for our mistakes not only as responsible people, but also as human beings. It’s still like this. For those who don’t take lessons and don’t share stories. History repeats itself. Since lessons have not been learned, not only history but also pain repeats. The Ukrainian issue stands in front of us as the latest example of this truth.

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Occupation of territorial integrity in Crimea and Ukraine

Prime Minister Erdogan said Turkey is both a country in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

“Ukraine and Russia are neighbors and friends of the Black Sea. I regret that the crisis between our neighbors has become a fierce conflict. The heightened tensions at this stage are the most annoying and most annoying to us. We are worried. We will never be exposed to offensive acts against the sovereignty of our neighbors. As Turkey, we take illegal steps to ignore Ukraine’s territorial conservation, especially the illegal merger of the Black Sea. I refuse. I have expressed and expressed a clear attitude towards Crimea everywhere since 2014. We have publicly expressed it in every field. We are the Russian Federation and Ukraine. We have always put this issue on the agenda at all meetings with both of our friends. If the whole West and the whole world had voiced opposition to the invasion of Ukraine in 2014, we would face the situation today. But those who kept silence about the invasion of Ukraine are now saying something. Now, justice is valid in one part of this earth and invalid in other parts? What is this? world?”

“Ukraine is alone in justice”

Prime Minister Erdogan stated that the international community did not show the necessary sensibilities and did not support the elimination of fraud, saying: If a strong will appears in time, it will be resolved by diplomacy. “Our sorrow grows exponentially when we see civilians leave home, children full of fear and anxiety, cities devastated, and innocent people dying,” he said. Told.

Regarding both cases related to refugees, Erdogan said: “The baby is on her lap and her eyes are weeping. The baby is starting to lick her mother’s tears. On the one hand she wipes and on the other hand she licks her mother’s tears. Is the world destined for this picture, why is it such a world, are we here for this? Similarly, the cub whose mother is a police officer has one hand. Hit the father’s cheek with the other hand and hit the father’s helmet with the other hand.

Last minute: President Erdogan called on the world: Use all peace applications, including Montreux

The father is the police and the child does this in his father’s arms. Children aged 2.5 to 3 years. Is the world destined for this? Is the policeman’s duty to stop the baby’s crying, or to prevent terrorism and anarchy? That means that to all the friends who see us on the screen in this current society, we all have to build a world of peace, not war. “

“FACISIAN applications are never accepted”

“The legitimate struggle of the Ukrainian people is upheld,” Erdogan said, pointing out that adding fuel to the fire and sometimes pouring gasoline into the fire would not benefit anyone at this stage. However, measures that damage the credibility of this struggle must be avoided. Fascist practices are never accepted by Russians and Russian cultures living in Western countries. Name. German command Is a friend of Putin. Putin is fired because he is his friend. Meanwhile, in another European country, publications and works of the world-famous Russian culture Dostoevshiki are banned in this country. Do you know what to compare this to? He said, “There was a library where Hulag burned down in Istanbul.

“I did a close interview with 25-30 leaders.”

“I have met with about 25-30 leaders, noting that Turkey, as Turkey, is making great efforts to prevent loss of life and reestablish peace and stability in the region. But they are still going on. My Foreign Minister and my fellow ministers are still discussing. As with all meetings, we have our solution today and tomorrow’s contacts. Share your suggestions with the interlocutors.

“We will continue to make every effort to ensure that peace is widespread in our region, including the use of power conferred on our country by the Montreux Convention.”

Last minute: President Erdogan called on the world: Use all peace applications, including Montreux

“We will continue to make every effort to ensure that peace is widespread in our region, including the use of power conferred on our country by the Montreux Convention.”

United Nations criticism

Erdogan continued, saying that behind many problems was the established order after World War II.

“It is clear that the current security architecture, which prioritizes the interests of the victorious nation, does not meet today’s needs. It also entrusts the fate of 193 UN member states to the five permanent members of the Security Council. You also know that it is unjustified. The Ukrainian crisis has revealed that there are structural problems that go beyond system distortions. Permanent members of the Security Council, one of the opposing political parties. Ask if you want to become a country. The Security Council’s role has been wasted and the system has gone bankrupt. The UN General Assembly resolution is not binding and no measures have been taken to end the conflict. Hmm. System vulnerabilities are known, but people with denial rights are not willing to share power, so reform requests are ignored. Temporary membership without denial rights. Seems very interesting to me. I have 15 temporary members. Is there something interesting like this? I’m struggling to become a temporary member, “Can I also be a temporary member?” They are building various lobbies. If so, what do you write? We experienced the same thing. It’s useless. Raise your hand and lower it. In fact, no matter what one of the five members says, it does. “

It is imperative to establish a new global security architecture that protects peace, not the status quo, and serves all humanity, not the interests of the five countries.

President Erdogan

Hall participants gave Erdogan a standing ovation at the end of his speech.