Last minute: Nuri Shahin’s answer to Antalyaspor’s Galatasaray presidential candidate Metin Ozturk! The new statement is here …


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Metin Ozturk, one of the two candidates for the extraordinary presidential election in Galatasaray on April 30, said in a statement for several days that he would meet Nuri Shahin as a coach. Nuri Shahin and Antalyaspor, who made a big break, received an official response to these statements.

In the statement of Antalyaspor, the following statement was used:

Recently, it became necessary to make a statement in the media news about our football manager Nuri Shahin. There are false news and some statements about Nuri Shahin’s move to Galatasaray, who heads the football division with a model model for Turkish football, as well as Team A.

First of all, we want it to be well known. He has a five-year contract with football manager Nuri Shahin. Our vision is to work with Nuri Shahin to build the future of the club, not just today. As we move step by step along this goal, these news will harm our club as well as Turkish football.

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The statement “Meet Nuri Shahin at the end of the season” by Metin Ozturk, president of Galatasaray, one of Japan’s most valuable clubs, is completely out of the question of sports ethics.

As Antalyaspor, we do not allow other clubs to use our values ​​as election material. Open to the public in honor.

New statement from Metin Ozturk

“One of the four to five coaches that comes to the minds of the media and fans when saying they are thinking of a local coach in planning for the next season is Antalyaspor’s successful coach NuriŞahin. “We do not confuse players and teachers in other clubs for our success. Our teacher Nuri Shahin is certain. I said,” He told Antalyaspor as a coach, And it will make an important contribution to our national team. We are all saddened by the fact that this issue is still going on in the media for the next 4-5 years. Close the issue here, It is useful to focus on the main issues of Galata Sarai. Unnecessary dispute with other teams is not suitable for us .. Antalyaspor and I with President Aziz Chetin, who was successful in the league marathon. I wish his team a success. “

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What did Metin Ozturk say before?

Galatasaray presidential candidate Metin Ozturk used the following statement regarding the election of coaches after the Iftar event hosted by GSYSTRUCTAD last night.

You need to see the end of the season. Our coach’s performance is poor, but he has an ongoing contract. It applies to all of us, presidents, executives and athletes. The main thing is that Galatasaray is moving forward. If there is a teacher change during our term, our opinion is that it should continue to be a Turkish teacher. Nuri is in a very successful career. I have not contacted the teachers. When he breaks up with his coach at the end of the season, one of the few teachers he meets becomes Nuri Shahin. The chair also explained and is pleased with Nuri Shahin. We do not cast a shadow on anyone’s happiness. We will be with teachers who move Galatasaray forward. There are so many options and you can guess who they are. Nuri-sensei is a diamond. Hopefully he will bring Antalya to a good place and will be the coach of the national team in 4.5 years. There are many potential teachers, including Okan Buruk. We don’t have such a surprise, we have a plan.

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Antalyaspor President Chetin: He doesn’t go anywhere

In a statement to Ajansspor, Antalyaspor President Aziz Çetin said: “Nuri Şahin is a contract coach in Antalyaspor and has a five-year contract. Nuri Şahin doesn’t go anywhere. There is a project with Nuri Hoka,” he said.

Nuri Shahin, Antalyaspor Shabi

Antalyaspor, who defeated Hatayspor 4-1 in the league, extended his undefeated streak to 10 games. Undoubtedly, tech boss Nuri Shahin, who had the largest share of this success, couldn’t catch up with Ersun Yanal, and as soon as Nuri Shahin took over Antalyaspor, his touch was on the face of the team. Changed. In the last 10 games, the red-white man who has not faced a defeat has scored 24 points, seeing only 4 goals in the castle.

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Red and white for the past 10 weeks. Gaziantep FK draws 0-0 with Besiktas and Adana Demirspor, Fatih Karagümruk 3-0, Yeni Maratia Spor 2-1 and DG Sibaspor and Medipole Bashakshehir 1-0, GZT Giresunspor 4- 1, Altai ‘2-1, Hatayspor 4-1 drew. ..

List of teachers who won 5 games as a result

Antalyaspor, who won a great series and won his fifth consecutive victory, increased his undefeated consecutive wins to 10 games, and Nuri Shahin has joined the list of coaches who have won five games in a row this season. Director Abdullah Avc of Trabzonspor, Emre Belözoglu of Basakshehir, and Sami Ugururu of Kasimpasha also participated.

Antalyaspor, who has not lost 10 games under Nuri Shahin’s control, also scored an average of 2.4 points in the Super League.

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Red and white maintained their expectations for the Europa League by reducing the point difference from 4th place Basakshehir to 6 points.

Follow Barcelona and Liverpool in the Inside Series

Antalyaspor in Shahin competes with giants such as Barcelona and Liverpool in big league-based stats. Xavi Barcelona is at the forefront of the field, undefeated in 15 games. Evolving to another level with coach changes, Barcelona is experiencing the brightest time since Messi’s departure.

The undefeated teams in the last 10 games of the 5 Major Leagues and Super Leagues are:

Crop as a human, soccer mind to hell

Nuri Shahin, who talked about his goals at Antalyaspor in an interview in October, said, “My dream is for Antalya to play in Europe. First, we need to watch each match and realize our short-term plan. “. He was talking.

When asked about the people he gave as examples in his coaching career, Shahin said, “I take Jurgen Klopp as an example, not as a coach, but as a human being. I take it as an example of the heart of football. The person is definitely Thomas Tuchel. “He replies:

“My communication is not about lies”

Shahin summarizes his feelings, expressing that he always prefers to be honest with the players in his coaching career.

“I try to be friendly to everyone. I’m trying to build communication based on truth, not lies. It’s painful, but I tell the truth to the player’s face and don’t lie. There is no communication problem because the player believes in him. For me, there has been no communication problem so far. The player is very important and is the most important part of this business. Soccer is a player’s match, not a coach … It’s very important to be transparent and honest with the players. “

Last minute: Antalyaspor's Galatasaray presidential candidate Metin Ozturke Nuri Shahin's reply A new statement has arrived ...

270 games against Borussia Dortmund

Nuri Şahin, who started his career at Borussia Dortmund, sweated the German giant jersey in a total of 270 games.

Real Madrid career

Shahin, who transferred to Mourinho’s Spanish giant Real Madrid in the 2011-12 season, was rented to Liverpool the following season and returned to Dortmund.

The 33-year-old soccer player who moved to Werder Bremen in 2018 reached an agreement with Antalyaspor in 2020.

October teacher and football

Nuri Şahin accepted the football and coaching offers he had made during his career in Antalyaspor, but he signed a five-year contract with the red and white clubs.