Last minute: Nuri Shahin insists on preparing for a surprise farewell! In the Galatasaray match …

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Nuri Shahin, who has not lost in the last 14 games at the top of Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, one of the Sport Super League teams, and made history at the age of 34 by signing the longest undefeated streak in club history. Is preparing for a big surprise in front of his fans in the last week of the league.

Nuri Şahin, who has been a manager since October, holds a football license, is a player on the match team, and is a Fraport TAV, according to news from the local press under the Mediterranean headline. It is said that Antalyaspor is preparing to say goodbye to his supporters in a match against Galatasaray. The last week of the league.

If Nuri Shahin’s team does not play in the league in the Galatasaray match, he is stated to play on the field as a soccer player in the last section, briefly join the field and then hang his boots completely. Time in front of his own supporters.

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It is now leaving a big margin in the city

In Antalya, Nuri Şahin, who has been successful with the reputation of fair football fans, is especially loved. It was clear that he had already left a great mark on the city, and successful coaches were accepted into the city in just five months.

55 years record

33-year-old Nuri Shahin, who was in charge of Fraport TAV Antalyaspor as a soccer manager after losing to Adana Demirspor 2-1 in the eighth week of the league and leaving Elsunyanal, is a club.

Nuri Şahin has become the manager of Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, the longest undefeated streak in a season in the club’s history. Shahin’s team has not faced a defeat in the last 14 games played in the league.

Nuri Şahin played 28 games in the Super League at the beginning of Antalyaspor and left the field with 13 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses in these games. Shahin scored 47 points in the league, but he averaged 1.68 points.

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Fraport TAV The last 14 games of Antalyaspor

Fraport TAV Antalyaspor lost to Chaicle 2-1 after the match, then VavaCarsFatih Karagümrük (3-0), Yeni Malatyaspor (2-1), Demir Grup Sivasspor (1-0), Medipol Başakşehir (1-0), GZTGiresunspor I played against. Rize Spor of the league match. While leaving the field with 3 points in the match (4-1), Altay (2-1), Atakash Hatayspor (4-1), Aitemizu Alaniyaspor (3-1), Itefak Holding Konyaspor (3) ―― 2) Match, Gaziantep FK (0-0), Beşiktaş (0-0), Adana Demirspor (0-0), Yukatel Kayserispor (1-1), Trabzonspor (2-2) participated in the match.

Last minute: Nuri Shahin insists on preparing for a surprise farewell at the Galatasaray match ...

It also shapes Europe

Nuri Şahin is the second best coach in Europe under the age of 40, scoring 32 points in the last 14 games and behind sporting leader Ruben Amorim (35).

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The 33-year-old coach, the last wonder of the young coaching movement, proved himself in Antalyaspor, where he had his first experience, and made his name known to the public. Trained by masters such as Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho and Thomas Tuchel, Shahin is one of the top coaches under the age of 40 in Europe’s Top 10 Leagues.

The young coach, who was blinded by the performance of 14 games that did not face defeat, became the second best coach with 32 points. The 33-year-old coach was unable to overtake Sporting’s head Ruben Amorim, who scored only 35 points in Europe.


Shahin, who had a great responsibility in Antalya, overtook an important engineer. Mikel has drawn good graphs with Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann (30 points), Leipzig footballer Domenico Tedesco (30) and Arsenal (28), who recently attracted attention as Germany’s most successful coaches.・ Left by Arteta.

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Last season we increased the series to 14 games

Two weeks before the end of the league, Shahin broke the club’s historic record with 14 undefeated streak at Antalyaspor. In this series, where the Akdeniz team did not face defeat, they achieved 9 wins and 5 draws. In the case of red and white, the previous record was the performance of 13 games in the 2020-21 season.

Last minute: Nuri Shahin insists on preparing for a surprise farewell at the Galatasaray match ...

NURŞAHוNCRISIS between Galatasaray and Fraport TAV Antalyaspor

The claim to have Nuri Shahin at the top of the team if one of Galatasaray’s presidential candidates, Metin Ozturk, was elected created a gap between the two clubs. After mutual harsh remarks, Nuri Shahin’s problem turned into an almost new crisis.

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He said his remarks about Nuri Şahin were misunderstood, and Ozturk said in an exclusive interview with Spore Arena that “Nuri Şahin and his manager wanted us to promote himself. Used. Coach of one of 19 teams, not even a teacher I know. As far as he is, he stands there with a soccer player license. He is still a pro license. Not when there is a person who has won the championship. A person identified in Galata Sarai. Nuri’s teacher is more cheeky, probably three or five years later. Wins five games. He will not be a teacher either. He hopes to be the coach of the national team in 5-6 years. My duty as chairman is over and I applaud Nuri Shahin as a spectator. “He said.