Last minute: NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg: Peace is no longer easy for everyone

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NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg made important remarks before tomorrow’s important NATO summit and answered questions from the press. “We oppose Russia’s aggression, support Ukraine and protect all allies,” Stoltemberg said. He made a statement.

The key headings of the Stortemberg statement are:

“Tomorrow, the leaders of NATO members will once again show their support for Ukraine. Ukraine has the right to self-defense. Since 2014, allies have trained and strengthened Ukraine. People are fighting on the front lines, showing courage. There is also an anti-tank drone next door. They provide drones and ammunition and open the door to millions of refugees.

We will agree on cyber defense and Ukraine’s protection against nuclear and radiation threats. Putin reveals only suffering, pain, and death. We have a responsibility to ensure that the war does not cross Ukraine. If that happens, there will be more destruction and death. “

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“Causes more conflict and pain”

It should not turn into a non-conflict between NATO and Russia. This causes more life loss and destruction. We must work together to help them so that their right to rule continues.

We hope that China’s role in this crisis will also be taken up. “

“Peace is not a partridge in a bag.”

“China’s role is very important. They discussed the issue of independent decision-making. Beijing joined Moscow. China should give Russia political support and not spread explicit lies about it. did.

The issue of disinformation also stands in front of us. As an ally, we plan to thwart support for this invasion of Russia. We call on China, which is also a member of the UNSC, to act responsibly. We also call for a peaceful end to this Chinese war.

Belarus’ decisions complicate the situation.

A major security challenge requires a large investment in defense. Peace is no longer easy for everyone. “

“Call Belarus”

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“We want Russia to seek a peaceful solution immediately so that it does not support the war. Belarus should also cease to be involved in the occupation. The decision we make tomorrow will have long-term implications. We will strengthen safety. “

Promise of support to all allies

“We have sent a fair amount of alert troops over the last few weeks. There is an unprecedented presence of NATO in the Baltic Sea, including Estonia. The number and number of combat groups has doubled. About 40,000 troops Under the command of NATO. This means a very serious additional force. “We are from the East. We are ready. We protect our allies. We. Is ready to respond to any attack. “

What decision will be made tomorrow?

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“The soldiers are there. Tomorrow we have made the necessary decisions and officially announced that we have sent four more battlegroups to Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, and the long-term crisis. Impacts also need to be considered. Our commanders need to be instructed to consider long-term consequences. “

Most important message

“Russia has withdrawn from the NATO Russia founding agreement. They merged Crimea and began to disturb peace in eastern Ukraine. Now the invasion of Ukraine is a blatant breach of this agreement. Regarding chemical weapons, The use of chemical weapons completely changes the nature of the conflict. It has very serious consequences. This is the most important message we have to convey. “

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Agenda: Full support for Ukraine

“What we are seeing in Ukraine right now is very painful and terrible. We see the consequences of a full-scale aggression, which has led NATO members to gain support. Let’s say this is done in addition to the support we have received over the years. First of all, the courage of the Ukrainian army plays a major role. At the same time, they have received it over the years. The support we have received will have an impact. Tomorrow, when the leaders of our allies meet, we will discuss ways to increase support. NATO membership is not on the agenda, but support for Ukraine is the most. This is an important agenda item. “

How does NATO defend against a nuclear attack?

“Russia must stop nuclear remarks. This is dangerous and irresponsible. NATO is here to protect all allies. We are sending a clear message to Russia. Win the nuclear war. It can’t be. It should never happen. We have to do everything to prevent war. Otherwise, this could be even more dangerous across the Ukrainian border. There should never be a war, and there will be no winner of this war. This is something Russia has repeatedly repeated. The nuclear rhetoric here contradicts it. “

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Last minute: NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg: Peace is no longer easy for everyone

Which country supports which country?

“I don’t think it’s functional to provide all the details at this time. See you tomorrow. Explaining who provides what kind of support doesn’t always give good results. I’m worried about attacks by biological weapons. “

Russia has previously used chemicals at both adversaries and NATO conferences in the United Kingdom. They supported the Assad regime. So I’m worried. Therefore, you are ready. We will discuss this issue tomorrow. The use of chemical or biological weapons can pose a serious threat within NATO countries. It can have very serious and fatal consequences. That is a big concern for us. “

Belarus is preparing to enter the war

“Belarus has already supported this invasion from the beginning. They have allowed the use of their land. Russian soldiers have been mobilized from here. Belarus still supports the continuation of this occupation. They Opens airspace and opens military infrastructure. Using Belarus’ air bombs, Russia bombards Ukrainian cities every day and kills civilians. Belarus is already involved in this project. He was supportive and involved. He also calls on Belarus to stop this. Do not be used by Russia or participate in this war. NATO is not a party to the war. Supports Ukraine NATO will not send troops to Ukraine. We must prevent this conflict from turning into a full-scale war between NATO and Russia. “

President Erdogan goes to Belgium for NATO extraordinary summit

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will go to Belgium to attend an extraordinary summit between NATO’s head of state and government in Brussels.

In a written statement regarding the President’s visit, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Belgium from March 23 to 24, 2022, at the extraordinary summit of NATO’s head of state and government in Brussels. I will attend. At the summit, where the war between Russia and Ukraine is discussed, measures to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense structure will be reviewed.

Last minute: NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg: Peace is no longer easy for everyone

The Summit will exchange views on measures and decisions to shape the future of the Alliance for the Madrid Summit in June. Our prestigious President is also planned to meet with several participating heads of state and government in the margins of the summit.