Last-minute: Irregular Immigration Statement from the Interior Ministry-Latest News


Irregular immigration statement from the Interior Ministry

Last minute … The Home Office has declared that “21,087 irregular migrants have been deported since the beginning of the year.”

According to the statement, “Of those deported, 9,654 are from Afghanistan, 4.206 are from Pakistan, and 7,227 are from other nationalities. As of 2022, 28 charter flights (private flights) have been deported. It was done in the procedure. “


Governor of Istanbul also issued a statement

The Istanbul Governor’s Office has also made a written statement about immigration, which has recently been the subject of debate.

In the statement, “Dear Istanbul residents, our affiliates show great effort and sensitivity in the fight against illegal immigrants in our city. Violation or involvement of relevant laws. Legal proceedings will be carried out promptly and decisively against foreigners who are found to have done so. In this regard, in 2021, the Istanbul State Immigration Department took action against illegal immigrants by 71,959 people. Of these, 23,72 were transferred from Istanbul and 39,525 were transferred to immigration centers in other states. Between January 1 and April 15, 2022, Afghanistan. A total of 18,781 illegal immigrants were charged, including 661 from Pakistan and 1,418 from Pakistan. The state for immigration procedures. Shipped. “

Social media sharing

The statement emphasized the share of social media: “Recently, posts have been seen specifically on social media with the aim of causing social turmoil by leading people to hatred and hostility. Posts are closely and meticulously followed by relevant agencies, where legal action is taken against positions and individuals with criminal elements, including weapons and disconnections on social media. Afghanistan AA who shared the tools, Moroccan HI children involved in sexual harassment, Pakistani ZW, UM, MK, and those who secretly filmed women walking down the street are our security forces. The Pakistani TMS citizens who shared similar qualities were transferred, sitting in a chair in the middle of Syrian HH Street and starting discussions, the Pakistani citizens CR and NM, and AMD, a Libyan citizen involved in the robbery, was taken to a removal center and their transfer procedures continued. “Our security forces are the peace and security of our city, And we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the well-being of everyone who lives here, “he said.

Minister Soil announced the number of Syrians exported

“Since 2016, 19,336 Syrians have been able to leave the country due to security issues,” S├╝leyman Soyle, Interior Minister, said in a statement the day before.

“According to data from the Immigration Department, the number of Syrians temporarily protected in Turkey increased from 220,000 to 3.5 million during this period, to an unprecedented amount of mass immigrants,” said Soil. Turkey, which has been exposed, said, “The measures taken during this period have managed a process that has no weaknesses in terms of socio-economics and security.”

Soil said: “Since 2016, 19,336 Syrians have been able to leave the country due to security issues. The success rate of deportation in Europe in 2020 was 18%, with 40% of those returning home recorded. And in 2022, the success rate of deportation increased by 73% year-on-year to 41.2%, a number of 20,636.