Last minute … Inflation message from Minister Nabati: As of the summer months …

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Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati has issued a statement on inflation that has affected the world. Nevaty said inflation will decline and normalize rapidly from the summer months, especially from the end of the year. Mr Nabati said the June 2023 election will take place with single-digit inflation.

The remarks of Minister Nabati are as follows.

Turkey is in a very special place and makes the most of it. Turkey is one of the rare countries that can meet the demands of different parts of the world and one of the best ways to communicate with everyone. In Turkey, the free market system and the foreign exchange system are guaranteed. Foreign investors have begun to say, “There is Turkey.”

“We put our measures in one implementation”

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We started 2022 early. Oil and commodity prices and inflation make us the most tired. We are taking measures one by one. We continue to move forward, overcoming the traps of middle-income countries. We are overcoming the middle mind trap. We are putting in new instruments, we are on the road. We are saying something brand new. As a result, exports in January and February continued to increase. That year is over $ 231 billion. We advocate practices in ways that eliminate risk.

Inflation message

We will continue our determination to raise inflation to a certain level by the end of the year and to reach a single digit in the June 2023 election. Inflation is steadily declining and rapidly normalizing during the summer months, especially from the end of the year. We are doing what we need to do and have reduced VAT and food. We have discounted electricity and companies. I saw the price of gas on the way. Turkey covered all the differences in fuel last year. Delivering the cheapest natural gas in the world to your home. I didn’t feel the price of natural gas. We continue to take steps to stabilize our finances and ease pressure with the Food Commission.

“Istanbul is the center of attraction”

KKM has guaranteed that Turkey’s exchange rate will be stable and predictable. It has the power to eliminate risk. Despite the Federal Reserve’s decision, it overcame the steps it took regarding exchange rates and reached current levels. Focus on research and development. Mobilized 18 billion TL resources to beneficiaries of tens of thousands of projects.

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The Istanbul Finance Center will be completed and relocated. It will be an important financial center. All segments are guaranteed to meet global demand. Due to its proximity to central London, Frankfurt and Zurich, it demonstrates significant benefits. Istanbul is also the center of attraction for the Middle East and North Africa.

“We have a president behind us.”

Our investment office is ready to welcome you with a one-stop office approach. Did you have any problems, please relax. We will get back to you shortly. Fight together and defeat the bureaucracy. Behind us is the president. It also changes the law.

In 2021, 1.5 million homes were sold. One of the world’s largest public housing producers, TOK0054 has built more than one million homes in the last 19 years.

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The tension between Ukraine and Russia makes our country and the world feel terrible. Of course, the impact of this development on Japan cannot be denied. We hope that this difficult time for both countries will end as soon as possible and that Turkey’s keen efforts will end.