last minute! Important statement from President Arikochu … 6 signatures from Fenerbahce!

The Fenerbahce Club held signing ceremonies for young players Isakovral, Ardagurel, Melivostan, Ottoman Ertuğrul Chetin, Muhammed Gumshkaya and Ferdi Kadio. At the signing ceremony at Ulker Stadium 1907 Tribune, President Fenerbahce said, “We were here a few days ago. We were here for concerns. Today we are beautiful and happy. So we got together in search of positive issues. The future of our club. “We are monitoring his excitement on social media, feedback and the media,” he said.

“All our players are valuable to us.”

“The biggest thing in my dream is that when I look back when I leave, we dream of doing it within the framework of the academy. It’s the same level as the equivalent level, a Turkish precedent. Today, the Fenerbahce Sports Club and its competitors also have a 2-3 pitch system. “

“Turkey is the country that gives the elderly the most time and the youngest the least.”

“Turkey is the country that gives the elderly the most time and the youngest the least. In rejuvenation operations, from the contracts made by Fenerbahce, both foreigners and Turkish people must experience serious structural changes. I had to make progress there as well. “

‘Like a Swiss Army knife. It will play no matter where you put it. “

“Ferdi, I don’t know if he knows. This is the first transfer we made after I was elected president. I met Koku when I went to Sardinia, Italy. At NEC. I said there was a Turkish boy playing, but what do you think? “That would be very good, I know very well,” he said. He got Ferdi. Like a Swiss Army knife. It will play wherever you place it. We gave him a goal, and he will correct his Turkish as soon as possible. “

“Team 6-7 wanted Muhammed early in the summer.”

“At the beginning of the summer, 6-7 teams wanted Muhammad. We considered the evaluation. Fortunately, our idea didn’t come true. Especially thanks to Vítor Pereira. He said,” You will not let go of this player. He is exactly the kind of boy I am looking for. I will raise him. ” This is how this happened. “

“We gave Arda good money, it didn’t come for free.”

“Arda Gurel, I hope he always smiles. First of all, thank Murat Juffkaf. Thanks to Gentilel Birrigi for raising such a soccer player. Arda is football, The character, smile, has already attracted a lot of attention. You are in the early stages of your career, but if I’m not wrong, you’ve also built a history as the youngest striker. Gave Arda a fair amount of money. It wasn’t free. They told me, “I wanted to be like Alex.”

“All these friends are real Fenerbahce”

“All of these friends are real Fenerbahce players who have lived with excitement, happiness, sadness and Fenerbahce in their hearts. To some extent professional, but then to the players of the team you support. Will probably be very few in the world. “

“Many of you have never seen Merino’s amazing technique.”

“The most tiring contract renewal for us is Meri Bostan … Fenerbahce is the most lacking in terms of goals. Most of you have never seen his goal, his wonderful technique. He is Turkey. I hope he has the talent to see in a very short time. He is the highest scorer of all ages. “

“Isak Vural is the youngest member of this table.”

“Isak Vural is the youngest member of this table. I handed it over to Arda and Ferdi. His story with Ferdi is very similar. Pure talent. You don’t have to discover yourself. European football Anyone who follows is known. Isak, who is chased by many clubs, is in Fenerbahce. Isak speaks four languages. Isak’s father, Genetovral, is an enthusiastic Fenerbahce. I’m a fan. That’s how he raised his children. He didn’t live much in Turkey, but he has lived in Fenerbahce since he was born, thanks to his father. “

“There are many points where וsmail Hoca can help us.”

I don’t remember the phrase “he became the second man, it didn’t happen”, but that’s his most natural right. There are many points where 0054smail Hodja can help us. Hopefully it can continue. The subject is 0054smail Hoca, but let’s take Fenerbahçe as an example. He bought a team that was likely to work with a foreign teacher without talking about money at a time of problem six months later. Not everyone does this easily. “

Ferdi Kadiol: I want to win a trophy here

Ferdi, who spoke after President Ali Koç, said he wanted to win a trophy at Fenerbahce, “I came here as a little kid four years ago. Now I have an additional 9 kg of muscle and a beard. I’m proving myself every day. I’m very happy with this season’s performance. I want to win a trophy here. Finally, I like Fenerbahce! “He said.

Muhamed Gumshkaya: I’m the host here

Muhamed Gumshkaya stated in his heart that he had a lifelong contract with Fenerbahce, “I am very happy. You are welcome. I am the landlord here. This is my house, my house. I. Entered this door at the age of 11. I signed a lifelong contract with Fenerbahce in my heart. This makes me very happy and honored, “he said.

Arda Gurel: Contracts are a bit of a procedure for us

Arda Güler emphasized that he wanted to serve Fenerbahce for many years, “I hope to serve Fenerbahce for many years and achieve good results here. I am very happy to be here. The contract is a bit of a procedure for us. We are already Fenerbahce. We would like to contribute more to this club. Good luck, Fenerbahce! “He said.

“Alex, my childhood idol”

“Thank you for the comparison. Alex is my childhood idol. I hope I can serve here as well as him. When I scored, I had an emotional outburst. At that moment I pleased him. Maybe because I saw a lot. I have never planned that moment. “

Osman Ertuğrul Çetin: For me, this club can’t be explained

Mentioning the importance of Fenerbahce to him, Ottoman Ertuğrul Chetin said: “I came to this club at the age of 11. For me, this club is indescribable. Contracts are our procedure. We are children of Fenerbahce. Fortunately, we grew up in Fenerbahce. Fortunately, we have Fenerbahce, “he said.

Melih Bostan: I dream of scoring a goal with stick form

Melih Bostan said he dreamed of scoring goals in the form of sticks, “I’m very happy and proud to be here. I’ve been playing for Team A since I was a kid and sticks. I dreamed of scoring a goal on the form. My club gave me an opportunity. I will pay for it by working hard, “he said.

Isak Vural: I’m glad they told me this

He is a fan of Fenerbahce and describes himself dreaming of playing in front of his fans, says Isak Vural: The best fans in the world at this beautiful stadium. My dad and grandfather were very good fans of Fenerbahce. I’m glad they gave it to me. Good luck, Fenerbahce, “he said.