last minute! Horrible images from the Russian-Ukraine War! They bury the dead in a mass grave.

The latest news of the Russian-Ukraine War: The war, followed by the whole world, has entered its 15th day. Russia’s attacks and advances to Kyiv continue, although temporary ceasefire decisions are sometimes made between the two countries due to the evacuation of civilians. Clashes and shelling continued in many areas and cities, but the events in Mariupol were almost horrifying.

Russia struck a child health center in an airstrike yesterday. The image that appeared after the horrific attack was horrifying. Meanwhile, the loss of life in Mariupol exceeded 1,200, and the bodies were found to have been buried in a mass grave.

This is the last-minute development of a terrible war …


Attack on Russian Kharkov

As a result of Russia’s attack on the Kharkov settlement in Ukraine, four people, including two children, were killed and an injured five-year-old boy was taken to the hospital.


Deny the news “hospital shooting” from Russia

Russia claimed that an old maternity hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol had been used by soldiers for a long time, and described the news that the soldiers had attacked a pediatric hospital as “fake news.”


Response to pediatric hospital attacks

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called the hospital bombing at Milepole “horrifying.”

Guterres called for an immediate stop of bloodshed in a statement on his Twitter account.

The White House described the attack as “barbaric,” but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson used the term “immorality.”



They were buried in a mass grave

In the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol on the Azovs’ Sea coast, which was brought to the fore by the bombardment of a children’s hospital, people who were killed by the bombardment of Russian invaders are buried in a large number of tombs.


ZELENSKEY has signed a law granting the right to use weapons

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a law permitting civilians to use weapons during the war in their country. The law regulates the distribution and return of weapons and ammunition to civilians during the war in Ukraine. According to laws, including foreigners and non-citizens, civilians shall not be liable for the use of weapons against those who have committed offensive acts against Ukraine.


“A humanitarian aid corridor will be created”

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he would build six humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians from the cities of Kyiv, Sumi, Enerhodar, Mariupol, Izyum and Volnovakha.

Regarding the evacuation process for Ukrainian civilians, Zelensky said: We were able to organize three humanitarian corridors in the capital Kyiv region and in the cities of Sumi and Enerhodar. Almost 35,000 people were rescued. I will continue tomorrow. We are preparing 6 humanitarian corridors. It also excludes people from the cities of Mariupol, Izyum and Volnovakha.



Zelensky: Can end this war

Repeatedly requesting a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Zelensky said: Of course, there should be a settlement, but this should not be on the line of betrayal in my country. Also, the other side should be ready for it. This is the only way out of this situation. I can’t talk about the details yet. There is no direct contact between the presidents yet. “The war can only be ended after discussions at the presidential level,” he said.

“These are not the decisions I can make,” Zelensky said of the conditions proposed by Russia, such as the approval of independence in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast and the acceptance of the presence of Crimea in Russian soil.

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