Last-minute: Hiking Proposal 0054SK0054’den Statement!

Proposal for a salary increase from the general manager of 0054SK0054!

Breaking News … At a conference held at the Istanbul Water Control and Automation Center (0054SKOM) in Eyüpsultan, Raif Mermutlu, general manager of 0054SK0054, said that a significant portion of the investment and operating costs have been spent on the people of Istanbul over the last three years. He also said there was no significant increase in water prices.

“1 Cubic Water Tariff 5.56TL”

According to the latest AA news, Mermutlu states that 86% of Istanbul’s inhabitants use water at the first level of 0-15 cubic meters, “The unit price for this fee is 5.56 lira. We We are investing in wastewater at the same time as our operation.

We will bear the electricity bill. “We will pay for labor and chemicals, and with this 5.56 lira we will collect wastewater from our homes and dispose of it without harming the environment,” he said.

Mermutlu continued:

“Our cost is over 15 billion TL”

“But this was not considered appropriate by our General Assembly. The 2022 budget, approved for a total of 10,364 million lira including costs, is due to recent increases in costs. It has already exceeded 15 billion lira. We would like to continue to provide services to Istanbul today without interruption. To complete the ongoing investment and start the new project that the city needs, water There is no doubt that the price needs to be adjusted. “

“High costs cannot be ignored”

As Istanbul said it had good rainfall this year and the dam occupancy reached 90%, “the problem of thirst this summer is unpredictable, but the fact that water goes through an important stage. It should not be ignored. Take the crude oil out of the water source and bring it to the faucet until it is expensive. How is the crude oil treated? If it cannot be used in its natural state, use the drinking water as it is. I can’t. “

“We want the residents of Istanbul to be well aware that this business is not sustainable if we continue to sell water at these prices,” Mermutlu said.

“I’m looking for 500 million TL every month.”

“Istanbul has a deficit of about 500 million lira every month and cannot achieve the investment it wants. This situation will lead to difficult situations in the future, and the measures taken in that case will not be beneficial. All Given this situation, Mr. Istanbul, who also chairs the board of directors, will not benefit. We will convene an extraordinary meeting with the mayor of the metropolitan area to discuss water charges urgently. I requested. “

“There is no risk of dam overflow”

Recalling that he had previously warned about dam overflow, Mermutlu said, “We have issued a warning for dams that are about to overflow. Seven dams in Strandzha are carrying dams and there is no risk. There is. Here. “

“If I can’t raise my salary at the rate I want, can I not flush my house?” Mermutlu said, “I don’t want Istanbul to get into this situation, and I don’t allow it.” Business is a priority for us. Flowing water from a tap is a priority. But what happens? Istanbul needs are accumulating. Closing this gap by deferring investment This delay will also affect the people of Istanbul in the future. For example, there are investments in mucilage and investments planned at the construction stage. For example, Kağıthane tunnel. 0054kitelli transmission line or processing plant. Construction will be delayed. “

“We submit the rate of increase to our general assembly.”

“Are there any surveys on salary increases?” Asked Melmtor, “Our efforts on rate increases are ongoing. Friends are working. We are.”