Last minute: Galatasaray will meet Mauro Icardi tonight! This transfer has created a crisis for Argentina.



Mauro Icardi, one of Galatasaray’s one-year loan Super League teams from PSG, will be in Istanbul this evening with his wife Wanda Nara.

The Argentinian star, who spent a family vacation in Miami last week, flew to Paris earlier in the week. to land on

Galatasaray will pay €3m of Icardi’s annual salary, which will be rented free of charge from PSG.

shares ignited the transfer

Mauro Icardi and wife Wanda Nara, whom Galatasaray has reached an agreement with, thrilled fans of Yellow and Red on their personal social media accounts.


In a post on her account, the Argentinian actress shared a photo with a countdown clock and a lion tattoo on her body.


Turkish statement from Wanda Nara

Mauro Icardi’s wife and manager, Wanda Nara, made positive remarks about Turkey in a short interview for a program broadcast in the United States.

Emphasizing that she wants to live in Turkey, Wanda Nara said, “I want to live in Turkey. I will wait to see if this will come true. I have vacationed in Turkey six or seven times. Turkey is my It’s a country that I really love..”

Emphasizing that other offers for his wife are on the table, the beautiful name said, “I have a one-year contract with PSG and I am very calm about it,” he said.

Migration crisis created

Mauro Icardi’s possible move to Galatasaray has created a crisis for Argentina. The filming of the program “La Mascara”, in which Wanda Nara, the wife and manager of a soccer star, participates as a judge, has been suspended in Argentina.

“Mask Who Are You?” released in Turkey for a while. The game show, which adapted the format under the name Wanda Nara, entered a difficult period after Wanda Nara announced at the last minute that she was moving to Turkey.


The program, moderated by Natalia Oreiro, will meet with the audience from next Monday. However, Wanda Nara left the jury due to Mauro Icardi’s transfer to Galatasaray, despite signing a contract with the channel manager.

“too nervous”

Argentinian journalist Pia Shaw, who issued a statement on the matter, said: “Yes, I have confirmed the allegations. Wanda Nara informed the producers today that she is not a member of the competition’s jury. “Things are very tense.”

Another Argentinian journalist, Fernanda Iglesias, said: used a phrase.


Wanda Nala defended herself

In a statement about the matter, Wanda Nara said: “I have not missed a shoot. Due to high priority work, I will not be attending tomorrow’s launch. This will be discussed with the channel’s management. A former production company,” he defended.

Wanda Nara participated in the rest of the shoot and said no one would take her place.

It was noted that Wanda Nara returned to Argentina from Istanbul on Sunday and will participate in the shooting from Monday.