Last minute: Galatasaray reported Okan Buruk to KAP!

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The official statement of Okan Buruk from Galatasaray has been released.

Yellow-red people reported to the public disclosure platform where discussions with a 48-year-old coach began.

This is the explanation of Galatasaray.

Negotiations with Okan Buruk have begun on coaching for Soccer A team.

Signature ceremony

According to DHA news; Okan Buruk will sign in front of fans at Nef Stadium on Friday, June 24th.

Salary and affiliates

Buruk’s technical team, which earns 17 million TL a year, is not yet clear. Experienced coaches are not expected to give up his assistant Ilfan Saraloul, whom he previously worked with. Tuğberk Tanrivermis is another candidate.

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Hulliette newspaper writer Uul Meleke appreciated Okan Buruk’s transition to Galatasaray. Meleke talked about the potential understanding of Burg’s football, the midfield dreams of the yellow and red teams, and the position he believes the coach will succeed in 10 to 15 years.

Praise for Okan Buruk’s strategy

Manchester United’s manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, was probably in a small shock when he received the roster of Medipole Basakshehir at 20:45 on November 24, 2020. This is because perhaps the least known team in the tournament, Basakshehir, will face the relatively soft Belkai Ozkan in 6th place of the day, rather than the hard defensive Mamut Tech Demir. Okan Buruk’s choice on that day may not have been a good result, and Basakshehir may have left Manchester with four goals. However, Burk’s bold strategy won the league championship, the last 16 Europa League, and the highly respected Giants tree performance for young Turkish coaches.

I also participated in a match against a brave team in the Champions League

The iconic Okan-Emre-Suat Midortorio feature that brought the European Cup to Turkish football in 2000 is that they can all play “number 10” and behave like “number 6”. It was that. Okan Buruk has always been looking for the legendary trio on the team he coached. At his age, few coaches dare to go to Old Trafford in the Champions League with Midortorio of Belkai-Irfan-Dennis. I think Okan Buruk’s first move in Galatasaray was a midfield transfer.

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BERKAN-TAYLAN’s talent is limited

Of course, fixing the calendar towards 2022 means that many engineers today are using “deep playmakers” instead of hard 6 numbers to build higher quality games from behind. I understand. This is why today’s Basakshehir transferred 36-year-old Lucas Biglia from Karagümryuk. And interestingly, this was probably the most important issue of Galatasaray last season. The lack of quality legs in the midfield couldn’t be compensated for by the games that should have been dominated, especially in home matches.

You can play CICAL DAU at number 6

Terim’s Galatasaray held an average of 44% of the ball in the Europa League group. Marseille overtook opponents such as Lazio in chance football and had few balls when needed. But when the same Terim left the post, he won only one of the last nine games in the league. Berkan-Taylan’s midfielder is very suitable for opportunity football. They were inadequate when it was necessary to have the ball and maintain the continuity of the attack. In the bitter new season, Galatasaray can produce a surprise 6 number from the inside. For example, you can see Shikardau in that role. However, if Galatasaray wants to participate in this year’s summit race, he will need to make two quality reinforcements in the midfield.

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He chose to choose a difficult path like Jurgen Klopp rather than a shortcut like Guardra or Zidane.

Of course, technical and tactical knowledge alone is not enough to succeed in a large club like Galatasaray or Fenerbahce, and leadership, experience and crisis management are absolutely necessary. So is Okan Buruk ready to manage Galatasaray in this sense? If you look at the coaches of the big football clubs in the world, you can see the advantages of two different schools. The first is an automatic school of opportunities given to star soccer players. Real Madrid to Zinedine Zidane, Juventus to Andrea Pirlo, and Fenerbahce to Emre Belözoglu, as he handed over Barcelona to Pep Guardiola at the age of 37.

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See the second league and also the Super League Championship

Their football career isn’t that bright, but the second school makes a difference in their intellect and innovative personality. There are many high-level examples of this school, such as Klopp, Mourinho and Sarri. Interestingly, Okan Buruk has a great football career, but it turns out that his path as a coach is not a shortcut like Zidane, but a difficult one like Klopp. The period of the assistant national team is short. Then he goes to Elazig, and it is driven away. It can be said that he showed his first brilliance at Gaziantep. He fails in Sivas. He tasted the second cluster at Goztepe and won the Turkish Cup with a humble Akhisar.

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But at the age of 46, you can come to Istanbul

As Okan Buruk continues his innovative style and fun match in Rize, he gets the attention of Basakshehir and can only come to Istanbul as a coach at the age of 46. 76 games of Basakshehir at the top of the Super League Championship, the last 16 Europa League, and a group match of the Champions League. His victory in the final match of Europa League Group J at Borussia Park in front of 40,000 enthusiastic Gradbach fans is important. That’s right, I beat Sporting Lisbon 3-1 in the last 32 rounds and 4-1 in the rematch. It’s also commendable for what he did in the Champions League group of death with Leipzig-PSG-Manchester United next season.

He will be one of the most important technicians in the next 15-20 years

In the final analysis, I am one of those who believe that Okan Buruk will continue to be one of the key coaches of Turkish football for the next 15-20 years. It is valuable that he begins his coaching career in Elazig, stops at stops such as Gaziantep, Shivas and Goztepe and deserves an Italian press conference in Rome. nail. In my opinion, it is not the stone soil, the wealth of nature, the imprint of money, but the sense of justice that makes the country livable. It’s pay for performance. That is, the person who deserves it has an order in which he can get his rights. The current allocation of Galatasaray to Okan Buruk is a natural waiver of rights. In that sense, I think there is hope.