Last minute: Fenerbahce’s amazing Emre Mor move! Details of Ozan Tufan …

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Fenerbahce is developing a flash and will continue to make transfers in the Sport Super League next season. It’s only a matter of time before experienced coach Jorge Jesus comes to Istanbul and signs a contract with Fenerbahce.

Sabah news pointed out that the official statement of the Portuguese teacher, in which President Ali Kochu agreed on all issues, will be made from today to tomorrow. Expected to be in Istanbul this week, the 67-year-old coach, who signs a 1 + 1 year contract, earns € 7 million a year on his team.

Follow the assistant

After working for a long time, Jesus turned out to have one of his staff, Marcio Sampaio, follow the match for the dark blue team for two months. Having found a flaw, Jesus plans to take a step towards front libero first.

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The next move for an experienced coach who has prepared a broad portfolio for this will be the finish striker. An experienced technician who planned Seldal Dursan as a second striker brought the list of players he wanted to management.

4 million euros from ALLAHYAR

Fenerbahce spends a great deal of effort both on sales and dispatching high-paying players to budget during the transfer season. At this point, Iranian player Arayal Sayadomanesh will be the greatest assistant to the yellow-blue player.

The 21-year-old striker, who was lent to Hull City last half-time, will soon sign a permanent contract with a British club. Fenerbahçe will receive € 4 million from the transfer of Allahyar. In addition, you will get a 50% share from the next sale.

If Luiz Gustavo, Mbwana Samatta, and Marcel Tiseland clubs are found to be sent out of young soccer players, there will be a gap of about € 10 million in salary budgets. In this way, you can easily make the move that Jesus wants.

EMRE purple movement

Fenerbahce made a surprising move and eagerly aspired for Karagümük and shining Emre Mor later in the season. President Ali Koç, who watched Karagümrük beat Fenerbahce 1-0 at home in the women’s soccer super league semi-final match at Befa Stadium the day before, met with Karagümrük’s President Sreyman Halma.

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The agenda of the duo who talked for about 70 minutes was Emre Mor. President Kochi, who said he wanted a young player, found out that he would complete the transfer with the official Swap Plus Money.

Green light from date

President Halma, who is expecting a letter of recommendation from young soccer players for € 5-6 million, was said to have left the door open during the meeting. Ozan Tufan, who was removed from the team, is a player who was dismissed by the dark blue people for this transfer.

In addition to the 27-year-old soccer player, Fenerbahce’s management is aiming to combine Emre with his color in exchange for some money and will take official steps to get the job done in the next few days. I am considering it.

MESUT ÖZ0054L is in standby mode!

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The fate of Mesut Özil, who is outside the team of Fenerbahce, will be revealed after the announcement of Jorge Jesus. On the dark blue team, President Ali Koç declined to express his opinion on the player’s return, stating that “whatever is best for Fenerbahce.”

It turns out that Kochi will meet Star and his representative next week. If Jesus does not want to join the team, he and Mesat are expected to break up. It is known that the 33-year-old player wants to continue his activities in Fenerbahce.