Last minute: Fenerbahce statement from Volkan Demirel! No one knows …

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Director Volkan Demirel, who broke up with VavaCarsFatih Karagümrük, spoke on the Haber Global YouTube channel.

“If you won the Fenerbahce match, you had the first four targets.”

Volkan Demirel made a good start after taking the lead in Fatih Karagümük and scored the first four goals at the time, saying, “Karagümluk is my first eye pain and hiring. It was a place I remembered. My goals didn’t match the club’s ideas and structure. Thanks to the President. Finally paving the way for me and taking the first step to go the way. I was able to step forward. I found myself very much. Great working environment. When I got the team, there was a 4 point difference in the rejection pot. After I got it, the top 5 If you win the Fenerbahçe match, you have the first four goals. The team got off to a very good start in terms of the matches and goals that started with the Conyaspore match. ” .. He said.

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“I received calls from many teams.”

After leaving Karagümük, Demirel said he had spoken to many teams, saying, “At the end of the season, a separation happened and I left in honor. I got off to the right start. From now on, I’m off to the right goal. Karagümük was the perfect place for me. Many teams and presidents called me after I left. Some wondered why I left. I wondered about my thoughts on the future. Some people still think that I still have them Kind of discussion. Once you’ve found the right time, when you’re given a task, move on. Will also be the person who sets the goal. For me, success is the most important value in my life. If successful, I will be one step ahead. “

“When I was an assistant coach of Fenerbahce …”

Regarding the separation process, the young coach said, “I was thinking of the first 3-4th place with Karagümrük for the next season. There were conditions and directions. Perhaps these directions did not suit the club. Agree. It’s a very difficult situation on a budget. “Sitting is not my style. Maybe I won’t work for 3-4 years. No one knows, I’m Fenerbahce’s assistant coach When I checked 3-4 clubs, I investigated their infrastructure and team A. ”I used the phrase.

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“My goal is to be the technical director of Fenerbahce.”

Demirel said one of his goals was to run Fenerbahce, “I’m from Fenerbahce. I spent 20 years there. My medium-term goal is to be a coach here. My One of my long-term goals is to do this. Working with the top European football teams This is my biggest goal. I take every step so that my goal is indisputable You have to go the right way and go the right way. It may seem like an exaggeration, but I have set goals and mistakes. I am now at the entrance gate. We have taken a step forward. I still have a lot to learn and work on. I say my team, but everyone says, “I have a group of teachers. The team I formed when I came to Karagmryuk has a lot of running and tactics. There was a team that I wanted physically in terms of things. I’ve put this together in a correct and very good way. Please work with my team. “

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“I want to take young players to Turkish football”

Volkan Demirel said he wanted to bring his young talent to Turkish football, “My team takes out, prepares and presents all the details. I take them out. I think the entrance door has opened. I got in well. The goal is somehow high. I am a young, talented and contributing player. “I would like to present it to Turkish football. I created a plan and program with the team. We have decided on 4-5 players with Karagum Luk. Let’s see how with proper planning and proper work we can contribute to both our own goals and Turkish football. ” Said.

“Results of Emre Mor”

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Demirel said of Emre Mor, who found himself while working with Karagümürk, “They have always misrepresented Emre Mor. He always looks like an aggressive person. Emre is actually annoyed by himself. He gets angry with himself when he can’t. He does it because he knows what to do. He reacts to the field and the ball. It’s important that some conversations aren’t heard in relation, but let me briefly explain. I knew how good and high quality Emre Mor was. Soccer is his ability to play. He knows his high level of turn ability, ability to shoot when he sees a goal, speed and possession of the ball. He is a very extra player. “

Dialogue with Emre Mor

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Volkan Demirel, who also spoke of his dialogue with Emre Mor, said, “When we first sat down with Emre,’I have a goal and I will do my best to achieve it.'” He asked me to take him with me, he said, “Really, teacher?” He shared his memory with the young actor in these words.